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String Action Gauge

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Fast, accurate measurements for setups. Our String Action Gauge is a "Swiss Army Ruler" for setup adjustments on any stringed instrument.

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String Action Gauge

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This pocket-size stainless steel rule has become a luthier's favorite in busy shops. It's the best way yet to get vital measurements on acoustic and electric instruments.
• String height
• Bridge saddle height
• Saddle slot depth
• Fret slot depth (unbound fingerboards)
• Nut height
• Pickup polepiece height

No more "three-and-a-half-64ths or 3/32" plus one of those little lines." This gauge measures in ways that regular rulers can't. —Dan Erlewine

Developed here at Stewart-MacDonald by Dan Erlewine and Don MacRostie, the gauge features a progressive string height scale: simply slide it across the frets and read the measurement under the string. It's faster to use than any ruler, and stays parallel to the fingerboard—much easier than trying to hold a ruler perpendicular to a rounded fret. The string height markers are graduated from .010" to .140" on the inch model, and from 0.25mm to 3.50mm on the metric version.

The back of the gauge has a time-saving fractional/decimal/metric conversion chart.

The String Action Gauge is made of durable stainless steel with precision-etched markings, and fits right in your pocket.

Tip: You can use the gauge to set router depth, instead of a shop ruler. It sits solidly on your router base, with the scale right where you need it.

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 Ratings and reviews
String Action Gauge
String Action Gauge
5 out of 5 stars
Based on 178 ratings Write a Review
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5 5-16-2013
Great Tool

I could not find something (like this) in Germany!

Wilhelm  Berlin, Germany
5 5-03-2013
Like me... you might have thought your ruler is good enough...

One day I took the time to measure my ruler with a verneer caliper and discovered that it was extremely inaccurate for measuring string height. So I finally splurged and bought this tool. IT'S AMAZING! I DON'T KNOW HOW I LIVED WITHOUT IT. Not only is it accurate, it's soooooo thoughtfully designed, and user friendly that it improves my productivity noticeably! This tool paid for itself many times over the first time I used it!

Jedidiah Guitars  Canada Read my reviews (3)
5 4-24-2013
String Action Gauge...

This is a very useful tool to use, prior to setting the under-string radius at the bridge. I use this as a starting point when setting up the height of both E strings, then use the string gauge radius tool to adjust the A,D,G,B strings accordingly... I always fine tune after the height and radius have been set... I would highly recommend this tool, especially if you are doing a lot of set ups...

DaVinci Luthiers  Oakville, Ontario, Canada Read my reviews (3)
5 4-10-2013
Even better!

I've always had my awesome basses (Fodera & MTD) in top notch playing condition, but when I checked them with the Stewart-MacDonald String Action Gauge I found slight discrepancies between the different strings (I play 6-string fretless basses and they are highly sensitive). I adjusted the strings to better match each other and I couldn't believe how much difference it makes in the feel of the instruments. They play EVEN better now. I highly, highly, highly recommended this item for players who set up their own instruments.

Patrick Pfeiffer  New York City, NY
Customer supplied image for review
5 4-01-2013

Must have tool and that's all I can say.

n17r0uS  Almaty, KZ Read my reviews (23)
5 3-31-2013
A Nifty Tool!

Because of this tool I don't dread doing a full set up of my guitar anymore!

DJB  USA Read my reviews (4)
5 3-18-2013
A must have

This is one of the tools I use the most. Great value, and highly recommended.

Tim Skau  Norway Read my reviews (17)
5 3-10-2013
Best thing since sliced bread - OK, actually better!

I've always sort of 'eyeballed' my string action. And i always ended up with a lot of buzzing because i got it too low or aching fingers because i got it too high. For the first time since I've been playing guitar and doing my own adjustments i got it right the first time. I found some 'suggested' string heights for my Strat and with the combination of the String Action Guide and the Under String Radius Gauges my Strat is playing like I never believed possible. If you're gonna do your own setups - you NEED this handy little tool. If you have a Fender guitar you also need the understring radius guides to help you set the bridge pieces - but that's another review entirely. These guys at StewMac think of EVERYTHING!!

Frank Levine  Los Angeles, CA Read my reviews (2)
5 3-07-2013
Easy action check!

Thanks a million. After 40-odd years of fiddling with feeler gauges and rulers stood on end etc you have simplified my measuring of string action. Coulda done with thinkers like you guys many years ago! Congratulations.

Lennie  Madrid, Spain
5 2-27-2013

This little tool makes setting up any guitar a piece of cake. The conversion table on the back is a lifesaver. Indispensable!

Sea Level Sound  Portsmouth, RI Read my reviews (5)
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