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Stewart-MacDonald Epoxy

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Gap-filling epoxies for permanent bonds. Our high-strength 2-part adhesives are activated when their resin and hardener components are mixed in equal parts.

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Stewart-MacDonald Epoxy
  Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
5173 Fast setting, clear
Cannot ship by air or outside the U.S.

5174 Slow setting, clear
Cannot ship by air or outside the U.S.

5179-B Slow setting, black
Cannot ship by air or outside the U.S.

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Each 4-ounce set has two 2-ounce bottles, ready for mixing.

Fast-setting mixture has 5-minute working time. Full bond strength in one hour.

Slow-setting mixture allows 20 minute working time. Full bond strength in 8 hours, for a rigid waterproof joint.

Slow-setting black mixture is great for inlaying ebony fingerboards. 20 minute working time. Wait 3 days before sanding.

Note: With all epoxies, the slower the setting time, the stronger the bond.

Use adequate ventilation and avoid skin and eye contact.

Keep out of the reach of children.

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 Ratings and reviews
Stewart-MacDonald Epoxy
Stewart-MacDonald Epoxy
4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 30 ratings Write a Review
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4 2-02-2014
Clear Epoxy

Wait up to 3 days before you start sanding or grinding away at it. I found out the hard way, then accidentally found a little "info box" in one of the previous catalogs saying to give it a few days to harden up. The bottle says 8 hours, so I gave it 24 and that wasn't enough. Somebody needs to get there directions straight, but the product works if you give it time and it really doesn't take much. I will buy more when my supply is gone.

Red Fox Guitars  Albert Lea, MN Read my reviews (15)
5 1-04-2014
Repeat user

I buy ths stuff every year for my inlay work. Never have a problem when following the procedure. I always use clear ,addng black powder, with predictibly good results.

Hosner Guitars  Science Hill, KY Read my reviews (9)
5 10-15-2013
Slow Setting Black Epoxy for inlay work

I purchased the Slow Setting Back epoxy on the chance it would work against a light colored wood. I was inlaying some abalone into some yellow heart. I tested it first on a scrap of wood. I was very pleased with the results so I proceeded to use it to fill the voids once the abalone was glued in place. This product will black out the background when used where it is less then .050 thick. I would highly recommend this product for this use.

Dan Selchow  Norman, OK. USA
5 9-04-2013
Epoxy works wonders

I was very satisfied with this product. It set up very fast and was very workable.

Rick B.  Hesperia Mi. Read my reviews (2)
1 12-13-2012
Use only for fill

This glue is not a good choice for anything but using as fill. I have tried several times unsuccessfully to use it for other purposes, I.E. gluing wood joints, and it has failed miserably every time. I would recommend staying away from this product.

brhsr60  florida
2 1-21-2012

Works well, but the black part has turned into a paste, making it impossible to squeeze out. still mixes with clear part so I don't plan on purchasing more.

Nick Gedra  Stillwater, OK Read my reviews (5)
5 12-17-2011
Essential for the shop!

High quality epoxy!

Wilmer Gingerich  Jamesport MO Read my reviews (76)
5 11-19-2011
Fast setting epoxy.

I glued the nut on my banjo with this product and it held exceptionally well.

Glenn L  Petaluma,CA U.S.A. Read my reviews (4)
5 11-07-2011
handy fix it

used with black or brown powder coloring, this fast setting epoxy makes a good filler for small areas as well as a strong adhesive for some situations Has a very long shelf life.

banjoworks  Sandwich, MA Read my reviews (3)
1 10-12-2011
think again for slow-setting

I've tried the slow setting epoxy a few times in both Southern California and New York (different climates!) and I can't seem to get this epoxy to hold a permanent and strong bond, regardless of it being right when it's opened or when the shelf life has dropped off a little. I've (carefully) tried changing the ratios slightly from exact 50/50 and mixing in various quantities and I just don't trust it.

Most things from StewMac really measure up but this one product doesn't. I would definitely recommend something else for jobs that call for this sort of adhesive.

emily sablosky  san diego, CA
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