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Dunlop Straplok System

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A case-hardened system for safe, secure strap attachment. Features a 4-ball lock and recessed plunger. Set of 2.

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Dunlop Straplok System
  Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
0246-N Nickel Yes
4 or more $10.22  

0246-B Black Yes
4 or more $11.27  

0246-G Gold Yes
4 or more $17.35  

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 Ratings and reviews
Dunlop Straplok System
Dunlop Straplok System
4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 44 ratings Write a Review
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5 12-21-2012
Does what they're supposed to

I've been putting these on my guitars for 8 years. Never had one fail yet.

Only thing I would improve is the screws. They are a bit soft and should really be substituted with some harder flat-head ones.

hendricks5150  FL Read my reviews (2)
5 11-19-2012
Standard Equipment

I've been revamping old guitars and ALWAYS replace the existing strap buttons with Dunlop Straploks. They're inexpensive, they work great, function as strap lock and regular strap button and make changing between guitars quick and secure.

BigRMV  California Read my reviews (2)
5 11-11-2012
Great stuff

A bit fiddly to get the retainer clip on (and be sure that it sets right!), but once that's done, you're safe as houses.

Einar  Sweden
5 11-09-2012
straplok safety

All it took was catching a guitar once to realize what an asset these are. I now have straploks on all of my electric guitars. Solid, simple and safe.

insolent cur  Ithaca, NY
5 10-18-2012

Yes, it happened. My most expensive guitar almost hit the tile floor in my studio due to loose strap button holes. No more .... My Dunlop strap locks will give me peace of mind for years to come! Thank you StewMac for carrying these. It was really convenient for me to tack these on to my order. I probably would not have taken the trouble to order them otherwise.

jnoel4  Hamden, CT Read my reviews (4)
5 8-04-2012
Very good

Put one of these in my fender guitar made in mexico. Awesome quality like everything that's made by dunlop. I used to install the Grover Quick-release Strap Locks, that like the dunlops, are very good, but I found more practical. i like the ease of use of the dunlop straplocks.

André  São Paulo, SP - Brazil Read my reviews (6)
5 7-21-2012
Great stuff

I have these on all my electric guitars. Being able to use straps without the locks also comes in handy.

Al Librero  Philippines Read my reviews (2)
5 5-25-2012
Awesome straploks!

I acquired two pair of these straploks recently and I i was really surprised with their quality and funcionality. I had never installed sraploks before and staring them for a few minutes, I alredy figured out how to do it. The product works perfectly well and are very easy to use and install.

Gabriel Basaglia  Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Customer supplied image for review
5 5-09-2012
Favorite Strap Lock

I use the black and the chrome finish ones. The screws are a bit larger than stock, so you have to make sure you drill an appropriately sized hole...they sould be permanent...if there is a strap button that you find yourself either screwing in again and again, or replacing...then that aint no good! I have had the same exact locks on some of my guitars for more than 10 years! No rust, no chipping, no damage at all. These aint fancy, they're just tough little buttons that hold on and don't let go. Some of the strap pins have even been in the same strap for several years with none of the rattling issues mentioned previously. Perhaps the leather tabs of the strap were not thick enough to press against that large circular washer. I'd reccomend buying a nice, hefty, high quality strap, drilling a correct sized hole, make sure the little lock washer goes, 'click' and you'll be solid for years.

MUYFUE  San Antonio TX Read my reviews (17)
5 3-28-2012
Great product!

I installed the Dunlop Straplok System on a Les Paul a few years ago. The screws were a little longer than the stock items. After removing the original hardware, the holes should be drilled a bit deeper rather than forcing the Dunlop screws into solid material. Don't overdo it! A small bit that slides comfortably into the existing holes and modeler's pin vise are the right tools for this job.

Cyclistman  Pittsburgh, PA
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