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StewMac Ultimate Scraper

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It's the best scraper we've ever used!
Revolutionary tools, unsurpassed for smoothing wood surfaces, arched instrument tops, bindings and more.

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StewMac Ultimate Scraper

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  Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
0631 Original Yes

0632 Mini Yes

0623 NEW! Rectangle/Concave Yes

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For an ultra-smooth wood surface, nothing beats a good sharp scraper. Veteran luthier Al Carruth has given the simple scraper a revolutionary makeover, with practical improvements for stringed instrument work: the original Ultimate Scraper. We added a second mini version that's popular for working in tighter areas.

Go for the rectangle/concave scraper when you need to keep a good, tight, square corner in binding channels and neck pockets. Also great for smoothing bindings and many steps of making a new neck. Thanks to renowned bass luthier Michael Tobias for suggesting this new shape!

  • Refined shapes are superior for arched tops and flat or curved surfaces.
  • 1/8" thickness adds stiffness and greatly reduces chatter.
  • Two working edges for scraping with both pull and push strokes.
  • Durable tempered steel edges, for smoothing harder woods.

At 1/8" thick, Ultimate scrapers are much beefier than standard scraper blades. Two cutting edges let the tool work in both directions, without flexing and with less chattering. That saves a lot of time and effort! The tempered tool steel holds a more durable edge, too. The shapes are specially refined for hand-contouring and graduating arched instrument tops and backs, as well as smoothing bindings and flat surfaces.

#0631 Original: 3-3/4" x 1-11/16" (95.25mm x 42.86mm)
#0632 Mini: 2-1/2" x 1-1/2" (63mm x 38mm)
#0623 Rectangle/Concave: 3-7/16" x 1-13/16" (87.31mm x 46.04mm); three straight edges plus 20”-radius concave edge

From luthier Al Carruth:
"In Il Segreti di Stradivari, violin maker Simone Sacconi wrote 'scrapers were made from blades of sabers. Since they were of very hard steel one could not turn the edge and therefore they were used like a knife.' When I began working with violin maker Carleen Hutchins she used such a scraper. This is, in my estimation, the best possible scraper for builders of arched instruments.

"It works on the same principle as scraping with a broken piece of glass; a common technique among carpenters. A very hard material can take an exceedingly keen edge and when it is perpendicular, as it is in broken glass, it can last for a long time even if the material is brittle. This tool has the advantage over glass of having a shape that is well defined and re-sharpenable."

How Al sharpens his scraper:
Sharpen the Carruth Ultimate Scraper on a grinding wheel"I find it easiest to hollow grind the edge perpendicular to the centerline of the scraper. Simply set the tool rest on your grinder perpendicular to the wheel and grind all around. Use as fine a wheel as possible and don't apply too much pressure. If desired, the edge can be further dressed on a fine stone with or without a guide block.

"In use, this scraper will give an extremely smooth cut even on soft or highly figured wood. It has little tendency to chatter due to its weight and does not heat up. It is much easier on the thumbs than a “normal” scraper as it is not “sprung” in use. To re-sharpen simply lap the surface on a fine stone and re-grind the edge."

Watch the video! Al Carruth shows how to use and sharpen the Ultimate Scraper. Watching Al, you'll see how easy this is.

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StewMac Ultimate Scraper
StewMac Ultimate Scraper
5 out of 5 stars
Based on 56 ratings Write a Review
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5 10-25-2012
An All Around Scraper

As soon as you use this tool, you discover a million opportunities where to use it. In the past I used pieces of Steel cutting industrial Hack saw blades and would sharpen it. The rigidity made for good control and the steel was of a good hardness. Carruth's is several notches better, plus it can cut both sides due to it's concave edge. Great product, congratulations.

5 10-02-2012
works on wood & bone

I bought this scraper just to work on an old mandolin to replace the tone bars. While I was working on the mandolin I also was doing a bone nut & saddle on a D28 martin for a customer and the scaper worked well to help me get them shaped before final finish. Thanks for a great product. Bill's repair

Bill's repair  Madisonville,TN. Read my reviews (8)
5 10-02-2012
Excellent Scrapers

These things are great! Heavy Duty and sharp as a razor. They get the job done quick and correct.

BSR77  Freedom,PA
5 9-27-2012
Worth the price

Bought both scrapers, hoped they would perform considering the price. Found them to be very dependable, sharp, and efficient. They have made my arched carving more controllable.I am pleased.

KColeman  Albuq, NM Read my reviews (6)
Customer supplied image for review
5 9-13-2012
Amazing tool!

This is the best! another incredible tool for luthiers. Many thanks.

JoseSRV  Argentina Read my reviews (11)
5 8-25-2012

I love it. I own a multitude of cabinet scrapers but they all require both hands to create the proper cut. Not this one. I love the weight and shape as well and would recommend this scraper to any woodworker Luthier or not. I gotta get the mini now!

Doug A  Bordentown, NJ Read my reviews (3)
5 8-22-2012

This tool works amazing. I really like the fact that it works in both directions and rarely chatters. The finish that is left behind is very smooth. I absolutely recommend this scraper for anyone needing an extremely flat surface or to take out high points on a rounded surface.

Bill Woger  Menomonee Falls, WI Read my reviews (2)
5 7-24-2012
I can't use a regular card scraper anymore

I've been a student and friend of Al's for may years. He helped me make my scrapers. It has been great fun watching Al make new and improved prototypes of this scraper. The one that StewMac offers is the best yet. Some of the nice features in this scraper are the scooped inner area that makes lapping the scraper flat much easier and the hole for hanging the scraper on the wall.

maharguitar  Amherst, NH
5 7-20-2012
excellent for binding

This product is sharp and cuts extremely well. Very easy to hold. I use it to scrape bindings and headstock veneers.

Jude Acoustic guitars  Lake Charles, La.
5 7-15-2012
Great tool!

Since this arrived, I haven't used my card scraper. This scraper is much easier to control and more efficient than a standard card scraper. I love it.

Bob Gramann  Fredericksburg, VA
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