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Binding Tape

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First choice for binding work! High-tack adhesive and stiffer backing make this the strongest paper tape we've found for securing bindings while the glue dries.

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Binding Tape
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3/4" x 60-yard (19mm x 55-meter) roll.

Not recommended for use on vintage or delicate finishes.

Our binding tape has a strong adhesive - good for applying pressure, but be cautious about using tape on soft top woods like spruce. With soft woods, first stick our binding tape to a cotton t-shirt to give it less tack before applying it. This will help reduce the possibility of any damage when you go to remove it.

Once the glue is dry, remove any tape slowly and gently — pulling at an angle and lightly rubbing it with your index finger. Warming the tape will also help it lift away easily without pulling out wood fibers.

For more information, see our How to Install Bindings article.

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Binding Tape
Binding Tape
5 out of 5 stars
Based on 65 ratings Write a Review
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5 3-17-2013
Binding Tape

Keeps your bindings where they are supposed to be, tight to the guitar. Clean, strong adhesive that holds tight yet removes easily. Really indispensable for serious binding jobs.

Ken Gulledge  Clayton, Oklahoma Read my reviews (2)
5 3-14-2013
Best tape ever

Binding tape is not only great for binding binding in place, it's great for everything that needs a very strong but removable tape. Lay a piece of tape along the edge of a fretboard than has shrunk around the frets, and with a sanding block (or file) you can sand down the ends of the frets without any damage to the edge of the fingerboard. It's thick enough so that you can stop well before you do any damage.

slowdown  Indiana
Customer supplied image for review
5 2-22-2013
Binding Tape all the Way!!!

Works great and does what it's supposed to.

Dan's Woodshop  Bolivia Read my reviews (3)
5 1-28-2013
binding tape

I have had great luck with this tape. It has more uses than binding. I used this to join an acoustic back and top. I put the glue on, layed the two pieces on my benchtop, pushed the two together tightly, and then applied the tape. I cut the pieces of tape about 3 inches long, 1.5 inches to each side. Beleive it or not, it worked. I did the 3 piece cherry, maple, cherry back the same way. NO GAPS! It also does a great job on binding.

T. Gray  Princeton,Ky
5 12-21-2012
Does what it says in the name

This tape was purchased after using some of a friend's roll to hold binding on a guitar. Many other tapes have been tried but this one holds a lot of pressure against the binding, doesn't stretch, doesn't pull up top fibres and cleans up most easily.

Brian R.  Oakville, ON
5 12-18-2012
It worked great!

Easy to use. Did the job right. I used it to replace a custom fingerboard on my Jackson Neck (with Stew Mac parts). Highly recommend it.

dd3keegs  Tampa, FL. Read my reviews (3)
Customer supplied image for review
4 12-05-2012

Not as stretchy as another brand, but useful for many things beside binding. And good for when you need umph to really get pressure against the binding. Keep your binding cut just a little above the plate though so it doesn't tilt from top pressure. Good stuff, get a bunch and make a multi tape dispenser so you can quickly tear off different tapes.

Lotus  Arlington WA Read my reviews (9)
5 11-25-2012
Binding tape is a Must

This binding tape is paper based, but very strong. The glue sticks well and doesn't creep much like most tape glues. Pull off carefully, though, so as not to affect finish. Comes off better than some other high-tack tapes. Good stuff.

John Rossbach  Elkins, WV Read my reviews (2)
4 11-15-2012
It's Tape

Strong and works well. With that said, it's tape.

Spencer Acoustics  Dallas, TX Read my reviews (6)
5 10-07-2012

Great for bindings. Extremely adhesive so be particularly careful when removing from your soundboard or it will remove wood from it. I pull the tape back on itself and remove it slowly. For markingbthe psition of the bridge i will rub the adhesive side of the tape on my shirt or jeans to weaken the adhesion o the the tape can be removed without damaging the soundboard.

GavinB  Perth, Australia Read my reviews (26)
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