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Basic Setup Kit

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  • String action gauge
  • Understring radius gauges
  • Precision straightedge
  • FREE guitar setup instructions

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Basic Setup Kit

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Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
3910 With inch String Action Gauge SAVE $4.90 Yes

3910-M With metric String Action Gauge SAVE $4.90 2-3 weeks

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We're often asked to recommend "must-have" tools for setting up acoustic and electric guitars. We've made it easy—the Basic Setup Kit includes our most popular setup tools. These are the same super-accurate, high quality steel setup tools that professional repair shops depend on.


String Action Gauge The fastest way to measure the height of strings, nuts, saddles and pickup polepieces. Designed for stringed instrument work, it's much faster to use than any ruler.

18" Precision Straightedge Machined for fanatic accuracy (to ±.0015" per foot)! Use it to check neck relief and evaluate truss rod adjustments.

Understring Radius Gauges A big help for matching bridge saddle heights to the fretboard curvature, for easier playability. Accurately laser-cut from stainless steel, the set includes 9 different fretboard radii.

Truss rod adjustment is an important part of guitar setup, too.
Our Truss Rod Wrench Set has the tool you need.

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 Ratings and reviews
Basic Setup Kit
Basic Setup Kit
5 out of 5 stars
Based on 97 ratings Write a Review
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5 6-07-2012
Helped me at once

Once i got this kit, it was very helpful for my fretless bass setup. The understring radius gauges are very helpful. I have used this on 3 basses, and it is very helpful. The quality is also very good.

Tim Skau  Norway Read my reviews (17)
5 5-31-2012
start with the best

all products and support has been first class

marion  mt jackson va 22842 Read my reviews (2)
Customer supplied image for review
5 5-31-2012
basic set up kit

when you play everynight you need to know how to set up your guitar. very important tool.

sonny masa  maui hawaaii Read my reviews (2)
4 5-06-2012
Basic Setup Kit

I ordered this kit so I could check the setup, and do a basic setup, on my guitars without having to take them in and leave them for a couple of weeks at a time. It's a good quality and well made set of tools, and it came with a basic (generic) instruction sheet on how to use the tools.

cangtrst  Canada Read my reviews (2)
5 4-20-2012
Peace of Mind

This kit gave me the confidence to adjust my own truss rods without fear. Knowing that I have an accurate straight edge gave me the peace of mind I needed. The string action and radius gauges take the guess work out of string height adjustments. No regrets buying this kit.

dfarness  Bakersfield, CA
5 3-31-2012
Bill Stewart on Basic Setup Kit

Keeps my 3 guitars in tiptop condition and saves me trips to the luthier.Also, when I purchase from Stumac, delivery is just as fast as it would be from Australia.

Bill Stewart  Australia
5 3-19-2012
Instant set up improvement

These easy to use tools immediately helped me to identify set up problems and quickly make adjustments. The 18" straight edge worked well on guitars and basses. The String Action gauge made it amazingly easy to check action- I was shocked at how easy it is to see the height markings. I will be getting the metric gauge soon for my German Basses. The radius gauges quickly let me see that my A string on one bass was too high: this was difficult for me to see without the gauge. Highly recommended!

S. Powell  Dallas, TX
5 3-14-2012
basic setup kit

Awesome - the straight edge and the string height gauge are very useful. the radius gauges make it much easier to check the radius.

Daneel van Eck  South Africa Read my reviews (2)
5 3-09-2012
Great Buy!

It is amazing how much easier it is to adjust your guitar when you can actually SEE the change in measurments rather than just eyeballing it. I should have bought this years ago. Anyone who has ever adjusted a single screw on their guitar would be doing themselves a favor by purchasing this kit.

J Greagor  Seattle, WA
5 3-09-2012
Great Gift

The Giftee was really please with the Basic Setup Kit,

DBBII  DC Read my reviews (3)
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