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Fret Dressing Stick

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The Fret Dressing Stick features interchangeable sanding belts for removing the scratches left by leveling and crowning files.

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Fret Dressing Stick
  Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
1826 Dressing Stick with 10 belts (2 of each grit) Yes

1827 Dressing stick only Yes

1828 120-grit replacement belt (red), pkg of 5 Yes

1829 240-grit replacement belt (blue), pkg of 5 Yes

1830 320-grit replacement belt (green), pkg of 5 Yes

1831 400-grit replacement belt (yellow), pkg of 5 Yes

1832 600-grit replacement belt (black), pkg of 5 Yes

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File a notch in the end of the stick to conform to the crown of the fretwire, and with the finer-grit belts it becomes a great tool for fret polishing.

This 6" x 1/4" (152.40mm x 6.35mm) tool is spring-loaded to keep pressure on the sanding belt. A flip of your thumb rotates the belt for a fresh sanding surface.

The Dressing Stick isn't only for fret work. It's great for leveling drip marks in lacquer finishes or super glue touch-ups, for sanding inlays, for fine scroll work, and more.

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Fret Dressing Stick
Fret Dressing Stick
4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 48 ratings Write a Review
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5 4-05-2014
A Mainstay Must-Have

These dressing sticks belong in even the most basic of fret-dressing toolboxes. Having at least four allows you to switch from one to the other quickly without having to change belts and speeds up work-flow. Regardless of whether you work with diamond files (which I do, Stew Mac's 4457 Dual-Grit Set), the Double-Edge (the 4492 set) or a good old fashion tri-cornet file (set 1600), the Fret Dressing Stick is the perfect follow-up. Their spring-action is nice and tight, and you can file a half-round groove in the tip so the sanding belt itself takes the shape of the crowned fret. Brilliant! Then you can follow that with #0000 steel wool and buffing wheels (5269) on a rotary tool like a Dremel. I never fail to get a mirror-polish on frets using that combo.

uberaxe  Davie, FL Read my reviews (4)
Customer supplied image for review
5 3-29-2014
Dressing stick

I have several of these with different grits. They are so handy for all those awkward areas. Great for spot finishing and fret polishing (cut a groove in the working end so the belt conforms to the fret). I'm always finding new uses for them.

JMW  Biggleswade, UK Read my reviews (13)
4 3-23-2014
It's ok.

I bought this to help with my first level/crown job. It does an ok job. I bought 2 of the sticks and cut a radius in the end of one so I could run it over the frets. Again, since this is my first attempt I guess it works ok. I did use it to remove some high fret points on another neck and it worked great for that.

4 3-20-2014
Works as advertised

And has other uses too, I also use it with the course paper on it to help remove squeeze out.

Craig H.  Blue Ridge, TX Read my reviews (2)
5 12-22-2013
Another great and simple tool for fret polishing

these are convenient for finishing and polishing frets and other hard to reach spots ..

mikrow  Huntington Beach, CA Read my reviews (34)
5 12-21-2013
Perfect for touch ups

Another one of those special purpose tools that you find yourself using all the time. It's not only good for,frets, but for pretty much everything! Think of it as the little screwdriver you use all the time!

Thisch  Cleveland OH Read my reviews (7)
5 9-22-2013

Awesome little tool. I have to order 4 more to have one for each grit. Only improvement would be to cut a groove in them to help shape the frets. I cut mine with my stewmac file set.

Kelly T  dededo,guam Read my reviews (13)
5 7-05-2013
Fret leveling and dressing made easy

I use 2 of these sticks, one with coarse and one with finer sand paper. I filed a hollow on the angled side of the "business" end, and use them for fret dressing and leveling. Quick, easy, neat and accurate.

Josred  VA USA Read my reviews (16)
5 7-03-2013
Smart little thing

A very handy little stick that does way more than just dressing frets. It gets in to all the little hard to reach places.

Gustav  Sweden Read my reviews (18)
4 5-26-2013
Works good after some practise...

After playing around I kinda figured it out but still not quite there...

T Jones  Chester, MT Read my reviews (39)
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