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Tenor Ukulele Kit

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Meet the big brother of our popular Soprano Ukulele Kit! It's just as easy and rewarding to assemble, and the finished instrument delivers a bigger, warmer sound.

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Tenor Ukulele Kit
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5348 Tenor Ukulele Kit Yes

5348-DVD Tenor Ukulele Kit with DVD SAVE $20.00 Yes

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The Tenor Ukulele kit is a great kit for beginners: the neck has already been shaped, and all parts are included, even the strings. No plywood! This kit features solid traditional woods for great tone.

SAVE! Order your kit with our 109-minute DVD, How To Build a Ukulele Kit. Gordon and Char Mayer of Mya-Moé Ukuleles guide you step-by-step through assembly. Great tips from pro luthiers!

The kit includes:
Solid mahogany soundboard and back
Bent solid mahogany sides
Shaped neck
Slotted inlaid rosewood fingerboard
Shaped rosewood bridge
Spruce braces and linings
Geared tuning machines
Nut, saddle and soundhole purflings
Fretwire and strings
Detailed instructions

This tenor ukulele has 17-3/32" scale length.

Easy finishing options
ColorTone Aerosol Guitar Lacquer is an economical way to apply a finish without complicated setup or equipment. Only a few cans are needed to completely finish your ukulele. Or try brush-on application with Brushing Varnish.

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 Ratings and reviews
Tenor Ukulele Kit
Tenor Ukulele Kit
4 out of 5 stars
Based on 37 ratings Write a Review
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4 8-07-2011
Tenor Uke

This was my first musical instrument build. I didn't think I needed the DVD of instructions - my mistake, I needed to go on the internet to find ways of creating this instrument. After a few attempts this little uke came together, now I am enjoying learning to play!!

Paul Wright  Adelaide South Australia
4 7-13-2011
Educational-Nice Tone

I love this little thing. I bought this to get some cheap practice before gluing together an archtop guitar I'm working on. I didn't really follow the instructions. Maybe better if I had. I built a mold to the shape of the drawing and used it rather than the suggested jig. Without the mold the side shapes would have been pretty far off. I used home made spool clamps rather than rubberbands. I used an edge trimmer router bit with roller guide to trim the top and back.

Most troublesome for me was fitting the neck. I was impatient and wanted to hear some results. Fit could have been a lot better, but in the end the ukulele plays well and sounds really pretty. I'm hooked and I got the education I wanted.

Jim Elliot  Ca
Customer supplied image for review
5 6-26-2011
Tenor Ukulele Kit

This kit was my first attempt to construct any musical instrument. I found it great for giving me some basics, the instructions and the DVD were of great value to me, both were easy to follow. Overall a great success and a very good kit.

Geoffrey  Adelaide, Australia Read my reviews (6)
5 6-20-2011
Tenor Ukulele Kit- delivered fast as lightning

After speaking with my brother (see previous review) I too decided to build my own Uke. I was impressed when my kit was delivered to my door within 2 working days from ordering, from the States this is unheard of. Well the kit is great and I am in the middle of a very steep learning curve but I love challenges, however, I also purchased the DVD, and what a help that has been, I couldn't have done it without it.

Installing the frets were a bit of a #@$%&*! , but overall, I am impressed with the quality of materials and I am looking forward to finishing, and playing my new Uke.

Jim Loveridge  Sydney, Australia Read my reviews (2)
5 6-06-2011
I did it my way OK!

I had a great time building my tenor uke. The worst problem I had was with a trimmer when trimming the sides. Put a big hole in the bottom of the Uke. My stupid.
I finished the uke in Danish oil and bees wax and it looks, sounds and smells fantastic.
Am currently building a soprano uke and it is a little more fiddly than the tenor due to the size but at least it doesn't have a hole in its side. All in all a great way to learn about instrument building.

Frank Loveridge  Sydney Australia
5 4-24-2011
Great Daughter - Dad project

Aurian Review: The finished product is so much better than we expected...I love the sound and it is so much fun to play! It was also a great experience for my dad and I to work on it and I had a lot of fun through the entire process.

Dad Review: End results exceeded expectations. Here are a few items to keep an eye on:
- Download the pdf as the plan in the book is not to scale.
- Use a "straight" caul when gluing on the fret board as I used only rubber bands and ended up with a 1/64 bow toward the player at the headstock. Barely was able to file down the 2nd & 3rd frets to remove the buzz. I probably should have re-glued the fret board...
- Gluing on the neck straight is hard to do as there are no good datums to hold as the fret board over hang is curved after hammering in the frets. Might consider gluing on the neck to the body first, then the fret board to the neck.
-A dremel with sanding drum is good enough to sand back the top and bottom overhang.
- Used Tru-oil gunstock finish with no prior stain applied to the wood. Very easy and looks good.

Aurian & Rob  Gap PA
5 4-23-2011
Tenor Uke Kit

I bought one of these to teach a nephew how to build an instrument, and decided I am going to buy one for myself. The quality of this kit is excellent, and if you add kerfed linings and binding, (see Mike Franks remarks below) you have a high end ukelele. Stewmac sells nothing but high quality products and you can depend on them to deliver every time.

M Rosendahl  Sebastian, FL Read my reviews (4)
4 4-17-2011
Tenor Ukulele kit

STOP. Why do you want to build a kit? For the price of this kit and the time you will take - you could simply buy any ukulele at a local music shop for under $400 and be ahead of the game. If you want to learn to build and enjoy the act of building then this kit may be for you.

I was a little disappointed in the wood for the front and back of the ukulele - the grain was not straight (some twisted grain on the front near the soundhole, and curved on the lower bout AND badly on the back and it took some rearranging and re-orienting of the stock to get it looking OK). Because you don't see the back the impact is less, but I know its there. The kit had been opened and probably returned by someone else because I found pencil marks where someone had tried to mark on the positions of the braces etc, and had given up because of the grain.

There are many places where you can mess up as a novice builder - my worst spot was seating the frets. The other tricky spot is gluing on the neck and getting it aligned/fitted properly especially since I decided to carve back the fretboard to match the soundhole so it did not protrude over the soundhole. I am just at the point after 3 weeks of finishing the build and stringing it up. The strings are awful and you will replace them - so another little added cost.

Overall, I liked the kit and the learning - but did lean on the web for others experiences in some of the tricky bits. As the VISA commercial says though, the act of playing something that you built is priceless.

BruceS  Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Customer supplied image for review
4 4-13-2011
Tenor Ukulele Kit

I have built a half-dozen of these kits and have used them to teach first time builders. The quality of the materials make a nice instrument. For more advanced builders, you can use kerfed linings (not included) and add bindings. I am impressed with the quality of the tuners, bridge and bone nut & saddle.

Mike Franks

MJ Franks  Rochester Hills, MI Read my reviews (8)
4 4-05-2011
Need Tools

The finished product was wonderful, but if you don't have all the tools already to make this project fly, you'll spend as much extra on tools as the initial cost of the kit. The DVD was very helpful but again, it was filmed in a professional Ukelele shop using their high end tools that I imagine most of the buyers of this kit don't have available to them.

Orson  Seattle
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