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Micro-Mesh Soft Touch Finishing Pads

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Extra-gentle hand polishing for high-gloss finishes. Fingertip-size foam pads with the remarkable Micro-Mesh™ abrasives on both sides.

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Micro-Mesh Soft Touch Finishing Pads
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3711 Micro-Mesh Soft Touch Finishing Pads Yes
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The cushioning allows gentle polishing of finished surfaces to a mirror gloss. We use these regularly in our own shops for finish touch-ups and repairs.

The set of nine pads includes #1500, 1800, 2400, 3200, 3600, 4000, 6000, 8000, and 12000 grits. Use the grits in sequence to achieve a super gloss.

Micro-Mesh™ features tiny abrasive crystals on resilient cloth-backed latex. These gentle "cushioned" particles generate less heat and friction than ordinary finishing papers, don't load up as quickly, and last up to 15 times longer. Use Micro-Mesh with soapy water to produce a scratch-free mirror shine on finishes and pickguards. Great for repairing scratches and overspray. Use them for polishing frets, too.

Micro-Mesh was developed for polishing jet windshields to maintain their optical clarity. Imagine how your instrument will look!

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Micro-Mesh Soft Touch Finishing Pads
Micro-Mesh Soft Touch Finishing Pads
5 out of 5 stars
Based on 95 ratings Write a Review
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5 3-22-2014
Great Pads

These are great! You will want to buy more than one set. One for polishing frets and a couple for finish buffing.

Southland Music  Taylor, MI
5 3-16-2014
Micro-mesh pads another must have

The micro - mesh pad are another must have for every work shop or tool box . Use them for much more than just working on instruments . Cheap and safe .

Sky King  Cincinnati Read my reviews (2)
5 3-08-2014

Great for polishing small parts like nuts, saddles, frets.

Kennebec Instrument & Amplifier  Augusta, ME Read my reviews (9)
5 1-14-2014
Perfect for fret polishing and more

I got these for many uses, but the first and best so far is for polishing out frets. One pad spans two frets at the bottom of the neck, gradually up to four frets at the top. So it makes pretty fast work of it. (Polish with the direction of each fret, not up and down the neck!) Use your fingertips applying light pressure on top of the pad over the frets you're polishing, and you won't touch the fretboard - the pad is rigid enough to remain flat when spanning frets. You polish just the surface the strings come in contact with. I used 6000-8000-12000 grit pads and the frets are gleaming smooth, even under a strong magnifying glass. My objective was to remove very little metal, just dress up the surface of the metal to be perfectly smooth. Worked great! You can feel it immediately, especially if you use (finger generated) vibrato in your playing style. It's silky smooth. You would expect something like this to be priced like they clean F-16 windshields with, but it's very reasonable for what you get. Excellent product, looking forward to many different uses.

These things are perfect for cleaning up binding after staining/finishing. Just keep going down in grit until you find the one that will take off whatever is on the binding. Then work your way back up to 8000 or so to make it super smooth. No need to mess around with masking off binding.

Some of my guitars want a black humbucker mounting ring to look their best. But the black plastic looks chinzy on my masterpiece (cough), and the metal ones bring their issues too, mostly inflexibility. I ran across something accidentally that I wanted to pass along.

Use these pads (I like the 3600 grit) to burnish the surface of the plastic, and you end up with something that looks and feels like black slate, or brushed metal. Much classier look than the plastic. Just give 'em a good buffing with the pad all the way around, especially on the corners and it looks great.

RichEss  Denver, Colorado USA Read my reviews (7)
3 1-02-2014
Don't live up to advertising.....

They last 15 times longer than what?? paper towels?? I bought these strictly for fret polishing. They can only manage 4 frets before a cleaning is needed. Washing them in a mild dish soap and warm water with a toothbrush does a fine job. Continuing on with the pads even slightly wet will result in the abrasive material ripping off the pad. You then have to cut them smaller than they already are to get to "fresh" abrasive. They do a tremendous job polishing fretwire, but after three necks they're too small and beat up to use again. I'm buying another set now......

RGTFanatic  RGTFanatic Read my reviews (2)
5 11-12-2013
Awesome Finish

These are great to any kind of project that needs a high gloss finish. I not only use them for the neck and body, but I have a lathe and do pens and pencils on it. These give them the highest quality finish you can buy. A must to have around the shop.

BradL  Stratford, CT Read my reviews (2)
5 10-18-2013
Great for touch-up

Fantastic for small repairs, and touch-ups.

Melw  Jerome, ID Read my reviews (2)
5 10-09-2013
What a shine!

I recently started repairing old tube radios and a lot of them have plastic cabinets that have holes in them or are cracked or scratched. I have been repairing the cracks with epoxy and/or superglue, then sanding them down with the Micro-Mesh, and the results have been great!

Elias Preston  St. Louis, Missouri Read my reviews (5)
Customer supplied image for review
5 10-04-2013
Not just for guitars!

Bought 2 sets. Used 1 set for my neck project, and used the other for my modeling. Sands & polishes defects out, just be patient with your work. The outcome is worth it.

Chuchuchip  Queens,NY Read my reviews (5)
4 10-03-2013

As another reviewer said, I wish they were sold individually as I usually use the #1500 for a lot of things.

Tony K  Norway
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