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Brace Repair Jack

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Simple fingertip adjustment. A real time-saver for holding a cracked brace, bridge plate or crack repair cleat while the glue dries.

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Brace Repair Jack
Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
3544 Brace Repair Jack 2-3 weeks
3 or more $8.41  
12 or more $7.96  

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It has simple fingertip turnbuckle height adjustment, and glue-resistant cauls.

The 7/8"-diameter (22.23mm) feet are glue-resistant HDPE (high-density polyethylene), one flat and one grooved to fit over a brace. The jack extends from 3-5/16" to 5-1/4" (84.14mm to 133.35mm).
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 Ratings and reviews
Brace Repair Jack
Brace Repair Jack
3 out of 5 stars
Based on 22 ratings Write a Review
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3 8-05-2011
Reasonable value and quality

These brace jacks operated as expected, i.e. not especially easy to manipulate one-handed. Nonetheless in many repair situations they are proving useful. In the more difficult situations I still find Sloane style jacks more useful and easier to operate. The StewMac jacks proved too long to use in a small flamenco guitar repair though. Although I have seen complaints about the basic quality of these jacks I am perfectly happy that they are adequate for most tasks.

David Yelverton  Felixstowe, UK Read my reviews (5)
1 7-12-2011
Too big

OK I should have taken more notice of the MINIMUM dimension, they were out by half an inch. However Stew Mac maybe should have said "these will not fit slim classical acoustics" I am really annoyed because I missed the DHL guy and had to wait an extra four days to get these,and then they didn't fit
Bamboo shoots wedged in worked fine!!!

Steve Bell  Normandy France Read my reviews (3)
4 6-06-2011
Gets the Job Done

Gluing down loose braces in cramped spaces on vintage classical guitars is a test of anyone's patience. Sure, I wish these jacks would cost less (like the high volume generic parts at the hardware store), but I'm glad I didn't have to spend time making another project on top of the original guitar repair project.

Bought a set of 3 and after learning how to place and tighten the first one by feel (no view at all), they worked fine.

Autumn Acoustics  Cincinnati, OH
2 5-10-2011
Brace Repair Jack

Works well,but not the quality S.M. is known for.

Steven K  Columbia, Maryland Read my reviews (20)
4 4-03-2011
I have to Laugh

Cheap, quick and dirty. Easy to adapt to a myriad of simple in the box tasks. They are not made to do guitar assembly, rather they are made to assist the repair luthier. They are not necessarily D.I.Y. stuff. Frankly DIY's should bring brace repair to the pros if possible. [Not trying to be 'funny']. We don't charge much, and can do a better job the first time....and yes...using these 'bad' tools.

Consider also: Do you know how long it takes to make this tool with hardware store stuff? Too LONG!! Well worth the $10. for sure


doc  southport, nc Read my reviews (11)
3 3-13-2011

Some cork padding applied to both ends seems essential. Why did I buy something that is so easily recreated from a hardware store? To redeem this I plan on using the repair jack to build an Erlewine-esque Neck Jig (save a couple hundred $$)

Not Square  Mountain View, CA Read my reviews (9)
1 3-01-2011
not what you'd expect from stew mac

This brace is not at all well made and is hard to use. The ends keep turning and it falls out under pressure due to the slick surfaces i had to place double sided tape on each end of it to keep in place. This is not the quality i have become accustom to with stew mac, and the price is way to high. You can make one for far less, using a turnbuckle and replacing the hooks with two small bolts for about $4 total. Stew Mac is a great company, this product just falls short of their rep.

DT Hawkins-Custom Guitar Tech  Clarksburg WV Read my reviews (11)
2 1-31-2011

I have to agree with some earlier reviews. These clamps are overpriced and not up to the quality standard I usually see from Stew Mac. Yes, they will help you do the job, but I am hoping for an improved item in the future.

Parhal  Wisconsin Read my reviews (8)
5 12-02-2010
Learn the technique!

This is a well-made, highly functional version of a tool we have used for years in the shop. The non-stick ends are a considerable upgrade from my home-made examples!

In response to the complaints about ease of use, this is not a do-it-for-you tool. Learning dexterity inside the box is part of getting your brace repair thing together. This tool does an excellent job, once you've acquired the technique of one-handed manipulation in a tight space. It's a big part of the trade!

Rob Sharer  Raleigh, NC Read my reviews (2)
2 11-10-2010
Good Idea poor quality

They will work but not the quality I expected. Hard to use inside body with one hand.

D Tripp  Argyle NY
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