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8" Radius Blocks

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Accurately true or change a fingerboard's radius and level frets.
We make these hardwood blocks for use with Stikit Abrasives, to radius a fretboard quickly, accurately and without guesswork.

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8 Radius Blocks
Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
0415 7-1/4" radius Yes

0405 9-1/2" radius Yes

0416 10" radius Yes

0406 11" radius Yes

0417 12" radius Yes

0419 14" radius Yes

0420 15" radius Yes

0418 16" radius Yes

0421 17" radius Yes

0403 20" radius Yes

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Shaping fingerboards: use 80 through 220-grit
Leveling frets: use 220 through 400-grit

When working on compound radius fretboards, simply change blocks as you progress along the neck.

Dimensions: 8" (203.20mm) long x 2-3/4" (69.85mm) wide

See our shorter blocks for spot leveling, and for use as clamping cauls when gluing frets.

What's your radius?
Quickly find the curvature of a fingerboard or bridge with a set of radius gauges. Use them frequently to check your work as you smooth or shape a fingerboard or frets: a quick visual check keeps you from accidentally altering the shape—a mistake that's easy to make and hard to fix.

Radius Gauges

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 Ratings and reviews
8 Radius Blocks
8" Radius Blocks
5 out of 5 stars
Based on 132 ratings Write a Review
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5 2-24-2013
Lots of uses

I have a collection of these in 4" and 8" lengths in many of the popular radi'. Can't live without them.

Tom Sawyer (really!)  Vernon, CT Read my reviews (9)
5 1-27-2013
8 'Wooden sanding block

Great bit of kit for the odd one or two jobs

Colinz  Auckland New Zealand Read my reviews (12)
5 1-08-2013

Have you got an annoying problem with those ridiculous Jumbo Frets? Bing boom not anymore you don't. Its just that easy. Pick the correct radius, place your guitar on a level stable surface and support the neck and grind away until those railroad ties are down to a manageable level. Then mask off the board, and polish with steel wool. At least that's what i did with a guitar i got on clearance which had, quite literally, NO - NONE - NADA - 0 fret work at all. I'm not exaggerating. They pressed the frets into the neck and then shipped it out. The ends were like barbed wire and the tops of the frets must have been 3/16" off the board. Now its fine. I'm going to buy every single radius block Stew Mac sells plus all the 4 inch ones too.

Blackplates  Aberdeen Md. Read my reviews (14)
5 1-05-2013

Great Product for Leveling Frets in the Right Radius.

Matan  Dimona, ISR Read my reviews (5)
5 1-03-2013
Works Well

I use my 14-inch radius block a lot and am very happy with it.

Adams Guitars  Wisconsin Read my reviews (20)
4 12-29-2012
Fast and accurate

I think that these ones are the easiest way to fix a uniform radius with great accuracy. I find it a little difficult to achieve a uniform radius from plane wood. I didn't used any of them for compound radius. I wish only that the aluminum beams were cheaper.

sofislele  Athens, Greece Read my reviews (8)
5 11-09-2012

As an amateur guitar builder I can't think in a easiest and more precise way to give the curvature to a neck. really nice!

StringsFromHell  Chile Read my reviews (3)
5 10-26-2012
Wooden block

Really comfortable and easy to work with. fast and accurate.

Mark Davis  Canada Read my reviews (4)
4 10-22-2012
Nicely made

I decided to get one of these as they were cheaper than one of the 16" flat fret leveling bars. The block worked well, I attached double sided tape and cut a piece of wet and dry to the right size. (However in retrospect I should have gotten the flat bar as I now have 2 guitars of different radii that need leveling. My fault, not the products.) For their purpose, these work well.

FDS  Australia
5 10-10-2012
Great Product

Really comfortable and easy to work with.

Gil Solomon  Israel Read my reviews (11)
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