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JLD Bridge Doctor

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• Enhances volume
• Flattens 'bellied' soundboards

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JLD Bridge Doctor
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3694 Screw mount Yes
3 or more $20.40  

3695 Brass pin mount Yes
3 or more $48.00  

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A unique solution to a common bridge problem, this spruce device attaches beneath a guitar bridge. An adjustable spruce "pressure post" rests against the tailblock, providing leverage to flatten the soundboard.

The spruce block is 3/4" x 1-5/8" x 3-3/8" tall. The 1/4"-diameter tension rod is 9" long. The mounting post has three different positions to accomodate a variety of bridge styles.

Screw mount: This spruce device attaches beneath the bridge via an inlaid screw (a white pearloid dot is included to hide the bridge screw). An adjustable spruce pressure post rests against the tailblock, providing leverage to flatten the soundboard. Better bridge contact and alignment can also enhance sound projection.

Brass pin mount: The pin-mounted version of the JLD Bridge Doctor attaches beneath the bridge using a threaded brass bridge pin. The strings mount horizontally through the tops of the matching brass bridge pins (included).

StewMac Tech Tip: We recommend the brass pin mount version for 12-string guitars.

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JLD Bridge Doctor
JLD Bridge Doctor
4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 86 ratings Write a Review
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5 8-01-2011
JLD Bridge Doctor

I installed the Bridge Doctor to rescue a 34 year old Klira. Intonation was suffering due to bridge lift.
The tail block was rounded on this guitar and prompted the tension rod to pop off after tightening. The rod would bow under tension allowing side stress to pop it loose. A small poke with a punch would provide the necessary mark to retain the rod was the solution and perhaps could be included in next instruction revision.
I had to cut the system block to clear the guitar's back body brace. Hence had to cut the mounting post and the screw ( the screw at standard length would now interfere with the tension rod if tightened. All in all it was not a textbook install, but achieved textbook results. The bridge was showing signs of improvements as early as a few days with strings off ( while off, I leveled and polished frets.)
Its been in for 4 months and I left the guitar tuned low for that period and had already heard some nicer tone. Bringing back to standard tuning really shows the tone improvement, better highs, mid and low. This is a 24.75 scale instrument and after owning it for 34 years, had restored sound to better than new, with some nice short scale bends that unexpectedly growl a little like my LP. I'm a believer.
I expect the reduced mechanical advantage resulting from the cut (shortened height) system block, will require a lot more tension to achieve the same result, so I plan to be careful and incrementally tweak it at future string changes. I wonder at what point the rod will yield though.

Intonation is improved and I'm just stoked that I was able to breathe some new life into my old baby.

reviveanax  Ontario, CA
Customer supplied image for review
4 6-19-2011
3694 Screw Mount

Received the product promptly. It did bring down the bridge, but not the top. It did help the sound of the guitar.

Modrtpdlr  Doniphan, Mo. Read my reviews (2)
1 5-18-2011
Don't Waste Your Time...

I'm a very experienced luthier. I thought I would try out the Bridge Doctor on an old Yamaha acoustic. Not only did the Bridge Doctor not help the top or lower the action, the tension rod actually snapped into three twisted pieces after the guitar sat awhile. I had to make a replacement rod from a hardwood dowel. I strung the guitar and called it good. Don't waste your time and money on this cheap gimmick.

BigJim57  USA Read my reviews (2)
5 5-18-2011
Bridge Doctor

What a great device to quickly repair a broken or weakened bridge. My 5021 Alvarez 12 string guitar had developed the bulging bridge after 40 years of constant tension by those strings. I had removed the strings and fashioned a clamp from steel plate and with steady pressure I had gotten the top and bridge back to it's original shape. I installed the screw "Bridge Doctor" and after setting the tension I restrung the guitar and it is back as good or better than it ever was.
This sure beats the tedious job of removing the bridge brace and building and installing a new one all working through the sound hole.

Ross Murphy  Longview, TX
5 5-15-2011
The Doctor's in the house!!!...

Bridge Doctor is the BOMB!!! I bought a second-hand Yamaha 12-string guitar several years ago and watched as it slowly developed a major belly bulge that even a starvation diet wouldn't cure. More recently, the bridge began to separate from the top. I finally got a luthier's estimate for a repair....$$$$ - OUCH!!! It was way more than the guitar was worth. A friend told me about the Bridge Doctor - so - what the heck... I had nothing to lose. I took my time and carefully thought out the installation.
It was not extremely difficult - however it is not something to rush into unprepared either. My guitar had a fairly shallow body that required some trimming of the device. I did add a little glue underneath the loose edge of the bridge before snugging it down with the screw. Voila! The Bridge Doctor drew the bridge back down flush and essentially eliminate the belly bulge. As a precaution, I did opt for light-gauge strings and tuned the guitar down a step. So far, so good..... the guitar was salvaged and plays as good as it ever did. The Bridge Doctor get an unequivocal "thumbs up" from me - recommended highly....

J Jackson  USA
5 4-16-2011
JLD Bridge Doctor

I used this device to flatten the top of my Ibanez 12 string which was bulging below the bridge. As advertised it installed in about a half hour and works perfectly. Guitar now has beautiful action and more sustain. I save about $200 on the repair by installing the Bridge Doctor myself.

Dan Thompson-Aue  Idaho Falls, ID
5 3-31-2011
Effective product

I've used the screw mount bridge doctor over the years on several guitars. It is effective and simple to install.

GuitarRepairShack  Calgary, Alberta Read my reviews (20)
5 3-08-2011
This is what Roswell should be famous for!!

My 35 year old Guild D-25 was about to die from a lifting bridge. While doing homework on the fix I found the JLD system on this site. The job was done in 20 minutes. I was stunned, this gizmo flatten the top, fixed the lifting bridge, corrected the action and added violin like sustain. I could not be happier. I'm ordering two more soon.
the folks at JLD were very helpful. My cat lost the special screw, they sent one out fast. Every guitar player should know about this thing

earthtojohn  Au Sable Forks, NY
5 2-09-2011
bridge doctor to the rescue

My buddies Alvarez Yarieri's top was cracked behind the bridge. He didn't want to alter or replace the top because the guitar sounds awesome. The action was also pretty high so I suggested the JLD bridge doctor. After installing and adjusting the unit the action is much lower, the tone is as sweet as ever, and it is much louder. My buddy couldn't be happier. Thanks again Stew Mac.

Robert Bayer  St. Peters, MO. Read my reviews (11)
5 1-28-2011
JLD Bridge Doc

I installed this on a 70s Yamaha with a laminated top that was pulled up. The JLD worked as advertised and pulled the top right down. I think the guitar has less bottom end now, however its only been a couple of weeks. I doubt if the guitar will ever sound the same, but at least it's much easier to play with the lower action.

MF  Ohio
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