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JLD Bridge Doctor

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• Enhances volume
• Flattens 'bellied' soundboards

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JLD Bridge Doctor
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3694 Screw mount Yes
3 or more $20.40  

3695 Brass pin mount Yes
3 or more $48.00  

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A unique solution to a common bridge problem, this spruce device attaches beneath a guitar bridge. An adjustable spruce "pressure post" rests against the tailblock, providing leverage to flatten the soundboard.

The spruce block is 3/4" x 1-5/8" x 3-3/8" tall. The 1/4"-diameter tension rod is 9" long. The mounting post has three different positions to accomodate a variety of bridge styles.

Screw mount: This spruce device attaches beneath the bridge via an inlaid screw (a white pearloid dot is included to hide the bridge screw). An adjustable spruce pressure post rests against the tailblock, providing leverage to flatten the soundboard. Better bridge contact and alignment can also enhance sound projection.

Brass pin mount: The pin-mounted version of the JLD Bridge Doctor attaches beneath the bridge using a threaded brass bridge pin. The strings mount horizontally through the tops of the matching brass bridge pins (included).

StewMac Tech Tip: We recommend the brass pin mount version for 12-string guitars.

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JLD Bridge Doctor
JLD Bridge Doctor
4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 86 ratings Write a Review
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5 8-15-2012
Favorite Fix for Bellying Guitars

You know the problem, you get an awesome guitar with great action, and sounds just like you want it. yikes, the bridge has started pulling up and its bringing the wood from the top up with it. Its called bellying. To the rescue - Stew Mac has this awesome product called the Bridge Doctor. A simple installation to bring the bridge back into alignment with the top and carefully bringing the top back down to flatness. I have used this fix on both newer and vintage instruments with great success. I have installed it in at least a dozen of my guitars. Got a Belly problem? No, not your waistline...grab one of these to fix your guitar...the other problem you are on your own to fix. Lawman-Mike

Lawman-Mike  West Des Moines Iowa Read my reviews (2)
5 8-04-2012
Worked like a charm!!

While waiting for snail mail I removed the strings off the guitar and carefully weighted the bridge. In the span of a week this dropped the bow by about 1/16". Doesn't sound like much but it was very noticeable.

The install of the JLD system was very easy. I read other reviews of people snapping the tension rods and such.... This system is based on fulcrum points and leverage... You do not need to 'crank' anything. Your are given three adjustments on the wood block before installing it... Go with the widest one that works with your guitar bridge and bracing as this spreads the load (better leverage) under the bridge. When I installed the dowel I purposely set it at a downward angle towards the back of the guitar for even more leverage... It has worked great. Action is perfect and I am playing this guitar again... I was about to make fire wood out of it.

A few smarts and some planning go a long way here. Think it through... It does work great. I will buy a few more just have on hand.

DLan  Vancouver, Canada Read my reviews (3)
2 8-01-2012
Good design, but didn't work for me

My guess is my guitar had a little more bulge at the bridge than this product was designed to fix. So now I have the item installed and the bridge is still too high to make the guitar playable. If you consider the bulge you're trying to fix as big or extreme I wouldn't purchase this item. If it's small I'm sure the device will pull the bridge & top down to flat and you'll be pleased.

tb  Portland OR Read my reviews (50)
5 6-28-2012
Just the thing!

I bought an older Takamine 12 string for a song a while back. However the bridge/top were badly bellied. I was afraid to keep the strings up to full tension. Bought the JDL String Dr after stumbling across it accidentally. The directions were not exactly crystal clear but I studied it for a day or two then the install went quite smoothly. The belly is well controlled (although not eliminated) and I now have my 12 string ready to go! Very cost effective solution.

Tom in Seattle  Seattle, WA Read my reviews (2)
5 6-28-2012
A winner!

Just installed JLD Bridge DR. on my ancient Yamaha Red Label FG-180. Easy as pie. With the new Grover Tuners, Bone Saddle and Bridge Dr. it sounds wonderful. As nice as my Martin.

Scott Speedy  West Virginia
5 6-21-2012
Brilliant Invention!

I have used these devices in several seriously bellied instruments and even saved a destroyed 1952 Martin 0-18 with one. Assuming the end user is knowledgeable in the art of guitar repair, you can work miracles with one these.

Doctor Rokker  USA Read my reviews (6)
Customer supplied image for review
5 6-11-2012
What a good idea

This is a genuine invention of a new feature of guitar construction that is not copied from other instruments but something new. It seems to do what is claimed: by acting as a sound post it improves the sound, and by spreading stresses it corrects bellying. However, in the cheap and old plywood guitar I installed it in, this correction was not on its own enough to restore playability 100%, as straightening out the bulge on the top means that the bulge is re-centered under the bridge, which is much more resistant: but the guitar would need surgery on the bridge to bring it to perfect playing condition. However, if this device had been installed to start with, then (a) the sound would have been better and (b) the bellying of the top might well have been avoided. It will take a couple of years I suppose to see the final effect on the instrument - maybe the top will gradually flatten completely - but it is no fault of the splendid device that it cannot actually achieve miracles. One of the few guitar gizmos that has staying power, and very cheap too. I'd definitely use this again.

King Snake Slim  Europe
4 5-31-2012
This saved my 12-string

My '73 Ibanez "Hummingbird" 12 string had a soundboard like a globe and was unplayable, but the bridge doctor saved it. The instructions could have been a little clearer, cause I ended taking the whole thing apart just to put it together again, using the back row of string holes. First I was disappointed, but after 2-3 days the soundboard had become flat and like new again.

yngvegr  Norway Read my reviews (8)
1 5-30-2012
The Doctor killed the patients

My D28 is in the shop for a complete set up and will be laid up for quite a while, so I needed to call up the second string beaters till my girl came back home, I decided to buy TWO Bridge Doctors to improve the sound of the substitutes. Now, I'm guessing the Bridge Doctor might help new guitars or guitars not needing much help, but "BEWARE", because by removing or improving that saddle bump, you'll be creating many more, very interesting problems that the Doctor can't address. I ended up getting all kinds of buzzing from the treble side of both guitars. I decided to take the Doctors out and go back to the (not so hot) original sounds. If anyone is interested in TWO, not so used Bridge Doctors cheap, let me know.

Lakota  Pownal,
4 5-27-2012
Great if you know what you're doing

Good product. Is not a fix all device but it does its job well and it will frustrate those with little experience. Helps bellying and it does increase volume if installed properly, it makes cheap acoustics sound much better. Like a truss rod for the top.

Nick Pal  Williamstown, NJ
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