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Bridge Pin Hole Slotting Saws & Files

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Properly seated strings will get the best sound out of your guitar. Prevents bridge plate damage, too. These tools match the slots to the strings.

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Bridge Pin Hole Slotting Saws & Files
  Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
5803 Saw, .028" (0.7mm) Yes

5804 Saw, .051" (1.3mm) Yes

5805 Saws, set of 2 Yes

5807 File, .028" (0.7mm) Yes

5808 File, .043" (1.1mm) Yes

5809 File, .051" (1.3mm) Yes

5810 File, .067" (1.7mm) Yes

5811 File, .087" (2.2mm) Yes

5813 Saws and files, complete set of 7 SAVE $19.00 Yes

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Seating the strings properly in an acoustic bridge lets the guitar sound its best, helps prevent string breakage, makes string changing easier, and minimizes costly wear on the bridge plate. We're delighted to offer unique new specialty saws and files to help busy repair shops and luthiers do an easier, more professional job.

The Bridge Pin Hole Slotting Saw has been redesigned! It looks simple, but the handmade pull-stroke blade now features legendary Japanese woodworking saw craftsmanship. It's slender to fit the pin hole, and cuts smoothly, efficiently and fast, like no other blade you've used for the task. Blade length 1-3/4" (44.45mm ), overall length 5-1/4" (133.35mm). Available in two gauges, for seating plain and wound strings. Steel blade with traditional bamboo handle.

Our Bridge Pin Hole Slotting Files are uniquely shaped to fit into the pin holes, smooth the saw cuts, and define the string "ramp" at the front of each hole. They're available in five gauges; the smallest (.028"/0.7mm) works for unwound strings. The 3" (76.20mm) cutting edge is rounded, so the string won't bind in the slot. Overall length 5-7/8" (149.23mm). Made of chrome alloy steel.

Our thanks to repairman Gene Imbody and our shop manager Todd Sams for their development work.

We offer other specialty tools for acoustic guitar bridge work, too: see our Bridge Pin Hole Reamers and Bridge Pin Hole Chamfer Tool.

Fixing a 1937 Martin bridge. The first step is fixing a sandwich!
Fixing this 1937 Martin means feeding the guitar a sandwich!
Fixing a 1937 Martin bridge. The first step is fixing a sandwich! Read more

In this issue:
Dan Erlewine’s got an unusual bridge problem and an unusual repair.

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Bridge Pin Hole Slotting Saws & Files
Bridge Pin Hole Slotting Saws & Files
5 out of 5 stars
Based on 19 ratings Write a Review
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5 12-17-2011
Essential Tools!

Makes cleaning up a bridge very easy!

Wilmer Gingerich  Jamesport MO Read my reviews (76)
5 5-04-2011

No more unsightly saw cuts, finish off the bridge nicely when ramping is required.

Julyan Wallis, Guitar Doctor UK  Cornwall, UK Read my reviews (45)
4 11-17-2010
Good String Ramp Saw

Saws work much better than the original inexpensive saw they sell, but for $18.00 + s/h, they really should give you two saws.

I use the .051" file more for nut work

Guitartec  Coventry, RI USA Read my reviews (13)
5 11-07-2010
New to my shop and used all the time!

I bought these in August and have used them at least once a week to help with cutting slots at the bridge pin hole for better string break angle and for smoothing rough areas causing string breakage. They are so nice and way better then the older saw version that bent on me all the time.

GuitarRepairShack  Calgary, Alberta Read my reviews (20)
5 10-08-2010
Great Little Saws

I had a couple of the old style saws. They were OK, but these are very solid built and with 2 sizes. Does not bend like the old ones. Much improved product!

Greer Streetman  Lexington, KY Read my reviews (5)
5 9-24-2010
Very useful

These have made slotting my bridges cleaner and quicker than I was able to do before. I love them.

John Mayes  Norman,OK Read my reviews (18)
5 8-26-2010
Transfer the Energy

Up until my last five guitars, I used slotted bridge pins. A friend recommended using unslotted to transfer the string energy to the bridge plate more efficiently. I took his advice and struggled with cutting accurate tight fitting bridge slots until I came across these Stewmac saws and files. They are excellent and very comfortable to use. Now my guitars have a better more energetic response. Thanks for offering them Stewmac.

Gary Clardy  Burns, TN Read my reviews (6)
Customer supplied image for review
5 8-18-2010
bridge slot saw

Excellent saw, much better than the previous model--this is sharp, and cuts in both stroke directions, and doesn't tear out if you're careful. Clean corners, too.

hawthorne violin bows  cambridge, MA
5 8-15-2010
Bridge Ramp-angles made easy

Until I purchased this set, I was using a hobby-saw & triangular files. The finish was OK but lacked the professional look I was after.
These are the best purchase I've made in a long time! In my shop, I'm adjusting saddle heights several times a week. These give a superior finish and are so easy to use - EVERYTIME!!
Great product & great service. From my on-line order, it took 4 days to reach me here in New Zealand.

Pete's Guitar Repairs  New Zealand Read my reviews (5)
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