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Bridge Pin Hole Reamer

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Accurate holes for a better fit! Our special wooden-handled steel reamers properly taper the holes for bridge pins or endpins.

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Bridge Pin Hole Reamer
  Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
3227 3-degree angle Yes

3229 5-degree angle Yes

3230 Set of 2 SAVE $5.70 Yes

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Sold individually or SAVE when you buy the set of both reamers.

These reamers are semi-fluted, to help keep the holes round, and are available in two sizes.

The 3-degree reamer tapers from approximately .312" to .150", with 3" cutting length, and is suitable for many bridge pins from Gibson and Gurian.

The 5-degree reamer tapers from approximately .312" to .135", with 2" cutting length. It works for our vintage-style pins, as well as modern Martin bridge pins.

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Bridge Pin Hole Reamer
Bridge Pin Hole Reamer
5 out of 5 stars
Based on 22 ratings Write a Review
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5 2-07-2014
Bang for the buck

These puppies had to go through 20ga 304 stainless over 1/4" of their length, still sharp & did an amazing job. Better than any reamer I would have gotten at a normal metal working tool supplier.

Chris R  Qu├ębec, Canada Read my reviews (6)
5 10-17-2013
A good value

These reamers are very well made, cut wood and nonferrous metals for years of normal use, and keep the holes round. Check out prices for taper reamers at industrial supply stores for an idea of what quality cutting tools cost. Go slow, they're sharp.

ap  Mississippi Read my reviews (6)
5 8-25-2013
Expensive, but you only need one

Thought long and hard before buying one of these. There are cheaper options out there but to my mind they are no where near as good. This does what it says it does and it does it very well. You might not use it every day but when you do need it you know it will do what you want it to. Highly recommended piece of kit.

StevieB  Essex, England Read my reviews (5)
5 1-22-2013
Expensive but good

I expect speciality tools to be expensive after all Joe Bloggs is not likely to require one of these! Its a top quality tool designed to do one specific task which it does very well indeed

Richard Turner  Old Tupton U.K. Read my reviews (2)
4 12-08-2012
Bridge Pin Reamer

Simple but quality tool. I have searched for a tapered reamer for a while and found the taper was loose. This reamer is a tight 5 degrees but you have to practice a bit to get the feel of this sharp tool.

Griggles  Calgary Read my reviews (11)
5 10-11-2012
5 degree pin hole reamer

I have the 5 degree reamer, works great for my guitars, a nice tight fit.

GavinB  Perth, Australia Read my reviews (26)
5 10-06-2012
bridge pin reamer

just about to purchase these but a tip for users. put some masking tape around the reamer to act as a measuring marker. this will enable you to control how far down the reamer goes into the hole and definitely stops you going too far. just move the tape in very small increments till you get to the correct depth. once you have done this for one pin then you can use that position of the tape for all the others knowing they will be the same. to be even safer do this on a separate piece of wood then you will be set and accurate.

andylfingers  Canada
5 8-07-2012
Precision Tools

I tried a hardware store reamer which made octagonal holes. So I purchased the 3 and 5 degree reamers which produce round holes with the correct taper. My bridge pins fit perfectly. No danger of buzzes or rattles now. I also checked my references and discovered that they all used these reamers.

James Murphy  Plymouth England Read my reviews (12)
Customer supplied image for review
5 5-16-2012
Cuts smooth

Like other reviews. This is over-priced, but as for function: This performs great!

Middleton Guitars  Southern California Read my reviews (51)
5 5-11-2012
Bridge pin reamer

I don't write a lot of reviews, but I discovered a couple of techniques which may be of some value to others, so here goes... first, this reamer was a little pricey. The five stars are for how well it works, not the price. That said... I read others' warnings about going too fast and finding out the hole is now oversized. I can't emphasize the importance of this enough. So try this - loosely place the reamer in the hole and start turning it, letting the presence and weight of the tool do the work. You may find you have to add a little force to it, but try this first and see if it works. I did this on a bridge re-glue and it worked well, without using any force at all. Second, if you find out that you've gone a little too far, and you should be checking the fit OFTEN, wet a Q-tip and run it into the hole a couple of times. The wood will absorb a little moisture and swell - when it dries, you might have regained a snug fit. I did. Pretty lengthy review for the first time!

Don Shreffler  Council Bluffs, Iowa
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