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Double-edge Fret File

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Our best-selling fret crowning file!
Precision-cut teeth for accurate fret shaping.

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Double-edge Fret File
  Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
4490 Narrow/Medium Yes

4491 Medium/Wide Yes

4492 Set of both files SAVE $10.00 Yes

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Each of our popular traditional 7-3/8" x 5/8" tool-steel files has two different 4" hollow-ground cutting edges, for recrowning a variety of fretwire sizes. These files were designed by luthiers for luthiers and are an economical way to get your fretting kit started. The handle is rubber-coated for comfort.

Sold individually or SAVE when you buy the set of both fret files.

How to choose a fret-crowning file
Too many fret files! Here's how to choose the right files for you.
How to choose a fret-crowning file Read more

In this issue:
Erick Coleman answers an important tech-support question: What's the best fret-crowning file?

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 Ratings and reviews
Double-edge Fret File
Double-edge Fret File
4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 111 ratings Write a Review
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5 3-24-2011
Great files!

I'm a musician/repair tinkerer not a luthier, these files are very easy to use even for a newb. They helped me breathe new life into several cherished older instruments and will definitely become a permanent part of my repair kit.

Genop  Seattle, WA
5 3-13-2011
Perfect every time !!!

As a Refinisher of older Electric guitars, this tool is just the ticket for the refinishing process, It really works as intended, Luv it !!!

John Youngman  Fort Worth, Texas
5 3-08-2011
Have Surpassed My Expectations

I have used these files now for several months to recrown multiple (100+) Stainless Steele and Gold frets without issue. I had reservations about the durability of these files but have actually found them to be very acceptable. I'm satisfied with the price also.

Bo Thompson  MO Read my reviews (6)
4 2-24-2011
Gets the job done

I didn't want to spend the cash for the diamond files since I usually only work on my own instruments. These files are well made, and crown frets with little issue. I found that light pressure and many strokes worked well - it also leaves less heavy file marks on the frets. I would go this route again if I had to, but would like to compare these to the diamond files some day.

tb  Portland OR Read my reviews (50)
4 2-20-2011
Double edge fret file

I've only used the small side, but it works good, I'm sure the other bigger side works as well. Gives you what you need for forming a good crown.

Mitch  Nerw Berlin Read my reviews (9)
5 2-14-2011
Gotta Have One

If you need to do a fret job on anything but a John Deere tractor, you gotta have one of these fret files. I know I tried, and it wasn't pretty. They're high quality and easy to use. Little spendy but worth the investment!

Shuter Enterprises  Boise, Idaho Read my reviews (6)
4 2-02-2011
Looks good!

I bought this file to recrown the frets on my Epi Les Paul. Overall, I think it worked good. I just needed to polish some frets after recrowning them to get rid of a few harsh file marks. But i think this was my fault, cause it's the first time i have done it! Thumbs up for stewmac! ;)

Tadas Rudnickas  Denmark
5 1-23-2011

I bought this file to re-crown a 25 year-old Hamer whose frets were worn fairly flat in a lot of places. After leveling and re-crowning with this file, the guitar plays like new. Absolutely great tool for the job.

DavidJ  Cork, Ireland Read my reviews (2)
5 1-17-2011
Excellent Tool for Re-Crowing Job

Recently ordered the Narrow/Med fret file to re-crown a Gibson ES-137.
I bought the guitar secondhand from a store and felt that the previous owner had traded it because the frets were like railroad sleepers (square profile).
I was told like many people, just get use to it and play with a softer feel!
I read about this issue on a number of online forums and decided to order the file from Stew Mac and give it a go. I followed Dan's tips and marked each fret with a felt tip pen and masked the board with Stew Mac thick paper tape before I started. I carefully recut each fret profile where it had been removed at the factory and then finished off with the Stew Mac sanding stick with a couple of grades of belt and then a final polish. Let me say, the tools worked a treat and the instrument has been transformed from a real handful to a pleasure to play.
I followed another tip and put a piece of tape over the top of the file to rest my finger and used it to control the pressure of each strokes. I following the fret radius and watching the width of my felt tip mark slowly reduce as the profile slowly reappeared. Very pleased with the result, thanks Stew Mac.

Pete Davis  Brisbane, Australia Read my reviews (4)
Customer supplied image for review
5 12-28-2010
Rescue Equipment

I'm a beginner with luthiery, and I get my experience with abused and neglected guitars I find at garage sales and estate sales. Fret grooves are common problems, and the Double-edge Fret File is a great piece of rescue equipment for this problem. In most cases, you can quickly remove grooves, restore a proper fret profile and produce noticeably better sounding notes from what used to be a "trouble spot" or "dead spot".

If you like rescuing old beaters and giving them another shot at life, this is standard rescue equipment. Highly recommended.

ScottD  Knoxville, TN USA
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