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Gerstner Tool Chest Kit

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Build an American Legend. Now in curly maple or alder! This build-it-yourself kit is a genuine Gerstner,® a respected name in heirloom tool chests since 1906.

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Gerstner Tool Chest Kit

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  Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
5387 Alder kit Yes

5387-CM Curly maple kit Yes

5389 Gerstner knob set Yes

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Exclusively for StewMac customers, this kit is made of guitar-quality alder or curly maple. The completed chest is a handsome addition to any workshop, perfect for storing small tools and hardware.

Add guitar knobs, give it a sunburst or other instrument finish, to create an absolute knockout. See the video for creative finishing ideas from Dan Erlewine.

Easy to assemble!
Parts are all cut to shape and routed for you by the Ohio Gerstner Crew. Assembly is simple and needs just basic tools. You'll also need quality wood glue, clamps, sandpaper and finish.

Overall dimensions
16" wide x 11.5" tall x 8.75" deep (406mm x 292mm x 222mm)

  • Seven drawers with felt linings
  • Slide-out tray that hinges up to become a locking front panel
  • Amp-style steel corner hardware
  • Slip-resistant rubber feet
  • Instructions included
  • Knobs sold separately

Customize it!
It's easy to assemble, so you have time to tweak it out like your favorite guitar. We gave one of ours a classic 3-tone burst like a ’63 Strat, and used strap buttons and Fender control knobs.

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 Ratings and reviews
Gerstner Tool Chest Kit
Gerstner Tool Chest Kit
4 out of 5 stars
Based on 8 ratings Write a Review
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5 3-03-2014
Gerstner Alder Tool Chest Kit

Fun Project! Be prepared to do a little tweaking to the parts but overall a great kit and with a little care, the results are great. Take your time. I advise going to Gerstner's web site and watching the videos they've posted regarding the kits as well as their factory tour video. It helped me. My chest is used to hold my guitar tools and accessories so I modified and finished my kit to look like a vintage tweed amp. I plan to put it in my music room by my guitars and amps. Should fit right in! Enjoy the process and take your time to get it right!

Neal Eidemiller  Kansas City
Customer supplied image for review
4 10-19-2013
Curly Maple kit

I just finished making a tool chest from the curly maple kit. I really enjoyed it and I am very happy with the results. The comments by Mr. Rigby are quite right. I would add a couple of others. The assembly instructions for the drawers could be a little more detailed. I puzzled over the drawer assembly for some time, until I realized the drawer third from the bottom (topmost full width drawer) is not as deep as the other two. That isn't really apparent in the photos. I note the other comments about the quality of the wood. I don't have any complaints, but I would note that curly maple does tend to "pick" and there were a few places on the drawer fronts where I needed to use some filler, which is not surprising but is not included in the list of materials. For the finish, I stained the chest with a Minwax golden oak stain/sealer, which I then sanded with 220 grit. I put on three to five coats (depending on the area) of Behr Tung Oil, using 0000 steel wool on the last coat to get rid of any grain that rose up. Finally I paste waxed it. I think the chest looks good and I am am proud of it and will enjoy using it.

DaveNB  Moncton, NB
Customer supplied image for review
4 7-05-2013
Gerstner Tool Box kit

