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Understring Radius Gauges

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Fast, accurate bridge saddle adjustment.
Each of these unique gauges has an accurately radiused arc on both the top and bottom surfaces, and is shaped to fit easily under the strings.

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Understring Radius Gauges

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Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
0353 Set of 9 Yes

0352 17" gauge only Yes

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Use the bottom curvature to determine your fretboard radius, and the matching top curvature becomes a reference for setting string saddle heights for best playability.

Set of 9 now includes new 17" radius for Ibanez guitars!

Find your fretboard radius, and set your bridge saddles to match. They're handy for matching pickup polepiece heights to the arc of the strings, too. Precision laser-cut from .050" stainless steel.

The set of 9 gauges includes:
7-1/4", 9-1/2", 10", 12", 14", 15", 16", 17" and 20" radii.

They'll work for string spreads and fingerboards up to 2-5/8" (66.68mm) wide.

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Understring Radius Gauges
Understring Radius Gauges
5 out of 5 stars
Based on 150 ratings Write a Review
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5 6-24-2013
Perfect Little Tools

I never knew how much these radius gauges would come in handy till I actually started using them. They are the perfect little tools for verifying fretboard radii, setting string action, and adjusting PU pole pieces. Buy these, and you WILL use them every time you set up a guitar; they give perfect results every time.

Mason Lamb  Fresno, CA
5 5-24-2013
Spot on!

Makes stringheight adjustments perfect.

Burgundy Mist  Oslo, Norway Read my reviews (3)
5 5-21-2013
Time Savers

Great Product Amazing Quality that will Last a Lifetime!

Salazar Guitar Garage  Hermosillo Sonora Mexico Read my reviews (6)
5 4-28-2013

Perfect little tools, useful for dozens of tasks.

John L  Kalamazoo, MI Read my reviews (15)
5 4-28-2013
time saver

when you have a stack of guitars to setup, you'll have more time for other adjustments.

road worn music  versailles , missouri Read my reviews (2)
5 4-24-2013
Understring Radius Gauge..

This is a very useful tool!!! I use this after the high/low 'E' string heights have been set, and then adjust the A,D,G,B strings accordingly... Fine tuning after the height and radius have been set is always a must... I would highly recomend this tool, especially if you are doing alot of set ups... Worth its weight in gold when used properly...

DaVinci Luthiers  Oakville, Ontario, Canada Read my reviews (3)
5 4-23-2013
Understring Radius Gauges

This set is fantastic, high quality like everything else here. I just wish I could get a 13" for my Parker! Hook me up StewMac ;-)

Mitchell Parker  Seattle, WA
5 4-20-2013

Excellent set. I had a set of the quasi cardboard gauges, but a few of them broke - these will last a lifetime...

Dave Case  Manalapan, NJ
5 4-08-2013
Under string profiles

Excellent tool for finding out what radius your neck is and setting up your bridge

Walker Benders  Hawaii
4 3-31-2013
Understring Radius Guage

I seemed to always have problems with proper set-up and action on my guitars and wasn't willing to pay someone to do something that looked achievable. I already have the String Action Gauge and use it frequently-it's a necessary tool. I thought that to really milk the last drop when setting up, these under string gauges would help and they do. I needed some Stew-Mac wisdom to see if I was understanding how to best use these and their speedy response certainly helped. These gauges are a blessing to determine fretboard radius and somewhat helpful with string/bridge set-up especially with adjustable bridges like Fender's. I still rely on the String Action Gauge first and the feel of the neck while playing. I think these gauges are top quality and an added help when doing set-ups and I don't regret buying them. They lost a star because I think it would be helpful to include some written instructions to help us novices maximize our efforts or understand the limitations of these tools.

Pegzhead  Burlington, Ontario Read my reviews (6)
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