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Fiddle Kit

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Take pride in making your own violin. Ease of assembly and an outstanding price make this one of our most popular kits.

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Fiddle Kit
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You'll learn about instrument making, and have a lot of fun along the way! If you're a first-timer, this kit is a fine head start and a convenient alternative to building from scratch. Many guitarmakers tell us this kit gives them a fun break and a valuable learning experience, too.

All the parts to make a standard 4/4-size violin are included, for convenient one-step ordering. You won't need a fully equipped woodshop—hand tools will do, because the machine work has already been done for you. Complete easy-to-follow assembly instructions are included. Our fiddle kit is a fine head start for making your own violin.

When your Fiddle Kit arrives, the spruce top and curly maple back have been carved and sanded, and the back has been glued to the linings, blocks and curly maple ribs. Channels are already routed for easily installing the decorative purfling trim. The machine-shaped neck is ready for sanding and fitting to the instrument. Bass bar fitting, parts assembly, finishing and setup will complete a rewarding project. Sign your label with pride!

Also included:
Ebony fingerboard, nut and saddle, boxwood tailpiece with adjustable fastener, E-string adjuster, boxwood chinrest, endpin and tuning pegs, maple bridge, purflings, spruce bass bar, soundpost, and assembly instructions.

View our Fiddle kit instructions and our recommended tool list for building this kit.

Bow and strings sold separately.

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 Ratings and reviews
Fiddle Kit
Fiddle Kit
4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 29 ratings Write a Review
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4 4-18-2014
Violin Kit

I am happy with the purchase and quick delivery of my kitset violin. It is now assembled and I had no trouble gluing it together. I am up to finishing the carcass and find it very slow and frustrating. I am using shellac. I have found it impossible to purchase spirit stains locally. And, unsure what colour to purchase online as no colour swatches are offered. I am frustrated with the slow process to get a reasonable finish and had to strip it back once, then last night the front fell down onto newspaper so that I needed to sand it off which removed the colour off the top centre. Now would like a stain to bring it back. Shellac is fast drying e.g. 5 minutes but, don't re-coat for 4 hours. I tried to re-coat every hour then the atmosphere changed as it rained and this softened the shellac somewhat. I had planned to build a mandolin and next a guitar but put off due their expense and the need to purchase other parts for them not included in the price. In spite of being a violin player. I can't wait to play my kitset violin. Frustrated having to muck around while painting on shellac. In the end I don't want a shiny violin. No, I want a sweet playing violin.

Robert Scott  New Zealand
4 4-01-2013
A Great Way to Experiment

I bought this kit to experiment with alternative ways of putting a fiddle together. I was mainly concerned with the neck joint. The mortise and tenon joint at the neck is notoriously difficult to cut with hand tools. Furthermore, the earliest violin builders (surprisingly, that includes Stradivarius) did not cut a mortice and tenon joint but nailed their neck to the sides of the violin. So I decided to try something similar, but instead of nailing the neck to the body I used the neck bolts available at stewmac to bolt the neck to the body. The final result was a nice sounding fiddle. Bolting on the neck had no impact on the sound while it was much easier to get the correct neck angle. The kit itself consisted of high quality wood. Nice straight grained spruce and nicely flamed maple. The scroll was really nicely carved as well. I would have given the kit 5 stars but there were number of tear outs on the back and the purfling channel was cut rather sloppily in some places. However, given that the majority of the work was already done this was a great way to experiment and the quality of the wood made up for any other short comings of the kit.

Hilmar Hansson  Rhode Island Read my reviews (4)
Customer supplied image for review
4 3-18-2013
Looks Great, Sounds Great

My first violin, loved building it, being a woodworker for many years, this was a new area for me. My friend who prodded me to take on such a project played it for the first time for me the other day and said it sounded great. After all that effort, if it looks great but sounds crappy, you don't have an instrument, but that was not the case, it got great reviews from some real good musicians. Got a little more help with some books and some online sources, but the instruction book pretty much covers most of it. One thing though, BUY rosin for your bow, the book does not mention this, and for a non-player this was new to me, minor detail, no rosin on bow, no sound. This one I'm keeping, but I will be ordering another kit shortly.

