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Soundhole Clamps

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These clamps reach where others can't. Ideal for clamping bridges and braces through a soundhole.

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Soundhole Clamps
  Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
2010 5" Yes
3 or more $12.11  
6 or more $11.03  

2011 7" with leveler Yes
3 or more $14.45  
6 or more $12.82  

2012 9" with leveler Yes
3 or more $20.61  
6 or more $18.73  

2013 11" with leveler Yes
3 or more $23.18  
6 or more $21.09  

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Our popular soundhole clamps feature strong steel frames, light weight and slim profiles for multiple clamping through the soundhole of a classical or steel-string guitar. Ideal for clamping bridges and braces through a soundhole. Available in four lengths. Leveling screw gives extra support for clamping bridges and braces. The 7", 9" and 11" models have a special leveling screw to help support the clamp's weight and prevent unwanted bending of the soundboard.

The shorter clamps give increased clamping coverage at the guitar's bridge and shoulder areas.

Our soundhole clamps also have knurled thumbscrews, height-adjustable jaw screws for clearance of internal braces, and jaw feet that swivel to conform to uneven surfaces (maximum opening is 1-7/8"). Each clamp is 1/2" (12.7mm) wide.

Prevent dents: Check out our Soundhole Clamp Cauls that snap onto the feet of these clamps for a larger clamping footprint, padded surface, and grooves that make it easier to clamp on braces.

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 Ratings and reviews
Soundhole Clamps
Soundhole Clamps
5 out of 5 stars
Based on 42 ratings Write a Review
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5 5-16-2012
Much better than the mini cam clamp

The mini cam clamp doesn't exert enough pressure to properly glue the bridge, this one will do it but you do need a caul of some kind to spread out the clamping pressure, it can exert quite a bit of pressure! Paired with a bridge jig only one of these clamps will be needed. Got 2 for free from a customer who doesn't have time to fix his own guitars, I really need a bunch more.

This clamp has answered my prayers regarding bridge and brace gluing. The mini cam clamp doesn't even come close.

Tai Fu  Taiwan Read my reviews (20)
5 5-02-2012
C Clamp

Exactly the right tool. Your prompt reply and shipment was what I needed and wanted. Thanks to all.

Paul Holder  Hillsborough, NC Read my reviews (3)
5 4-29-2012
Small is best

There are other bridge clamps, of course, but I find the smallest of these invaluable for small instruments such as ukes where access through the soundhole is often difficult. Larger sizes also do their job very well.

CliffE  UK Read my reviews (7)
5 4-29-2012
cant have too many

Another must-have, I will be buying a few more!Well made and stable when clamped w/leveler engaged.

Leo M Whitebird  Mpls Mnn Read my reviews (17)
5 4-20-2012
Great Clamps

These clamps are superb and have reduced my time and effort superbly. I am using them for their usefulness in glueing many of guitar making tasks. They are also quite inexpensive.

Zendo  Brisbane Australia Read my reviews (2)
5 4-07-2012
The right tool for the job

These clamps are simple and effective and great value for money. They were just right for my job of regluing my classical guitar bridge. They are speedy which also enabled me to use hot hide glue which gave a really sound and traditional job. the end result is a superb tone and the instrument sings again.

Peter E  Bristol uk Read my reviews (4)
5 3-10-2012
The 5 inch clamp is great for tenor uke bridge repairs.

Two of these worked perfectly when re-gluing the bridge of a tenor uke. I have several other clamps including the mini-cam clamp, and none of them could fit.

Mert  Seattle Read my reviews (2)
5 2-19-2012
Perfect for loose X brace

Had an issue on an old Martin where the end of the X brace came loose way down in the lower bout. The 11" clamp is perfect for this repair.

The Guitar Doctor  Reading, PA. Read my reviews (3)
5 2-16-2012
Perfect size for L1 and larger

I purchased three of the 7" sound hole clamps (needed two, but with the price break went ahead with three) as I am repairing a 1931 Gibson L1 flat top that had lost most of its thin bridge back plate and the bridge pulled out even with extra thin (.010) string set. There are also three of four cracks on the lower bout and some fractures between the sound hole and bridge. The 7" clamps cover everything from the bridge down and the hole to bridge can be taken care of with regular mini clamps.

gearjunky  Arizona Read my reviews (4)
4 12-14-2011

Finaly repaired my 1970 yamaha 12 string. 2xloose brases, fixed in no time. easy to use and should have brought them a long time ago thanks

peterman  Cairns AUSTRALIA
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