Gotoh Aluminum 'Stop' Tailpiece

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Lightweight vintage design. Just like the original 1950s aluminum alloy model, this reproduction is 2-3 ounces lighter than familiar standard versions.

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Gotoh Aluminum 'Stop' Tailpiece Chrome, 5/16-24

Chrome, 5/16-24

Item # 5851
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Gotoh Aluminum 'Stop' Tailpiece Nickel, 5/16-24

Nickel, 5/16-24

Item # 5851-N
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3 or more $30.05

Chrome, M8 x 1.25

Item # 5740
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3 or more $30.05

Nickel, M8 x 1.25

Item # 5740-N
In stock, ready to ship!


3 or more $30.05
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Lightweight vintage design. Just like the original 1950s aluminum alloy model, this reproduction is 2-3 ounces lighter than familiar standard versions.

The mounting studs are spaced 3-1/4" (82.55mm) center-to-center. Position the studs 1-1/2" (38.10mm) behind the center of the bass side bridge mounting post. Drill 7/16" (11.11mm) diameter holes for the bushings. The strings can be installed from the front or rear.

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Gotoh Aluminum 'Stop' Tailpiece

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Awesome tone upgrade!

By VintageWally from Canada
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, January 07, 2012

This little chunk of aluminum made my humbuckers cluck like p90's. I can't get over the difference in tone coming from the stock Gibson tailpiece. It can be compared to the difference between old dry wood vs new green wood. It truly opened up the tone, the guitar is so airy and articulate now.

Those who say this tailpiece made little tone difference can be only one thing...tone deaf. Honestly.

This little $34 upgrade made a difference you can't put a price on. As cheesy as it sounds, it's true.

Tone tone tone..

By Steven B from Covington, GA, USA
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, January 05, 2012

Pair this with a bone nut and you have found where your tone mysteriously went to. I have this paired with a roller bridge and I think they make a nice couple.


By Rick Harrison from South Australia
(Customer's Reviews) Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Better than the pot metal "clunker" that was on there.

Incredible!!!!So light,,,,

By Tufoeffect from Rio Claro - SP - Brazil
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My guitar will have a special visual...!!!

Very very lite 

By SG 61 from Raleigh, NC
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, July 30, 2011

I put this on my SG 61 reissue. Nice looking and very lite. Have not noticed much sound or sustain improvements but its still a nice product.

Great Piece

By Frank B. from AZ
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, June 16, 2011

I was amazed when I picked this up the first time. I couldn't believe how light it was. I put it right on my Les Paul and I automatically noticed loads more sustain and resonance.


By ruthy from scotland
(Customer's Reviews) Tuesday, June 07, 2011

good quality tailpiece and so light

with super fast delivery to scotland

i can't wait to fit this

Great Upgrade Part

By Voodoo Dex from Salina, KS
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, May 26, 2011

Just as good as the Factory Authorized part, but at a very reasonable price point. Excellent upgrade from the factory pot metal stud tail piece.

Gotoh Aluminum 'Stop' Tailpiece 

By stratman33 from Australia
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, April 08, 2011

I noticed improved tone and sustain, a quality component with very nice finish at a good price.

Sustain to Spare with the Gotoh Stop Tailpeice

By TDR from NH USA
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, April 06, 2011

I just picked up a new Epi Dot 335 a few weeks back with the idea of hot rodding it right from the start. Already having some experience doing all my own repairs and setups for many years, I knew 1 area for improvement would be just from upgrading the Stop Tailpeice.

The aluminum Gotoh is much lighter then the OEM pot metal piece. While some tremelo axes work well with heavier blocks or more mass, it did make sense to me that the light weight Dot would respond better to the lighter component.

Leaving the stock bridge in place I installed the Aluminum Gotoh piece on my Dot, strung it wrap around style and tuned it. Even before plugging it in to my amp I could already hear and feel a sonic and resonance difference for the better. Its amazing how much better sustain it has. And you can feel every cord, so much that the guitar almost feels alive. Its an amazing feel that most guitars Ive owned just don't have.

I will without question purchase the Gotoh stop again for any of my future projects.

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