Fret Scale Rule

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Fret Scale Rule Gibson guitar rule

Gibson guitar rule

Item # 0800
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Fret Scale Rule Fender / PRS / classical rule

Fender / PRS / classical rule

Item # 0801
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Fret Scale Rule Martin / mandolin / banjo rule

Martin / mandolin / banjo rule

Item # 0802
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 Fret Scale Rule, Set of 3

Fret Scale Rule, Set of 3

Item # 0806
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Fret Scale Rule

About This Item

Determine fret spacings and layout fretboards accurately.
"Before working on any vintage guitar, I always check fret accuracy with these rules."—Dan Erlewine

Our accurate, high quality 22" x 1-1/4" x .030" rules, crafted of durable stainless steel for years of service in professional repair shops. Each rule has four different fret scales, and features precisely etched, easy-to-read markings on both sides.

    #0800 Gibson guitar rule
  • 24.562" Gibson (24-9/16")
  • 24.625" Gibson (24-5/8")
  • 24.750" Gibson (24-3/4")
  • 25.300" Gibson long

This rule includes Gibson's long scale and three shorter Gibson scales. The three shorter scales are different lengths, but over the years Gibson has referred to all of them as 24-3/4". For more detailed information, see

    #0801 Fender / PRS / classical rule
  • 25.5" Fender
  • 25" PRS / Dobro® / National™ / Benedetto
  • 650mm classical
  • 660mm classical
    #0802 Martin / mandolin / banjo rule
  • 24.900" Martin short
  • 25.340" Martin long*
  • 13-7/8" mandolin
  • 26-3/16" banjo

*Martin long scale: The scale used on Martin Dreadnoughts is commonly referred to as 25.4" but is actually 25.34".


Product Instructions

Scale Length Explained

Finding your scale length, how it affects tone, and more.

Product Instructions

Fret Scale Rule Instructions

Tips for using our fret scale rules for building and repairing guitars, mandolins, and banjos.

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Money Well Spent

(Customer's Reviews)

Very convenient to have this to hand when marking for frets. A+++



(Customer's Reviews)

very well made and clear markings. I live in the UK and Stewmac is the only place I can get a classical guitar fret scale rule so I am really please it is a top notch product at a fair price


Great time saver

(Customer's Reviews)

Well made and a great time saver. A+

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