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Man-made ivory from Graph Tech! Available in convenient ready-made shapes and sizes, TUSQ® nuts are preferred by many guitarmakers for rich tone and sustain.

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For Fender® guitars and basses
Profiles Item# Description
Length x height x thickness
In stock Price Quantity
TUSQ Nuts  4750  Slotted
1-3/8" (35.05mm) string spread
1-3/4" x 3/16" x 1/8"
(44.45mm x 4.45mm x 3.12mm)
7-1/4" (184.15mm) top and bottom radius
6 or more $6.99  
12 or more $6.29  

TUSQ Nuts  1883  Slotted for guitar
1-3/8" (35.05mm) string spread
1-3/4" x 1/4" x 1/8"
(44.07mm x 6.14mm x 3.40mm)
7-1/4" (184.15mm) top radius; flat bottom
6 or more $6.99  
12 or more $6.29  

For Gibson® guitars
Profiles Item# Description
Length x height x thickness
In stock Price Quantity
TUSQ Nuts  1885  Slotted
1-7/16" (36.20mm) string spread
1-3/4" x 11/32" x 3/16"
(44.07mm x 8.36mm x 4.98mm)
16" (406.40mm) top radius
6 or more $6.99  
12 or more $6.29  

For Epiphone® guitars
Profiles Item# Description
Length x height x thickness
In stock Price Quantity
TUSQ Nuts  1874  Slotted
1-3/8" (34.70mm) string spread
1-3/4" x 3/8" x 1/4"
(43.99mm x 9.19mm x 6.14mm)
14" (355.60mm) top radius
6 or more $6.99  
12 or more $6.29  

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TUSQ is an advanced polymer that's formed under high heat and pressure for uniform density. It's designed to transfer string energy more efficiently, to make guitars come alive with enhanced harmonics, volume and sustain. Final trimming required.

"TUSQ nuts and saddles have improved the sustain and clarity of our guitars. We now use them on all models." —Bob Taylor, Taylor Guitars

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 Ratings and reviews
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Based on 32 ratings Write a Review
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4 4-22-2014
Good Nut

Sounds good, but looks like cheap plastic!

psaltis john  greece Read my reviews (6)
5 4-02-2014
Good Choice

The best. Better than bone in my opinion. Stumac is excellent on shipping and customer service. Highly recommended.

Good Choice  Beaumont Texas
3 2-19-2014
It's basically plastic

I can't say I like it. I shape nuts/saddle on a belt sander and this stuff like all plastics tend to melt and stick to the material. Also the tone isn't so good according to a customer. It sounds, feels, and cuts just like plastic, even if it is slightly better than the cheap plastic nut/saddles found on cheap guitars. I'm definitely going to stick with bone. It's cheap, plentiful, takes a beautiful polish, and it sounds great.

Tai Fu  Taiwan Read my reviews (20)
5 11-10-2013
Tusq Nut on My Douglas ...

I never use the whammy on my Douglas, and the metal clamp was cutting high E strings, so, I replaced the metal nut with a Tusq one and I shaped a small Ebony piece to pinch the new nut. Works like charm now.

H Johansen  Calgary, Canada Read my reviews (2)
Customer supplied image for review
2 11-01-2013
nice but ...

String spacing is fine, and it only require minimal shaping, but the slots were cut too deep so there was string buzz on the b and e strings. Maple shim did the job though.

john dough  nj
3 10-20-2013
Good, but be careful!

These nuts seem pretty decent compared to the quality of stock nuts on Les Pauls. However, the slots are cut much deeper on these and the nut itself is the same height as the stock nut. What I found was that these will not work without shimming, and that kind of defeats the purpose of using a nut like this. A better choice are the pre-slotted bone nuts. The slots are not cut as deep and the nut is taller, so you have some room for trimming to the correct height.

Dave Dobson  Holmen WI Read my reviews (4)
5 9-12-2013
Best synthetic nut out there

I have used Tusq nuts almost exclusively since I first tried them, but up until now I have ordered only the pre-shaped, pre-slotted versions for strats. This was my first crack at filing a Tusq nut and it was a pleasant one. It works well with the filing tools I already have and now I have a genuine intonation-friendly Tusq nut on a Les Paul!

Terence  Missouri Read my reviews (15)
4 8-23-2013
Good nut

I like tusq but you can never get an exact measurement (like most nuts) so there was a little over-hang, and was kind of bulky so I had to file a little (like all nuts). But I took too much off for it to even work. Gotta watch out for those files, some take more off then you want if you're not paying attention. But lucky for me, I had another nut handy.

theire ok  Avalon nj Read my reviews (4)
4 7-22-2013

I installed to replace a standard plastic nut. Much nicer to listen to and slippery enough to not snag the strings.

KL  Christchurch, New Zealand Read my reviews (33)
5 6-15-2013
TUSQ nut

Our worship leader had a fret buzz on the B string of his Breedlove acoustic when he played an Am chord. The slots in the original nut had worn down so the strings were too low. I replaced the original with the TUSQ #1885, which has the same string spread and similar overall dimensions.. All I had to do was sand it slightly to fit the slot and width of the neck. The strings are at the right height again and the fret buzz is gone.

RCA  Allendale, MI
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