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Endpin Jack Reamer

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This machined steel 2-step reamer is made specifically for enlarging a guitar endpin hole to accept a 15/32" or 1/2"-diameter endpin jack.

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Endpin Jack Reamer
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4323 Endpin Jack Reamer Yes

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It won't chip the finish, and it's semi-fluted to help keep the hole round.

The 3/8" shank can be chucked in a hand drill for slow reaming. The upper 1" cutting length is 1/2" diameter; the 1" center section is 15/32" diameter, and the lower 2-5/8" section has a standard 5-degree endpin taper to 1/4".

Installing an endpin jack
Installing an endpin jack without hurting the guitar
Installing an endpin jack Read more

In this issue:
Ever have trouble installing an endpin jack? Did you chip the guitar’s finish, or drill the hole out-of-square? Did you goof up on a customer’s guitar? You'll want to read this week’s Trade Secret from Dan Erlewine.

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Endpin Jack Reamer
Endpin Jack Reamer
5 out of 5 stars
Based on 24 ratings Write a Review
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5 9-16-2013
First time with confidence.

I purchased a L. R. Baggs "Lyric" to install into my Martin, Eric Clapton, 000-EC. I discovered the necessity of changing the endpin diameter. I always look to Stew Mac for assistance with any guitar related project. Sure enough not only was a specific tool available but instructions on how best to use it. Yes the price is high but when I received it and saw the quality I felt better. When I picked up one of favorite guitars and used it then I really didn't have any complaints as my Martin had been reamed without any damage! Thanks Dan for another awesome solution to an project problem. (By the way, the end result sounds fantastic!)

Rob Gundry  Orrville, Ohio
5 4-24-2013
Many other use besides endpin jacks

If you need a reamer for fitting endpins or endpin jacks, this is it. It may seem expensive for a reamer, but I was using a repairman's reamer before this and that reamer cuts very wild/jagged holes because the cutter would dig in so deep. The semi fluted design means this reamer will cut wood very well... You can also use it for enlarging tuner holes to fit those 10mm tuners, or even use it to enlarge holes on the guitar body to accept CTS pots... Like others have said a hole or a flat on the shank would be nice, because this reamer cuts very fast, so if you aren't doing just endpin jacks it's very easy to make the hole too large.

Tai Fu  Taiwan Read my reviews (20)
Customer supplied image for review
5 3-05-2013
Tuners too - safe and fast

Don't do the clumsy hand reamer for tuners - this one does it in seconds - just be sure you mark your depth with a piece of tape.

GM Reszel  Midwest Read my reviews (6)
5 10-08-2012
Reaming is a breeze

As the owner of a small music store, I have been using drill bits to ream out the hole for an end pin jack. I don't know how I lived without it. I just chucked into a 3/8 cordless drill and in less than 5 minites I had the perfect hole for the end pin jack.

oldguy  Fort Qu'appelle SK, Canada
4 10-04-2012
The ONLY tool that works.

I didn't want to damage the finish of my baby, a Guild D-40, and experimented with other tools and found nothing that wouldn't cause some damage around the edge of an endpin hole. Reluctantly, I ponied up the price for this exhorbantly costly drill bit as a last resort.

It works. What else can I say? A nice, clean, smooth hole with absolutely no damage to the finish of my baby. If it wasn't so expensive I'd give it 5 stars, but it is worth the price anyway.

sbuntrock  Buchanan Dam, TX Read my reviews (3)
5 5-29-2012
Works Perfectly

Like the other reviews: It seems like a lot of money, but the results you get and the piece of mind knowing that there won't be any kind of damage around the the hole is great!

Middleton Guitars  Southern California Read my reviews (51)
5 4-20-2012
what a great piece of kit!

I've only just replaced one of these that I've for something like 20 years. it made a vast number of holes in various instruments and served me brilliantly. it was a great pleasure to get a brand new one after all these years and find that it's exactly the same as the old one! well done, guys! it wasn't broke and you didn't fix it ....... :-)

Andybanjo  UK Read my reviews (13)
5 3-17-2012
Amazing End Pin Reamer

WOW, talk about getting the right tool for the job. After using this on two guitars, I can't imagine doing it any other way. The tapered reamer and then the straight part is so perfect. Very professional.

Ryan Schultz  Aurora, IL
5 12-17-2011
Essential Tool!

Makes installing end pin jacks a piece of worry free cake!

Wilmer Gingerich  Jamesport MO Read my reviews (76)
5 10-09-2011
Endpin Jack Reamer

This is truly a great product ensuring a safe way of installing an endpin jack.
Especially when working on expensive guitars!
Great design!

Mark Tonelli  Australia Read my reviews (2)
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