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JLD Bridge Doctor

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• Enhances volume
• Flattens 'bellied' soundboards

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JLD Bridge Doctor
Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
3694 Screw mount Yes
3 or more $20.40  

3695 Brass pin mount Yes
3 or more $48.00  

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A unique solution to a common bridge problem, this spruce device attaches beneath a guitar bridge. An adjustable spruce "pressure post" rests against the tailblock, providing leverage to flatten the soundboard.

The spruce block is 3/4" x 1-5/8" x 3-3/8" tall. The 1/4"-diameter tension rod is 9" long. The mounting post has three different positions to accomodate a variety of bridge styles.

Screw mount: This spruce device attaches beneath the bridge via an inlaid screw (a white pearloid dot is included to hide the bridge screw). An adjustable spruce pressure post rests against the tailblock, providing leverage to flatten the soundboard. Better bridge contact and alignment can also enhance sound projection.

Brass pin mount: The pin-mounted version of the JLD Bridge Doctor attaches beneath the bridge using a threaded brass bridge pin. The strings mount horizontally through the tops of the matching brass bridge pins (included).

StewMac Tech Tip: We recommend the brass pin mount version for 12-string guitars.

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JLD Bridge Doctor
JLD Bridge Doctor
4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 86 ratings Write a Review
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3 8-09-2013
bridge doctor

I purchased a bridge doctor to try and remedy the belly of my Yamaha FG180. Unfortunately, it did not work as I'd hoped. Don't know if the guitar is too far gone, or if I didn't install correctly, but the bridge doctor itself actually bent without relieving the belly at all. Ended up uninstalling it and shaving down the bridge as much as possible to try and get playable action.

rpaul1  Canada
5 7-17-2013
Great Product!!!

I purchased a used guitar from an online auction. It had been abused, and had a severe pot belly but I thought it was worth saving. I had read about the JLD Bridge Doctor and decided to give it a try. The distance between the bridge pins and the back of the bridge was pretty small so I did not think I could use the screw mount version, so I ordered the Brass Pin mount version. I installed the bridge doctor and gradually tightened the pressure post over several days and the top flattened out almost perfectly. I tightened the pressure post a little over the next couple of days to compensate for the string tension. I was amazed at the brilliance, sustain and tone when I played the guitar. This was far better than I had expected. Over the next couple of weeks, I would have to adjust the tuning of the strings slightly each day as I guess the top was still settling in. Now I seldom have to re-tune as it holds the tuning very well. It has been 6 weeks since I strung it up and it still sounds just like it has a new set of strings even though I play it every day. This guitar sounds better than any of my other 7 guitars which include high-end models. I would definitely recommend the JLD Bridge Doctor. I am considering installing it in my other guitars to see if it will improve their tonal qualities even though I don’t have any pot belly problems with them.

MGM  Plano, Texas Read my reviews (2)
5 6-17-2013
Get the doctor

This 70s Hohner Leyenda had a serious belly, half an inch or more dipping into the soundhole, which was making the action unplayable and the intonation awful. I bought the (screwmount) Bridge Doctor as a stopgap to what was looking like an expensive repair. While waiting, I destrung it and acclimatised the top with a humidifier and Bible. Incidentally my order arrived in just over a week which for here is a record – great Stewmac service! It’s a Dreadnought shape, plenty of height, no braces in the way, standard bridge and a nice fat end block, so a straightforward install. The supplied instructions are clear, and there’s more info on the JLD site. All the same, it’s worth reading everything, checking twice, then check again, before each step. A few things. One, the woodscrew on the bridge post (the plastic tube) was a bit loose in the block, so once I’d decided on the right spread, I glued it solidly in its hole. Two, getting the sound rod (dowel) lined-up exactly straight involves a bit of trial and error, using mirrors and feel. A tiny dab of glue on the wooden post (under the saddle) made sure everything stayed in place. Three, I detuned a whole step and every week or so, eased off the Allen screw and made the rod ‘skip down’ to keep it parallel to the top, before tightening up again. It took 40 years to get that way, not gonna force it overnight. A month on, the top is almost flat and the neck angle is back within acceptable limits. The action is nice and low and the intonation is spot on. As for the tone, there was a huge improvement in days, and the more it’s played, the better it gets. Anyone who says it’s a sound killer must be doing something wrong. The JLD really works, if you take your time and get it right. I’m recommending it, and I’ll buy more.

armand  spain Read my reviews (2)
Customer supplied image for review
5 6-12-2013
Very useful!

