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Fret Polishing Wheels

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Super-smooth frets with your Dremel or Foredom! Rubberized ceramic wheels give your fret jobs that mirror shine and ultra-smooth feel players love.

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Fret Polishing Wheels
  Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
5269 Complete outfit Yes

5266 Fine wheels (green), package of 5 Yes

5267 Extra-fine wheels (white), package of 5 Yes

5268 Mandrel, 1/8"-dia. shank Yes

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Much faster and easier than hand polishing, the complete set includes fine and extra-fine wheels (5 each), with a 1/8"-shank mandrel.

Mount the wheel and mandrel in your Dremel, Dremel Flex Shaft or Foredom handpiece.

Lightly groove the edge of the wheel with a small round file. The slim handpiece makes it easy to hold the grooved wheel on a crowned fret, to gently polish it to a smooth shine.

Works on stainless frets, too!
All of our tools are suitable for use on stainless-steel fretwire, with the exception of our Fret Tang Nippers and Fret Cutters. Modern stainless-steel fretwire is known to be harder than the traditional nickel-silver blends, but our own shop experience indicates the wire does not cause premature wear of files or sandpapers.
Using fret polishing wheels on a flex shaft
Polishing off a fret job: glossy-smooth frets
Using fret polishing wheels on a flex shaft Read more

In this issue:
Todd Sams shares his method for getting a mirror finish on newly-installed frets

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 Ratings and reviews
Fret Polishing Wheels
Fret Polishing Wheels
4 out of 5 stars
Based on 21 ratings Write a Review
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4 3-29-2014
I like them !

I use these and also the micro mesh, they give a great result !

JSD  Europe Read my reviews (31)
5 3-21-2014
Polishing Frets

I bought the complete outfit. They made it much easier and less time than the fret erasers. But be very careful. It is very easy to go to far an create an uneven fret. You'll find a big improvement in the tonal quality in your instrument!

Tony Boeing  Spring Hill, FL
5 2-05-2014
Put The Pro Touch On All Your Fret Jobs

These wheels make polishing frets quick and easy. Puts a polish on them that steel wool alone just can't touch. Be sure to mask off the fingerboard when using them because they will mar the fingerboard.

jtrimble62  Summerville, SC Read my reviews (7)
3 12-25-2013
These work but tgere are better ways with better results

These are ok but they really heat up the fretwire so that u can burn yourself. I like the felt pads and a dremel with red rouge the best.

Wrea398  Pa Read my reviews (7)
4 8-28-2013
Great tool/idea

Works great, but be very careful. Make sure first time users mask up your fret board. Go slow and very light. These wheels work very well. Very quick getting the results you are after. Huge time saver.

Loxton  SA, Australia Read my reviews (5)
5 2-10-2013
Did a great job - requires practice

Out of the box these wheels need to be shaped to the fret wire first. Some practice in rotary tool speed, angle of attack and a light touch is required. Needless to say, practice on scrap before you work on your instrument. Once I got the hang of it, the results were much better than I expected, and the amount of work much lower that polishing manually. This was my first fret job, so view the feedback accordingly... :) The kit also came in quite handy when I had to adjust a fret after finding a buzz, then had to re-polish. Great tool set!

Jeff Wolters  Exeter, NH Read my reviews (15)
Customer supplied image for review
5 1-25-2013
Make a tough job easy!!!

These wheels, along with a felt wheel and rouge make frets shine like mirrors... These remove minute scratches with little effort...

Greg G.  Coldwater, MI Read my reviews (7)
5 9-18-2012
The smoothest frets you'll ever play.

Gone are the days of steel wool and strings dragging across less than mirror-polish results during bends. Require a light touch, but this is the road to perfection.

Greg Robinson - Guitar & Amplifier Technician  Melbourne, Australia Read my reviews (54)
3 5-28-2012
Be careful with these!

They are hard to control and it's really easy to ding the fretboard. You have to tape off the fretboard or use some protector, more work. They seem to do an uneven job of polishing too. It's much better to just pinch them between your fingers and use them by hand rubbing back and forth.

Mikaleno  Los Angeles, CA Read my reviews (5)
2 4-04-2012
There are better options

Not bad but I could not get the results I was looking for on my fretwork. I recommend the Micro-Mesh system instead. It's more work but you will achieve gleaming results!

Suhr3825  CA Read my reviews (44)
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