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Nut Slotting Gauge

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A revolution in guitar setup! Precisely measures string heights, so you can cut accurate nut slots for consistent playability.

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Nut Slotting Gauge

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2003 For guitar and most instruments Yes

2006 For bass Yes

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This device that will revolutionize the way you set up a guitar.
The Nut Slotting Gauge quickly and precisely measures string heights over the first fret. When filing nut slot depths, you see your results more accurately than ever before. No more guesswork or "eyeballing" the string heights, and no more searching for elusive combinations of feeler gauges. You can custom-tailor the playability with consistent, repeatable results.

At last! A precision tool for establishing string heights!

The Nut Slotting Gauge was designed by Don MacRostie here in our R & D shop. It features an easy to read dial indicator with adjustable zero point, and it's super accurate to .001". The machined brass base fits over the strings to rest on the fingerboard, and it works with most acoustic and electric guitars, mandolins and banjos. A larger brass base is machined to fit bass string spacings. Both have gently arched bottoms to follow most any fretboard radius. Instructions are included.

The Nut Slotting Gauge is included in this money-saving set:
Nut Slotting Gauge and Neck Relief Gauge Set

Putting the new Nut Slotting Gauge to work on a "burn victim" guitar
A new nut on a "burn victim" guitar
Putting the new Nut Slotting Gauge to work on a "burn victim" guitar Read more

In this issue:
Dan Erlewine shows a before and after of a 1958 Gibson that’s (barely) survived a house fire. It needs a new nut, and he’s using the Nut Slotting Gauge to get it right the first time.

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 Ratings and reviews
Nut Slotting Gauge
Nut Slotting Gauge
4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 69 ratings Write a Review
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5 7-03-2013
Game Changer

I realized something after using this, , I HATE feeler gauges! This takes all the guess work out of the job.

Allan L.  OKC
5 6-06-2013
Getting it right the first time.

With this gauge I was able to set a brass nut to the correct groove depths. With the help of Dan Erlewine it was easier than I thought, and my fears went away!

axe fixr  Richardson (Dallas) Texas Read my reviews (10)
Customer supplied image for review
2 5-16-2013
Not quite what I expected.

The gauge works ok but there are some potential improvements that seem very obvious. 1) The gauge is marked up backwards. If the scale markings were oriented in the other direction you could simply read the dial. If you use the gauge as per instructions you have to do math in your head to arrive at the value you are measuring for. That seems silly. I have tried setting my dial to zero when the string is pressed down, which allows me to read the dial when I release the string and see the measurement value first hand. The problem with this is that it takes 3 hands to do this effectively. 2) The curvature on the bottom of the brass bass seems goofy. It makes the tool sit on most fret boards at an angle that makes it appear as if the brass block was machined incorrectly. The fact that you have to rotate the base for use on the outer or inner strings makes the angle on the foot seem like its either a bad fit or a really bad fit. A straight flat bottom seems like the best all around choice. I may machine my base to reflect this opinion. I am normally very pleased with Stew Mac tools but this particular tool seems to include unnecessary compromises that could be improved. Thanks.

old time Stew Mac customer  USA
5 5-12-2013
Love it!

This gauge made nut setup incredibly easy. More accurate than a ruler and faster than feeler gauges. My only criticism is that the brass feet will mark up your finished fingerboard a bit. I put little cork feet on it, but you could also use painters tape on each side of the first fret to prevent having to go back and polish the board again.

Beth Mayer  Tucson, AZ Read my reviews (9)
5 4-15-2013
Nut Slotting Gauge

Great tool! I used it to slot the nut, set the action, and adjust neck relief on all my guitars. It's nice to have a measurement instead of eyeballing it.

Rod Jacobs  Indianapolis, IN Read my reviews (4)
4 3-18-2013
Valuable tool

This gives me great accuracy when measuring the nut string height. I might have to do 2-3 measures for each string, mainly because of quality control. I would like to have only one tool that works with bass and guitar, That's why I only give it a 4.

Tim Skau  Norway Read my reviews (17)
5 1-23-2013

Don't even try to set your string height without this tool.

Phillip Jones  Jackson, tennessee Read my reviews (5)
4 11-22-2012
The perfect idea. Not yet perfected.

True, this does change the way you slot a nut, and provides much greater accuracy than feeler gauges or other measures. However, don't expect it to work as simply as it should. Consistently I have to take the same reading on the same string about three times to gain real accuracy. Even with that though, it is a great tool.

Congletone  Oregon Read my reviews (3)
5 11-15-2012
A neat tool, works as promised

I bought this to accurately perform set ups and also to help when I was replacing a nut on my Gibson. I probably would have been just fine without it, but I must say it is a precise and pretty instrument and works very well for it's intended purpose. It will remain as part of my arsenal to keep my guitars sounding great.

ccutter  Crescent City Cal Read my reviews (8)
5 10-19-2012
Worthy tool in any workshop

Great tool . Sits stable on fretboard , handy swivel dial and easy to use . Easy to get repeatable settings , I think the plunger is to heavy as I use it for relief and saddle heights but you need to be careful as plunger holds string lower than actual . If it had a lighter plunger it would be a perfect alround gauge
Still a worthy tool in any toolbox . To give credit it is sold as a nut slot gauge and not a jack of all gauge and with that in mind its intended purpose gets a 100%

Gregory J  Australia Read my reviews (2)
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