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Luthier's Friend Sanding Station

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Use your drill press for precise sanding! The Luthier's Friend™ turns your drill press into a simple and precise thickness sander and pattern sander.

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Luthiers Friend Sanding Station
  Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
5660 Sanding Station only Yes

5659 Sanding Station with sliding vise Yes

5661 Sliding vise only Yes

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It's the affordable way to thickness-sand wood up to 2-3/4" tall, and precisely create contoured shapes guided by your shop-made templates. Use it for freehand sanding and for precision work on veneers, bridge blanks, wood bindings, purflings, fingerboards, nuts and saddles.

Replacement abrasive sleeves sold separately.

The Sanding Station is solidly built and very stable. Clamp it to your drill press table, and connect your shop vacuum for dust-free operation. The included Robo-Sander turns on a bearing securely seated in the base of the unit, so it doesn't flex or wobble.

It's compact: simply hang it on the wall out of the way when you're not using it.

We highly recommend the optional Sliding Vise. It's just right for squaring-up small parts such as nuts and saddles. It's made to go with the Sanding Station - for easy indexing, one side of the jaws is 1/4" deep and the other is 1/2" deep. The long base permits a safe feed for thickness-sanding.

The Luthier's Friend Sanding Station includes:
Robo-Sander pattern-sanding drum (2" diameter x 3" tall) with 50-grit abrasive sleeve
Sturdy 10" x 12" x 3/4" table with micro-adjustable fence
Dust collector shroud (for your shop vacuum hose)
Extra 50, 80 and 120-grit abrasive sleeves

Replacement abrasive sleeves sold separately.

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Dan's shop-made jig creates perfectly-shaped acoustic bridges
Making a perfect bridge with the Sanding Station Read more

In this issue:
Dan Erlewine's getting fancy with his Sanding Station: with his shop-made jig, he's making better bridges than he ever has before.

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 Ratings and reviews
Luthiers Friend Sanding Station
Luthier's Friend Sanding Station
4 out of 5 stars
Based on 16 ratings Write a Review
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3 2-16-2011
Brilliant for typical use.

This is such a great device for thicknessing the face of strat style headstocks and the like. However, there isn't enough sanding height for thicknessing the rear of headstocks that have wings/sides (e.g. PRS style among many others) which would be really helpful, especially for shaping a volute at the same time.

T Copley  Australia Read my reviews (22)
5 2-09-2011
Sanding Station

I put off buying this for a long while as I wasn't sure it would do what I wanted. I was looking for a method of bringing sheet and strip wood to size cleanly after cutting on a bandsaw. I think I will use it all the time now- immediately after preparing timber on my bandsaw. I can go straight to the Sanding Sation which is permanently installed on a pillar drill and sand to finish size. The adjustable fence is very accurate and I find I'm finishing down to tenths of a millimeter measured with a vernier. I hope it bears up to a lot of use; I've only had it a few weeks but I can't see much to go wrong.

Ian Gardner  England
5 1-17-2011
Couldn't Live without it!

This tool is awesome! I HIGHLY recommend getting this sanding station. Its great for pretty much any sanding jobs. Nuts, Saddles, dowels, pickguards... you name it! I use it every day in my repair shop and couldn't go back! Great investment. Thanks again Stew Mac.

Mikes Guitar Garage  Sydney, Australia Read my reviews (10)
5 10-01-2010
Credit is due

This tool is truly amazing. After posting my review (the previous review made here) I was sent a replacement Sliding Vise free of charge (it was perfectly square this time). What's right is right, and I'm just posting to give credit where credit is due. Hats off to you Stew Mac for following up with a loyal customer. As for the tool; my idea for a sliding rail attached to the station for the vice would add stability AND consistency. But for the skilled Luthier this station is invaluable as is. Keep in mind I previously used sanding blocks to painstakingly make nuts/saddles. I feel as if it paid for itself after making 2 nuts and a saddle in record time.

Not Square  Mountain View, CA Read my reviews (9)
4 8-21-2010
Good concept, could use improvement

The Sanding Station is for sure a Luthiers' friend however not so friendly without a shop vac attached:) I used it for squaring up a piece of mahogany. I kept a close eye on the sander itself and noticed that it warped shape after I made several passes, but then again I was sanding mahogany and not the recommended nut/saddle materials. I plan on making bridges, nuts, and saddles with this station and see real potential for it's uses. ***I only wish there was a way that the Sliding Vise would lock into the station on some kind of rail system to ensure consistent results.

Not Square  Mountain View, CA Read my reviews (9)
5 8-08-2010
Great tool!!!!

Don't know how I ever got along without it! Very accurate and easy to use. This has improved my work greatly.

LowDollar  Tulsa, OK 74135 Read my reviews (5)
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