I had good results with my Gerstner Tool Box kit, though I can offer a few tips. Inspect all when you receive the kit; my kit materials were in good shape, wood quality was okey-dokey, looked like alder for the box and something else still unidentified, (but darker) for the drawer fronts and box front. Sand everything before starting construction, paying attention to the joints as they are tight and need a little loving. The box and front assembly went together fine, after dry fitting and glue/clamp with Titebond. BE SURE TO CHECK FOR SQUARE at every step of the process. I was relieved to see that the front panel fit perfectly in the slot. The key to the drawer assembly is to assemble the drawer fronts flush with the sides as the sides are accurately machined; the fronts are cut oversize, and by doing this more or less upside down, your trimming of the front to fit is simplified. I trimmed the side overhang with a sanding block, and the bottoms with the table saw; though a flush cut router would have been better. Finished up with a sharp plane and sanding board. If the fronts are fit flush to the sides they will fit into the drawer slots with even spaces between top/bottom/sides to allow smooth sliding. I installed some decorative herringbone purfling on my drawer tops, cutting the slot with the Dremel router base. I scraped that and all joints down with the Stewmac ultimate scraper, which is the coolest tool ever, followed by a sanding session on the whole thing from 150 though 400 grit. I stained the main box black with India ink, that stuff is REALLY black; this raised the grain, so I knocked it back with 0000 steel wool. The fronts of the drawers and cabinet front I left natural; the Target waterbase sanding sealer I used has a slight amber tint, so that gave those a nice honey color; three coats of sanding sealer, followed by 6 coats of Target waterbase brushing varnish on all, sanding lightly after every other coat. I let it cure for a week, then rubbed out with sanding film from 1500-6000 with water as lubricant. Finish polish with Mequiar's polish. Came out great, almost guitar quality, but exceptional for a toolbox. Hardware went on fine; I wish they would substitute a turn lock for the key lock, that's a nuisance. The screws for the knob kit were too short. And the plastic logo looked a bit cheap. So it went away. But minor issues...I added an amp handle as the thing gets pretty heavy loaded up. A fun project, and an appropriate place for my guitar tools.

Micky Rigby  Little Rock, AR
Customer supplied image for review
1 5-05-2013
lesson learned

I have to agree this kit is bad. The packing is horrible, all the drawer fronts are dented. the biggest problem are the joints on the drawer parts, is as if the blades are dull. the drawers come out wider than the box unless you spend the time to correct all the joints. Lesson learned...inspect everything you receive!! Hope your guitar kit I want to order is better!

Keith Reuter  California Read my reviews (2)
StewMac responds

Keith Reuter,
We're sorry you were unhappy with the Gerstner Tool Chest Kit. We offer a 100% guarantee; if any item fails to meet your expectations, you may return it, unaltered, for a refund or exchange.

5 4-18-2013
Very neat tool box

Great probuct, just finished my 2nd box and it is half full allready! My 1st is finished in pecan, the 2nd is ebony. Both are striking to look at when they are stacked up.I am thinking about the perfect Xmas gift.....

Griggles  Calgary Read my reviews (11)
4 3-18-2013
Gerstner tool chest kit

I had a few minor problems, But I'm pretty happy with the results. The people at Gerstner were very helpful.

Harold Smith Jr.  Chicago
2 3-06-2013
Poor quality wood and parts

The quality of the wood is poor at best. Some pieces were obvious rejected parts from Gerstner. Knots and checks in the joinery, and on edges. Some even had pencil arrows pointing out the flaw. The nails were cheep with misshaped heads, I used my own. Even though the instructions said to use the finish nails to secure the back to the bottom, only common nails were provided. The guides for the front cover hinge pins were stamped out of cheap metal and should have been plated the same as the lock. The lock did not work at first, the internal parts are so loose that the only way to get it to work is to jiggle the key while moving it in or out until it opens. The Gerstner name plate is plastic! I won't use it and if I were Gerstner I would not want it on my product. All in all this is a poor kit for the price. Gerstner makes high end products and they should be embarrassed! Do not expect the wood grain and quality to look like the picture.

Fred I  Virginia Read my reviews (5)
StewMac responds

Fred I,
We're sorry you were unhappy with the Gerstner Tool Chest Kit. We offer a 100% guarantee; if any item fails to meet your expectations, you may return it, unaltered, for a refund or exchange.

5 2-19-2013
Nice quaity, fun project

Dan: Thanks to inspiration from your StewMac video, I built a Gerstner toolbox. Despite my many mistakes in construction and finish work I think it looks just great, and certainly good enough for rock and roll. It holds all the neat gadgets I’ve bought from StewMac over the years as well as all the little tools I use almost every day. It’s great to finally have it all stored in one place. The Fender nameplate came from my old Twin Reverb that was at Allied Music when Hurricane Katrina swamped the place. Luckily, I had already removed the nameplate, so now it’s all I have left from my favorite amp. The top handle is a Fender brown leather vintage style. This was a very fun project. Thanks for giving me the confidence to give it a try. Arthur Zatarain, PE
New Orleans, LA

Arthur Z  New Orleans, LA Read my reviews (3)
Customer supplied image for review
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