My 77 Yamaha FG-340's bridge was bowing badly and the guitar played poorly. I installed one of these and adjusted it progressively as the guitar sat there with no strings on. After a week or so, I restrung the instrument and it has been a gem to play ever since... Very neat invention that thing is... :)

Remi P  Shediac, NB, Canada
5 5-06-2013
THE acoustic saver

I've used the Bridge Doctor on guitars from the 60's, Spanish, and even Ovations. It never ceases to amaze me in how it can bring the belly down in an acoustic. It's simple to install, creates a beautiful sustain and resonates outstandingly in any acoustic you put it in!

Gerg Guitars & Co.  Enfield, CT Read my reviews (2)
5 4-17-2013
JLD Bridge Doctor

I bought one of these to fix a belly in an old guitar and the installation was straightforward and it seems to have fixed the belly. I will use one of these to remove the belly from a 12 string guitar in the near future and I expect a similar result, a good bit of kit.

Alan Booth  Norfolk, UK Read my reviews (4)
5 4-03-2013
Great product assuming you have knowhow...

I highly recommend the Bridge Doctor if you have some experience building or repairing guitars. It's a very simple device, but installation has a few twists. You need to be able to control the depth of the hole you drill. Don't use tape, use a physically robust stop like a collar. Also, a neat trick, if you have any, is to use a very thin piece of scrap rosewood to cover the hole instead of the included pearl dot. Your repair can be virtually invisible if you want. This is for the screw mount item. I haven't used the brass pin Bridge Doctor.

Peter Morton  El Paso, TX
3 3-12-2013
dowl just snapped

if your buying the bridge doctor. i would recommend getting a hard wood or stronger dowl rod . mine just snapped in half. dowl is like bolsa wood . i had a piece of solid dowl same specs and used that.

David44  uk
5 3-06-2013

I have a 38 year old 12 string Ibinez guitar signed by Tanya Tucker and Collin Ray. Been through alot this guitar and I, hated when it had bulged so much down by the bridge that it was hard to play. I took it to an expert for a quote on getting it fixed a few years back, was told it would cost more to fix than the guitar was worth. Recently was in a music store looking at another 12 string, got to talking and was told about the Bridge Doctor. I purchased two screw mount Bridge Doctors, one for my old Ibinez and one for the new Takamimi. Amazing results.

I can play my old 12 string and it is as good as when new. The second was put on my new one for preventive maintence. Both sound real pretty, play beautiful and I didn't have to spend $500 to bring life back to my good ole Ibinez. I would recomend the Bridge Doctor and this company to everyone. Fast shipping, Great results, a win win situation!!!

mazdamx62fly  Winchester TN
5 2-10-2013
Love this little gadget !!

I had a 20+ year old Cort Dreadnought with, among other things, a separated bridge that had been originally glued over the finish (ten years of attic storage, bad idea). After fixing this, I still had the problem of a badly bellied guitar. Gave this a try, and couldn't be happier (used the screw-mount model). I think it actually sounds better than it did, when new. It's definitely got a lot better low end. Brought it into a music store, since they didn't believe that this old, cheap, Korean instrument could sound as good as their big name premium models. Only their top "ask before testing" models could beat it. Mine cost me under $400, and had been anything but pampered, for a couple of decades. They couldn't believe the sound, either. Sound is subjective, I know, but there were three guys in the room who actually deal with instruments every day. I think the very vocal "expert" I'd originally discussed it with was actually a bit embarrassed. I'll be using this again, if I have other acoustics. Thanks to this little guy, however, I don't need a new one, now.

Mike Epson  Eau Claire, WI
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