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JLD Bridge Doctor

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• Enhances volume
• Flattens 'bellied' soundboards

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JLD Bridge Doctor
Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
3694 Screw mount Yes
3 or more $20.40  

3695 Brass pin mount Yes
3 or more $48.00  

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A unique solution to a common bridge problem, this spruce device attaches beneath a guitar bridge. An adjustable spruce "pressure post" rests against the tailblock, providing leverage to flatten the soundboard.

The spruce block is 3/4" x 1-5/8" x 3-3/8" tall. The 1/4"-diameter tension rod is 9" long. The mounting post has three different positions to accomodate a variety of bridge styles.

Screw mount: This spruce device attaches beneath the bridge via an inlaid screw (a white pearloid dot is included to hide the bridge screw). An adjustable spruce pressure post rests against the tailblock, providing leverage to flatten the soundboard. Better bridge contact and alignment can also enhance sound projection.

Brass pin mount: The pin-mounted version of the JLD Bridge Doctor attaches beneath the bridge using a threaded brass bridge pin. The strings mount horizontally through the tops of the matching brass bridge pins (included).

StewMac Tech Tip: We recommend the brass pin mount version for 12-string guitars.

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JLD Bridge Doctor
JLD Bridge Doctor
4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 86 ratings Write a Review
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5 4-09-2014
brilliant solution

Had a recurring top bulge problem behind the bridge on an extremely lightly built single O. Tried several heat/steam fixes but the problem kept coming back. The Bridge Doctor solved the problem brilliantly and improved the tone of the guitar noticeably. Fitting the drilled hole behind the bridge pins was a bit tight with the traditional pyramid bridge, but I put in an abalone plug instead of the plastic one provided and it looks great. Had to grind down the bridge pins nearest the mounting screw to fit them around the wood block, but I probably could have taken it out and knocked off the corners of the unit instead. Highly recommended. Don't be afraid of this fix.

fullwedge  Cornwall on Hudson, NY Read my reviews (21)
4 4-02-2014
It's great....I THINK

Ordered this after doing a lot of research and the verdict seemed that it helped guitars with 'pulled forward' bridges. I bought it to rejuvenate a 30 year old Eko 12-string belonging to a friend. I was nervous fitting it (I had to drill out one of 3 rivets securing the Eko bridge in place) but it worked out fine. TIP: Draw your guitar bridge out first on paper using accurate measurements to 'test run' this thing before you go ahead and fit - and so you can get an idea of how it works. I did and it helped a lot to reassure me what was going on. Result? I *think* it has stopped the buckling on the 12 string; I've lowered the action (made a fresh bridge saddle piece) and it's playable once again. Did it fix the buckling? It's hard to tell... I think it did a little bit. I believe it has certainly stopped it going any further under the massive load of the 12 strings. Time will tell: I've asked my friend to bring the guitar back to me in 3 months time to take another look. Overall, I think it's well worth doing.

samm  Devon, UK Read my reviews (2)
Customer supplied image for review
5 2-21-2014
Bridge Doc

Much has been said in favor of the Bridge Doctor but I wanted to put some emphasis on how easy the thing is to use! I installed a "screw mount" on my "late '67-ish" Yamaha 12 string and found that working slowly/carefully rendered superior results. The one instance where I varied from the written instructions was in the use of a variable speed screwdriver, a hardened steel drill bushing/guide and a stop collar to drill the relief for the "button".

Pupster  Puyallup, WA
5 2-10-2014
Great solution for a 12-string

I have an inexpensive Oscar Schmidt 12-string that always played well and had good action, but the action was starting to get too high. Bridge Doctor was the solution. I used the single screw, which worked fine with my bridge. It had enough adjusting options to position it correctly under the saddle and still allow room for the original pins (see photo). Easy to install. Great product.

Hipabilly  Bowling Green, KY Read my reviews (4)
Customer supplied image for review
2 1-05-2014
Not exactly worth $50

I ordered the brass pin mount and put it in my Grandfather's 12-string... This guitar was badly warped with about 1 to 1 1/2" (maybe even 2"... I didn't measure.) gap between the neck and strings @ the 12 fret. It is tightened as far as it can with no movement of the top. There is only 2 stars for the fact that it was complete and i had no issues installing.

beecroft  ontario, canada Read my reviews (2)
5 12-25-2013

I could go on about this thing but it's all been said. Installed the screw mount in my 40 year old Hummingbird copy. I R & R'd the bridge as well. Only one problem .. had to shave 3mm off the bottom to make it fit but what an awesome response to all issues. Great product.

gkir  calgary, AB
Customer supplied image for review
4 11-27-2013
It saved my baby

It saved my old Epiphone flat top. Before this, the bridge would pull up and the action got quite high. No problem now

PeteA  Gorham Maine Read my reviews (3)
5 11-19-2013
Stunning success

I took a lot of time considering and consulting 'reviews' and principles of this thing, and have a fair bit of experience with guitars, knowhow and tools to do it. The guitar is a Seagull Maritime mini jumbo and only a year old, but was slightly bellying. Mainly I wanted to prevent any further movement (and take the slight bit out) and stabalise the top. I also noted the great sound that Breedlove guitars achieve with this as standard and figured that, as a truss for the top, it would provide long term structural integrety and more stable tuning. It did all this and more, a little more sustain and 'bass' response and evenness of tone and tuning stability is great for altered tunings as the top remains constant, even with the altering of the string tensions, the others stay true to pitch. I'm confident that this top 'truss rod' will keep the top stable and strong for the life of the guitar. I'd recommend it, but be sure you have the skills and room inside for this device. Don't force the top (Mine was bearly lifting). I used and recomended the cheaper permanent install, but again, make sure there is enough room in the bridge and the underside and no pickups in the way. I used a hole punch of tortoiseshell pickguard material over a black dot and unless looking closely, the installation is invisible...see pic

warmingtone  Australia Read my reviews (2)
Customer supplied image for review
3 11-13-2013
good? yes & no

yes it sorted out the bulge in my Martin's plastic sheet top , it sounded tighter and seemed to fit the bill. But - the brass pins don't put much down pressure on the saddle, although the solid brass anchors maintain the sustain. After 3 months of installation and 3 weeks of being away on business, I picked up this guitar to find it had settled with two strings buzzing on the saddle. So I need to do some messing about with the truss rod or might have to shim the saddle up a tad. There goes my nice low action.

Gra  Read my reviews (3)
5 8-23-2013

Just installed one of these on an old Yasuma that had a slight belly, and was sounding quite flat. It took 1/2 hour to install. The Bridge Doctor reduced the bellying, and greatly improved tone and sustain. As others have said, go slow with the adjustment on the post. Try humidifying the guitar and tensioning the rod slowly over a period of a few weeks.

fogrider  Read my reviews (4)
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