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Essential Fretting Kit

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Good basic tools you'll need to get started.
Includes FREE Fret Work Step-By-Step, $34.95 value!

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Essential Fretting Kit

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3125 Essential Fretting Kit Yes

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Want to learn how to fret a guitar, but not sure how to start or which tools to choose? Stop fretting...and start fretting! Assembled by our experts, the Essential Fretting Took Kit is a great way to master the fundamentals with only a modest investment in good quality tools.

These are the basic tools you'll need for removing, installing, leveling, crowning and inspecting frets.

And to give you the best possible head start, we include Fret Work Step-By-Step book FREE! It's the most complete book ever published on the subject, with techniques, tips, tools and tricks.

The Essential Fretting Kit features the same tools we supply to professional repair shops—good tools that give you the confidence to do good work. They'll help prepare you for more specialized jobs and tools later as your skills develop.

Our professional Deadblow Fretting Hammer is now included in the kit. The shock-absorbing head reduces fret springback, for an easier, more trouble-free fret job.

Kit contents (click the links for details on each tool)
Fret Cutter
Deadblow Fretting Hammer
Fret Leveling File, 6"
Double-edge Fret File, medium/wide
Fret End Dressing File
Fret Dressing Stick with 8 belts (2 of each grit)
Fret Rocker
Fret Work Step-By-Step, 2nd edition

Works on stainless frets, too!
All of our tools are suitable for use on stainless-steel fretwire, with the exception of our Fret Tang Nippers and Fret Cutters. Modern stainless-steel fretwire is known to be harder than the traditional nickel-silver blends, but our own shop experience indicates the wire does not cause premature wear of files or sandpapers.
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 Ratings and reviews
Essential Fretting Kit
Essential Fretting Kit
4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 49 ratings Write a Review
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4 4-02-2014
Guitar neck fixing

Finaly I get my guitar neck fixed with these tools. I couldn't play my guitar until I filed frets in good condition.

laamar  Finland
5 3-30-2014
Essential fretting kit

Arrived very quickly. Quality of each item is top notch. The accompanying book was easy to understand and packed with information for a novice like me. I performed my first fret job on my favorite electric and it turned out well. This is a good investment for anyone looking to start doing fretwork on their own. I have a couple more instruments that need fretwork so this kit will quickly pay for itself.

Icemans370  USA
5 3-24-2014
Good stuff...

These nippers are great ! I cant fault it, I recommend this kit as it stands up to everyday use...

JSD  Europe Read my reviews (31)
5 2-12-2014
Perfect kit to start with

This was the perfect start for me. It gave me everything I needed to start doing basic fretwork.

WebGuy  Lancaster, OH Read my reviews (5)
5 11-27-2013
Top Notch

Wonderful little kit to start can easily do the work and think about what you need to add as you work.

ron ross  flowerdale australia Read my reviews (2)
5 11-13-2013
Fretting Kit

This fretting kit is a must have! All tools in the kit are high quality. This kit saved me a lot of time not having to seek out each tool separately and the price was very reasonable. You can't go wrong.

Flying Horse Guitars  Annapolis, MD Read my reviews (2)
5 10-21-2013

Bought this one first, then the set up and nut kit after, should of got the entire set up and get the free calipers, but was worth it in the end. Everything I have bought from StewMac is right on for the job and also right on for other jobs. Greatly increases productivity on all jobs, stewmac has made kits for in my experience so far. Top Notch tools and accessories.

Kelly T  dededo,guam Read my reviews (13)
5 9-22-2013
This kit Rocks!

I've been working on a few of my guitars as well as building some kits and everything in this fret kit has come in very handy. I like it a lot!

Mike Tonn  Orient Ohio Read my reviews (11)
5 8-24-2013
Must have Tools!!!

Been use this set for several years and man, it really help sort me out lot of work not only fretting but several job as long we creatively think out from the box and use it for wisely. Here i include picture that we can make many use of the tools other than fretting job. Worth to buy thumbs up to stewmac!!

Barry Philip  Penampang Baru,Sabah,Malaysia Read my reviews (4)
4 3-18-2013
Great start

Great starting point for fretwork. The book itself is great, and if you get the fretting series DVD (basic and advanced #1) you will be able to refret , dress and level frets. I did. I have however bought the offset diamond file later, and it is great and use sandpaper and a leveling beam for leveling the frets, I do not often use the fret-leveling file, but it can be good for filing the sides of the frets after a refret. I think for a more advanced kit, I would replace the leveling file with a fret leveler/beam (item 4578), and the 300 grit offset diamond file instead of the fretfile here. The fretrocker is great, I use it a lot, the cutters work great, and the dressing stick too, although it took me a while to get used to that.

Tim Skau  Norway Read my reviews (17)
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