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Basic Setup Kit

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  • String action gauge
  • Understring radius gauges
  • Precision straightedge
  • FREE guitar setup instructions

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Basic Setup Kit

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Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
3910 With inch String Action Gauge SAVE $4.90 Yes

3910-M With metric String Action Gauge SAVE $4.90 5-7 days

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Make any guitar play better!
We're often asked to recommend "must-have" tools for setting up acoustic and electric guitars. We've made it easy—the Basic Setup Kit includes our most popular setup tools. These are the same super-accurate, high quality steel setup tools that professional repair shops depend on.


String Action Gauge The fastest way to measure the height of strings, nuts, saddles and pickup polepieces. Designed for stringed instrument work, it's much faster to use than any ruler.

18" Precision Straightedge Machined for fanatic accuracy (to ±.0015" per foot)! Use it to check neck relief and evaluate truss rod adjustments.

Understring Radius Gauges A big help for matching bridge saddle heights to the fretboard curvature, for easier playability. Accurately laser-cut from stainless steel, the set includes 9 different fretboard radii.

Truss rod adjustment is an important part of guitar setup, too.
Our Truss Rod Wrench Set has the tool you need.

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 Ratings and reviews
Basic Setup Kit
Basic Setup Kit
5 out of 5 stars
Based on 97 ratings Write a Review
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5 2-25-2012
Very handy indeed!

After decades of setting up my and my friends' guitars by feel and sight, this makes (setting-up)life a lot easier and faster and better! I'll be back for more handy tools!

Bastiaan ☆  Australia
4 1-11-2012
Basic Kit

Very useful - but it should include the fret rocker

Bob Rumble  England Read my reviews (2)
Customer supplied image for review
5 1-08-2012
basic set up kit

basic kit. always need more tool

sing  volente texas, Read my reviews (3)
5 1-08-2012
If you dont own these, perfection is not in your tool box either.

Thats right, I said it. Anyone that plays, works on, or builds guitars NEEDS this kit. Hands down the best tools in my box. Even if your a beginner Luther, or a beginner player, make this your first purchase and you will thank yourself over and over again.

2 tools in 1, how could you go wrong  pennsylvania Read my reviews (3)
5 1-01-2012
Basic set up kit

I have been "sight adjusting" my own guitars for over 40 yrs with mediocre success. Then I purchased the "Basic Set Up Kit" from Stew-Mac. Man, what a difference!! I have now re-adjusted every guitar I own and even more for friends, and the best compliment I could ever think of getting is the one I have gotten over and over....."I just can't quit playing this guitar now. It's like recieving a brand new instrument!" Great job Stew-Mac! These tools are indespensable!!

Roadkill  Greeley, colo.
5 12-17-2011
Essential Tools!

This was my first purchase from the fine folks at Stewart MacDonald! Thanks for getting me into stringed instrument work, painlessly!

Wilmer Gingerich  Jamesport MO Read my reviews (76)
5 12-10-2011
Read this Review

These tools are a must have in every guitarists tool kit. The string height gauge makes setups extremely consistent from guitar to guitar. The directions are clear and very easy to follow. I setup my Les Pauls upon receiving the kit. And they all play virtually identical to each other now. The radius gauge got my Strat playing beautifully after I set the string height on the E strings. Stew and Mac, where were you when I was 14? Buy this kit and remember why you bought that guitar in the first place. Before you buy a pegwinder, buy this kit, seriously !

Count Itoff  Montverde, FL Read my reviews (2)
5 12-03-2011
Shop Essential

Since 1962 I've worked on guitars and since 1986 I've been operating my own set-up and repair shop. I specialize in Guitar Set Up and have a pretty good clientele of really satisfied players of all skill levels. Usually a set up from my shop takes about an hour and a half. Sure I could take less time and do less work and still get the desired result but hey, like many of you I just don't have much experience with cutting corners.

I'm past 60 years old and if there were any corners left to cut I would be knowin' 'em but there ain't none . When my Basic Setup Kit arrived I was in the midst of adjusting the relief on a fine reissue '62 Strat for one of my most talented clients. Setups which used to take an hour and a half or more have now been reduced to 45 minutes to one hour. The most amazing and useful tool I've ever had in hand is the String Action Gauge included in this kit. I rate the usefulness of this single tool above anything I've ever used in my shop. The collection of screwdrivers and hex wrenches and all my other tools are needed for sure but with the addition of this kit.

I now have tons more fun and the accuracy of my setups are now phenomenally better and are accomplished way way faster. This String Action Gauge is a Marvel and worth whatever Stew Mac wants us to pay 'cause it will pay for itself in a couple of hours! You get this Kit. Dan has one, I have one, you get a 'Basic Setup Kit" and you will be as appreciative of it as I am. Its mindblowingly Cool! It IS Truly Essential!

Fred Evans  Seattle, USA Read my reviews (2)
5 11-25-2011

Very well made and with the proper tools, you can predict your results rather than hope for them. Will be purchasing more tools over time. At least now my playing ability or lack of, cannot be blamed on a poor set-up. Great products and quality - Thanks

fender62  PARKER, CO
5 11-23-2011
Basic Setup Kit

Excellent tool set to have for checking your setup when you change string sets. Usually when swapping equal sizes there is no issue. But if you change sizes or even change material or manufacturer you need to throw an eyeball on neck curvature. The straightedge makes a pretty good personal protection device when your're not using it for precision measurements. The radius gauges stay home.

BluesStringer  Richmond Hill, GA
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