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Depth-stop Drill Bits

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Stop breaking off small screws! When that little tuner mounting screw breaks off, you'll wish you'd used the right size drill bit!

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Depth-stop Drill Bits

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Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
1717 Complete set of 7 SAVE $2.10 Yes

1710 1/16" / .063" / 1.59mm Yes

1711 No.50 / .070" / 1.78mm Yes

1712 5/64" / .078" / 1.98mm Yes

1713 No.44 / .086" / 2.18mm Yes

1714 3/32" / .094" / 2.39mm Yes

1715 No.38 / .101" / 2.57mm Yes

1716 7/64" / .109" / 2.77mm Yes

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Here's a versatile 7-piece mini bit set for avoiding catastrophes when you're installing tuners, pickguards, string trees, truss rod covers, pickup rings, and more. The closely spaced sizes let you choose exactly the right bit, a must for installing diabolically small screws in hardwoods such as maple, ebony and rosewood. As a bonus, each bit is color-coded with a handy movable plastic depth stop (you don't want to accidentally drill completely through your peghead, do you?)

SAVE when you order the complete set of 7

Here's a tip from our R&D luthiers:
If a depth stop sleeve loosens over time, remove it and put a little #10 thin super glue inside. Turn the sleeve to coat the inside evenly and tighten the inside diameter. Not too much glue—don't clog the sleeve. Apply a little paste wax to the bit and push it through the sleeve. You can spray a dash of super glue accelerator for a faster glue cure. The depth stop will fit like new again!

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Depth-stop Drill Bits
Depth-stop Drill Bits
3.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 17 ratings Write a Review
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5 4-16-2014
Really useful

First of all I'd like to congratulate you (again), for the excellent service! The depth-stop drill bits work fine and, though a simple idea, great execution. Pity it is not made for bigger bits...

Salvador  Tarragona, Spain Read my reviews (5)
1 3-26-2014
Waste of time and money

Basically the plastic sleeves are loose - very loose. So, you have to hold them in place with bits of tape. But hang on, that's why I bought these drills in the first place; to save me having to mess about using strips of sticky tape as a depth gauge? I already have all of these drill sizes, it was just the 'trick' convenience thing of just setting the plastic sleeve depth that sold me on them. But the sleeves are loose, they don't work...

stever  Ruegely England Read my reviews (4)
4 3-13-2014
Depth stop bits

Handy tools to have around the shop. So far I have not had any problem with them and they work like they are suppose to - may be a little on the high price side, but I am glad that I have them in my arsenal.

truefret  Milton, WI Read my reviews (15)
5 10-04-2013
Not just for guitars

Sharp cutting edges, plastic sleeve is very helpful for depth control, simple to use. I use mine in a battery screwdriver, hand powered drill & a modeling hand drill (small handle & chuck).

Chuchuchip  Queens,NY Read my reviews (5)
5 8-28-2013
Depth stop drill bits

What a great idea. I recently drilled a hole threw the headstock of a tele guitar tring to install a string guide. Never again with this product....5 stars!

Cam Atkinson  Ontario, Canada
4 7-27-2013
Vraiment utile

Très bon kit avec une bonne variété de grandeur. Un peu cher, mais cela permet de bien ajuster la profondeur de percement. J'avais absolument de besoin de la mèche #38, alors j'en ai profiter pour toute les acheter.

Markdee  Granby, Qc, Canada Read my reviews (3)
5 3-08-2013
Very useful

These are made for assembling guitars and repairing ... high quality and just the right sizes

mikrow  Huntington Beach, CA Read my reviews (34)
5 2-28-2013
Forest Gump told me how to do it

Fellers: Use the chuck to determine the position of the collar and amount of exposed bit. You can quickly set to any depth and it's 100% positive without tape or glue. Easy as chicken pot pie.

Scott at GroveGuitars  Cincinnati, OH Read my reviews (3)
1 1-18-2013

The sleeve is so loose it needs tape to hold. I bought these not to use tape in the first place. Waste of time and money. Save yours.

kilphody  NY Read my reviews (15)
1 1-14-2013
Half baked idea that needs fixing

First of all, I'm not over impressed with this product in that

1) the stoppers slide off the drill bit too easily when pulling out the drill from the object being drilled.

2) it would take the guessing out of choosing which drill bit to use by engraving the size of the drill bit in white on the sides of the depth stop sleeves

3) What drill bit is 'recommended for use' on which holes to drill on the guitar or bass unknown.

Solution: why don't you include a card with this product that shows what color each drill bit size is, AS WELL as its recommended use on the guitar or bass, find a way to afix the collar on the drill bit more firmly.

TommyGuitars  Osaka, Japan Read my reviews (25)
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