Tom Peterson  So Cal
Customer supplied image for review
4 2-20-2013
good parts, instructions and fun to build

I'm not exactly the most experienced instrument builder, I do it as a hobby in my spare time, and this was my first fiddle. A friend of mine asked me to build this for him and it was mostly a pleasure. Putting the finish on was probably the most difficult part because it does not come with any finish and it's sort of up to you to get the right stuff, not being experienced in violins/ fiddles I had a little trouble. Also the grainy black and white photos in the instructions are not a great help, but aside from that the instructions were very detailed and helpful. Overall it probably would have been easier for me if I knew anything about violins or played one. In the end it came out looking and sounding great any way. I guess if you're inexperienced like me take the time to do the steps properly and the results will be good, and if you know what you're doing then the parts seemed great to work with.

peacepj  NY
Customer supplied image for review
4 11-10-2012
Return to Rosin

I first played the violin when I was about 12 years old. That was 55 years ago. I thought the Fiddle Kit was a way to renew an old friendship. To date I have the body completed and I am working on the neck and finger board. I had a problem with the top not being wide enough to leave material to round over the edges. I added four pieces of poplar and smoothed them in. This took a lot of time and could have been avoided if the top was more generous. The adventure continues! I made 16 spool clamps and they may be waiting for a mandolin kit.

George Ward  Surprise,AZ USA
5 5-17-2012
A truly excellent kit.

The violin kit far exceeded my expectations. I saw this all-in experience as a sort of correspondence course on how to make a violin, so if I was challenged, the more the merrier. The purfling was my first and turned out well. The instructions were also first-rate. I glued on the neck having gone through all the steps and discovered that I was 1/16" off. With timely, bang-on advice from your technical department, I steamed off the neck, made the fine adjustments and was back on the road. I'm now fine sanding getting ready for the finish. All the woods are quite beautiful and of a high grade so I am looking forward to the final result. I thoroughly enjoyed the journey, albeit a bit rocky in places (all down to the vagueries of human skill, not at all the fault of the kit or instructions). An outstanding product.

Gary Dover  Hudson, Quebec, Canada
5 5-17-2012
fiddle kit

I have ordered three of your kits and I can say they are fairly simple to build"well at least until you really read up on violin building. The kit itself I will give 5 thumbs and the service 10. I originally bought the kit to prepare for the mandoline kit. I honestly believe that I am stuck on the violin!

violin kit 
Customer supplied image for review
5 5-14-2012
very nice wood

My only complaint wood be the purfling channels were rough at the points and had to be filled...but the sound is fantastic compared to the new custom hand built fiddles that come through
my shop....sorry guys but my finish is better too (-: I will build more.

mark dearborn  mirror lake nh Read my reviews (6)
5 4-01-2012
A Great violin Kit

This is the first time that I try to built a violin kit. Your kit is easy to perform, but its sound is surprisingly great beyond my expectation. with much Thanks, Hiro from Toyama

Hiro Morita  Toyama, Japan
Customer supplied image for review
5 3-05-2012
Great Kit for Novice or Experienced Luthiers

If you are just starting out, this is a great kit to learn the ropes. You might seek other sources of information outside the provided manual, but even if you don't you'll get good results. I chose to French polish the violin with amber shellac which really made the book-matched curly maple back the focus.

For experienced luthiers, this could be a fast track to produce a good quality instrument at an affordable price. You can certainly separate the back plate from the sides and do some additional thinning after performing frequency analysis to tune the plates. There is still plenty of work to be done, but this would certainly save you some time and effort.

I would definitely recommend this kit. I had some minor issues with the first one shipped to me. I contacted customer service and explained the issue and they sent another one out. Completely satisfied and nice to know that there are some places that haven't outsourced their customer service overseas.

Sirius Instruments  Elgin, IL Read my reviews (2)
Customer supplied image for review
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