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Erlewine Neck Jig

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A revolution in fret work. The precision string tension simulator that takes the guesswork out of fretwork and fingerboard leveling.

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Erlewine Neck Jig
Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
5252 Erlewine Neck Jig Yes

5392 Erlewine Neck Jig, ShopStand, and Angle Vise SAVE $51.25 Yes

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Invented and refined through years of fret work for demanding players, the Neck Jig has become a valuable asset in busy repair shops. It's the reason why they're performing more accurate (and more profitable) fret jobs than ever before.

Dan Erlewine developed the Neck Jig from a breakthrough idea: simulate normal string tension when the strings are removed.

Now you can perform your fretting and fingerboard leveling with no unpleasant surprises when the instrument is restrung.

No more guessing: your work is performed under playing conditions, for the most accurate fretting and fingerboard leveling possible.

The Neck Jig's dial indicators, peghead tensioner and peghead jack let you precisely simulate normal string tension, including the effect of the truss rod adjustment inside the neck. You can even tilt the Jig to simulate the effects of the guitar's playing position.

The Neck Jig holds guitar or bass bodies on height-adjustable swivel-top levelers. Heights for popular instruments are conveniently printed on the Jig platform. The Jig includes band clamps, dial indicators, jig rods, peghead tensioner, peghead jack, swivel-top levelers, body support slats, a sturdy ash beam with wooden platform, and illustrated instructions to get you started.

BONUS: Our DVD Using The Erlewine Neck Jig is included FREE! Dan demonstrates the Neck Jig in actual fretting work. 30 minutes.

Combine the Neck Jig, with the ShopStand and our Angle Vise and you'll get the ideal hands-free setup to make your work easier and more accessible. The #5392 set includes all of these tools, and you'll get a money-saving discount when they are bought together!

See the online video for the Shopstand
Dan Erlewine shows how his ShopStand replaces a workbench for guitar repair. The Neck Jig and the Angle Vise are a perfect fit.
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 Ratings and reviews
Erlewine Neck Jig
Erlewine Neck Jig
4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 30 ratings Write a Review
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5 4-14-2013
Erlewine neck jig

Very well constructed. Makes guitar set ups a breeze!

gregf  michigan Read my reviews (13)
5 4-13-2013
Great Shop Tool!

I found this Jig to be a great "Luxury" item in the shop. If you really want to get accurate with fretwork, this rocks! It does take a bit of getting used to for sure. There is a bit of a learning curve in getting a guitar to sit level and straight on the board, and getting the neck to be straight/level on the beam and at the right height. I would imagine that with a bit of usage and experience, adjusting the dial indicator heights and guitar leveling will become easier. Those offset dial indicator bolts are a pain to adjust. The guitar alignment moves out a bit as you are tightening down the ratchet straps so you need to always check the neck/guitar position as you secure the guitar. Once the guitar is positioned and secured, it works great. Two main complaints: 1. It would be nice if the offset dial indicator bolts were made easier to adjust (some sort of threaded inserts). 2. Would be nice if the jig had a coating of varnish on it just to make it look a little more finished and improve durability though! Cheers!

Rockin' Mike Burton  Canada Read my reviews (22)
5 4-10-2013
Excellent Support

Very accurate results can be achieved with this tool. I'm actually bending this neck convex for awhile to reverse some bad warping before inlays and frets. We should have had these years ago! Only problem was one of my dial indicators froze up. but they replaced it no charge. Stew Mac treats their customers right.

All Guitar Repair  Katy, Texas 77449
Customer supplied image for review
4 1-24-2013
great concept only fair execution

I got this jig several months ago, finally got to using it after having moderately poor results without simulating string tension. I have now done fret leveling of an electric fingerboard and redone an steel string acoustic one with a hump at the join. Boy, does it ever get the fingerboard flat. Yay. However, regarding QC, I have had trouble with the neck supports not fitting their bushings, the pads falling off the body support jacks. The straps being hard as heck to get to release. The finish sanding could be better. The wood used is good. The dial indicators seem high quality. BUT, barring all this, this jig is just the ticket. I have been told "aw you don't need that" Well, I disagree. If you have the $$$ get it. I can now level a fingerboard repeatedly and consistently with the same exact procedure and effort. Yay again. Stew mac will support you if you have any problems with it.

Michael Ryan  tucson Read my reviews (2)
5 8-16-2012
Obvious StewMac listens to their customers

A well made and finished tool. I read the reviews and was pleased to see the complaints addressed and fixed in this current issue. I am a master machinist with four decades of building everything from NASA Spacecraft to Nuclear Submarines so I know something about quality. This a worth every bit of the price.

Bobby Wonder  Austin, TX Read my reviews (3)
5 7-06-2012
Great tools

Great for fret leveling, and to straighten twisted necks. Thanks a lot

Gusty  Ro Read my reviews (91)
5 6-15-2012
Love the Neck Jig

This along with Dan's Dvd's illustrating its use will open up all kinds of new possibilities in neck alignment and fretting

Scott McMillin  memphis, tn Read my reviews (4)
5 4-20-2012
What a tool !

I've just done my first fret levelling job with this tool.... Really easy to use...i don't know how i could have done without for years!! I think STEWART MACDONALD'S should just improve the way the dialers are fixed...The DVD given with is really fine but please for the foreign customers put subtitles on Dan DVD,(in english at least, cause it's easy to understand by reading explainations, but also french and german for example) Everyone should buy this tool!

Luthier du dimanche  La Bridoire - France Read my reviews (11)
Customer supplied image for review
3 2-12-2012
Works well but.....

This thing works as advertised but the build quality of the jig itself is pretty bad. Holes pre-drilled on mine were not complete and the holes that were there had blowouts. The amount of work that it takes to make this not harmful to guitar finishes is ridiculous. The included video even shows you how to soften the edges on the neck rods and Dan himself uses leather (not included...)on some parts. I think for the amount of money this costs, perhaps Stew-Mac could make it a little nicer AND ready to go. I used a version of this at the Galloup School of Lutherie that worked much better than this and would have cost much less to build. It's only saving grace is that after much tweaking it does work as advertised and customers seem to be impressed by it. My fret dresses and fret jobs are rocking but I expect more for a tool at this price point. Come on Stew-Mac! Step it up!

Thom Abell-String Theory Guitar Repair  Mount Juliet, TN Read my reviews (20)
4 1-04-2012
Neck Jig

I shamelessly copied Dan's invention several years ago and have used it ever since. The accuracy it affords cannot be achieved without it (my opinion).So with a few extra bucks I pulled the trigger on the Stew-Mac jig. It works well and I'm glad I have it. To get flawless playability you need this jig. My only reason for giving it four stars is the dial mounting system. That seems to be a fairly common concern with this jig. Let's R&D it and offer Stew-Mac some solutions. Thank you Dan for designing a tool that provides spot on accuracy.

Bob Littrell-Cardona Custom Guitars  Springfield, Illinois Read my reviews (9)
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