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Gauged Nut Slotting Files

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Our tempered edge-cut nut files produce round-bottom slots, to ensure that the strings seat properly in the nut without buzzing.

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Gauged Nut Slotting Files

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Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
0821 0.010" width Yes

0823 0.013" width Yes

0827 0.016" width Yes

0828 0.020" width Yes

0829 0.024" width Yes

0830 0.028" width Yes

0831 0.032" width Yes

0832 0.035" width Yes

0833 0.042" width Yes

5313 0.046" width Yes

0834 0.050" width Yes

0835 0.056" width Yes

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Each chrome-alloy steel file has twin 4" cutting edges. Among our most popular tools, these professional files help you get the job done quickly and correctly.

What files do I need?
Choose nut slotting files that are the same size or no more that a few thousands larger than your individual string gauges. A smaller file can also be rocked side-to-side to widen a slot to the desired size. For example, you can cut a .043" slot with a .042" file by moving it around a bit.

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 Ratings and reviews
Gauged Nut Slotting Files
Gauged Nut Slotting Files
4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 186 ratings Write a Review
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4 10-16-2013
Quality product

Just finished my strat project the other day and set my guitar up. These files came in handy and worked very well. I wont be using them on a regular basis, if i had a guitar shop i dont know if they would stand the test of time or not. That being said they worked well and were delivered in a reasonable time frame and were packaged well as not to bend them.

Lojo  SoCal Read my reviews (2)
5 10-06-2013
Glad i got em

After completing 2 nuts i was unhappy with i decided to suck it up and get some nut files (i got the .013, .024 and .036). WOW!!! i marked my string positions and within 5 mins was done (needed some fine tuning but very little). They may seem a bit pricy for a beginner/hobbiest, but are definitely worth the price if you plane on doing your own nut and saddle.

jered  munster, in Read my reviews (5)
5 10-03-2013
very good

These files make life so much easier. You can actually get by with 3 of these if you pick the right ones. I've stacked the .010 & .013's with thicker ones to get a wider slot. You can also wobble them a little to pick up a few more .001ths. If you was working on all kinds of different guitars & strings, it would pay to get the whole set.

ph  Florida Read my reviews (18)
5 9-11-2013
Quality files for the job.

I was impressed by the quality of these files. The string slots were precise. The files are super sharp and cut through bone with light pressure.

Commissioner  Norfolk, VA Read my reviews (8)
5 9-01-2013
Slotting Files

Nothing but perfection!

Dr. T's shop  Read my reviews (2)
5 8-30-2013
i'm nuts about your files...again!

for a newbie, i thought i'd never actually have to order another set of nut files, but since the first ones from stew mac worked so well, i thought i'd go with them again....i didn't wear out the first ones, i lost them. only suggestion would be to have a hole in them in order to hang them on a nail or such. I haven't tried to drill them, but bet their a bugger. nice files.

Campo Electric  Pollock, Louisiana Read my reviews (2)
4 8-26-2013
Makes cutting slots easy.

Good files. Like any files they have their own touch. I find these files do the job great once you get a feel for them. Expensive, but worth it for me.

All-Strings Instrument Service  IL Read my reviews (8)
3 8-20-2013
The .010 file

3 stars due to the total lack of rigidity. Can't see this being very useful for nuts without adding some back bone (as others have mentioned) to keep it rigid and straight.

Matt Robbins  S. Mars, The Milky Way Read my reviews (3)
2 8-13-2013
Thin files aren't strong enough.

I have a set of the other Double Edged nut files, which are better in my opinion. But as they don't have .010 or .046 gauges I ordered these gauged files. No complaints with the .046. The .010 had a curve in it. Stewmac were quick to send me a replacement and well packaged, but it to was warped. I put it down to the travelling conditions, but I am sure they wouldn't be very sturdy upon use given this. These files aren't thick in the middle and then tapered to the edge of the file, like the double edged files, which makes the thinner files weak.

T Copley  Australia Read my reviews (22)
Customer supplied image for review
5 8-09-2013
Nice nut slotting tools

The files seem to be good quality. They cut fairly slowly, which is good to get the slot exactly to its final depth.

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