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Hammering frets over an unsupported acoustic guitar top is risky! Safely press the frets in with Jaws2.

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  Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
4266 Jaws2 with wooden cauls and Fret Press Inserts Yes

4267 Jaws2 with wooden cauls Yes

4268 Flat wooden caul only Yes

4269 Neck wooden caul only Yes

4270 Soundhole wooden caul only Yes

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Jaws2 features special soundhole cauls and a self-leveling upper caul that take the stress off the guitar top, so you can safely press the frets into place. Jaws2 is a great idea that was conceived by luthier Bryan Galloup and refined by master fretman Dan Erlewine. Jaws2 utilizes the same 2-1/2" radius brass inserts as our other Jaws tools.

Jaws2 is a professional fretting tool with a self-leveling upper caul that adjusts easily to any neck. It includes five interchangeable 2-1/2" brass inserts, grooved to fit over the fretwire crown. The inserts match popular fretwire radii: 7-1/4", 9-1/2", 12" and 16", and a special 6"-radius insert holds down the fret ends for gluing. Additional radii are available.

Three wooden lower cauls are included: a contoured soundhole caul to span the braces inside a Martin-style guitar, a flat caul you can custom shape to fit over other bracings, and a felt-lined radiused caul to protect the back of the neck. Each caul features an ingenious internal magnet that holds it on the clamp jaw, allowing fumble-free setup.

Why press frets? Pressing the frets can save time and produce more consistent results. That's why it's the method that's widely used in guitar production. Pressed-in frets are less likely to have loose ends and uneven heights, because there's none of the recoil produced by hammer blows.

All Jaws fret presses are designed to work with our grooved brass fret press inserts. The inserts fit over the fretwire and are interchangeable to match popular fretwire radii. More from the Jaws collection:

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Jaws3 Jaws3
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5 11-16-2011
Great for what it is

I bought this after seeing someone on Youtube use this on a Les Paul. It is a fantastic tool for fretting over the heel and to sound hole. A little slow but definitely can be used for the whole neck in a pinch. It takes a little practice to be proficient but know I cant imagine life without it.Works very well on my neck jig!

Good Vibrations  Seattle, Wa Read my reviews (8)
Customer supplied image for review
5 8-26-2011
Versatile Fretting Tool

I build and repair acoustics and electrics of all shapes and sizes and so I needed a versatile fretting tool that not only worked "out-of-the-box" but also allowed me to design and build my own cauls for non-standard work. It took some practice to get comfortable with the design but now I can't imagine NOT having this in my shop. This tool provides enough versatility that with some imagination (and a good band saw) you can tackle any fret job.

Dick Carlson  Warrenton VA Read my reviews (2)
5 7-13-2011

I never liked the idea of hammering frets in simply because of denting frets and having to level the frets out more, nothing better than pressing them in, i leave the jaws2 tightened on the fret I'm working on as i wick the super glue in for the fret and let it rest for 5mins and move on to the next fret. Great item

mike2036  Australia Read my reviews (5)
2 6-08-2011
Not good for classical guitars

Sorry, the system works ok itself. It is a brilliant idea, but it unfortunately it is not possible to use it for the 18th and 19th fret of a classical guitar. Once you insert it inside the soundhole you can only reach up to the 17th fret. It might work great on a steel string guitar, but I think you should have mentioned this kind of problem for those who build classical guitars.

Enrico Schiaffella  Roma, Italy Read my reviews (3)
5 5-16-2011
Does what it says on the tin!

Didn't realise fretting could be so hassle free. No hammering, all frets sitting as they should be - a joy. Only difficulty was aligning the neck caul as it slipped around until I wedged it with a couple of lollipop sticks - once that was sorted, fantastic.

Haydon  Stoke on Tent, UK Read my reviews (5)
5 5-05-2011
Jaw 2

This product worked very well, laying in frets with a pleasing evenness and requiring minimum hassle. Using the wooden cowls, I had only a little difficulty getting the top frets in (nearest the bridge). It's expensive for what it is, because the package includes three cowls ($12 a piece approx), but I minimized the cost by buying only one brass insert (flat, for classical/flamenco guitars). I can recommend it as a good piece of equipment.

Shaun  Santa Barbara Read my reviews (2)
5 4-23-2011
Jaws2 Awesome!

I am re-fretting a 35 year old custom guitar, the Jaws2 clamp system allowed me to squeeze in the top frets near the sound hole without using a fret hammer - the wooden caul worked perfectly around the top braces. I was also able to use it on the fretboard using the jig recommended in the instructions. I give it a 10!

Williams Guitars  Rye, Colorado
5 2-07-2011
Great fretting tool

I used to hammer frets, but since using the Jaws 2 I am sold on pressing frets in. The frets go in quickly, nice and even with no loose fret ends. Pressing frets is also easier on the guitar (and ears) than hammering.

Alan Morrison - AM Guitar Works  Davenport, IA Read my reviews (7)
5 12-21-2010
Easy job.

I am very satisfy, this tool made my job easier and fast.

iroliveira  Salvador/Brasil
5 9-25-2010
No more mister Hammer

Only barbarians approach a guitar with a hammer. The Jaws2 is a great and easy tool giving great results especially in combination with the FretBender.

Jo  Belgium Read my reviews (2)
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