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Erlewine Neck Jig

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A revolution in fret work. The precision string tension simulator that takes the guesswork out of fretwork and fingerboard leveling.

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Erlewine Neck Jig
Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
5252 Erlewine Neck Jig Yes

5392 Erlewine Neck Jig, ShopStand, and Angle Vise SAVE $51.25 Yes

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Invented and refined through years of fret work for demanding players, the Neck Jig has become a valuable asset in busy repair shops. It's the reason why they're performing more accurate (and more profitable) fret jobs than ever before.

Dan Erlewine developed the Neck Jig from a breakthrough idea: simulate normal string tension when the strings are removed.

Now you can perform your fretting and fingerboard leveling with no unpleasant surprises when the instrument is restrung.

No more guessing: your work is performed under playing conditions, for the most accurate fretting and fingerboard leveling possible.

The Neck Jig's dial indicators, peghead tensioner and peghead jack let you precisely simulate normal string tension, including the effect of the truss rod adjustment inside the neck. You can even tilt the Jig to simulate the effects of the guitar's playing position.

The Neck Jig holds guitar or bass bodies on height-adjustable swivel-top levelers. Heights for popular instruments are conveniently printed on the Jig platform. The Jig includes band clamps, dial indicators, jig rods, peghead tensioner, peghead jack, swivel-top levelers, body support slats, a sturdy ash beam with wooden platform, and illustrated instructions to get you started.

BONUS: Our DVD Using The Erlewine Neck Jig is included FREE! Dan demonstrates the Neck Jig in actual fretting work. 30 minutes.

Combine the Neck Jig, with the ShopStand and our Angle Vise and you'll get the ideal hands-free setup to make your work easier and more accessible. The #5392 set includes all of these tools, and you'll get a money-saving discount when they are bought together!

See the online video for the Shopstand
Dan Erlewine shows how his ShopStand replaces a workbench for guitar repair. The Neck Jig and the Angle Vise are a perfect fit.
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 Ratings and reviews
Erlewine Neck Jig
Erlewine Neck Jig
4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 30 ratings Write a Review
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5 6-01-2011
A must have tool!!!!

Hi Dan and all the guys at Stew Mac. For anyone who is a pro or just starting out in the field of lutherie, the Neck Jig is a must have. My fret work has become more accurate resulting in return work and new customers. Not only is the neck jig great for fret work, but it is fantastic for keeping a guitar stable while performing internal brace repairs and other internal work. If you purchase this product the purchase will soon pay for itself!!!

A big thanks to you guys for your speedy service. My orders are on my door within five days. The post in Australia is not that quick!!

Kind regards

Pete Bek, Airlie Beach, Australia

Pete Bek  Airlie Beach, Queensland, Australia Read my reviews (2)
Customer supplied image for review
4 4-17-2011
So many benefits!

If you are considering getting this jig and are still unsure, my advice is to go for it... you won't be sorry.

Many of the previous comments are accurate: It does require some getting used to in order to be comfortable using it and to get the most benefit out of it. And, I agree that the dial mounting bolts are a bit crude. However, they work well and this is a minor point. I may even work on my own mounting system for them. I am (with hesitation) taking one star off of a five-star tool because of the bolts.

The beauty of this jig is the increased accuracy that it brings to fretboard leveling and fret work. Duplicating string tension is a great plus and the dial indicators allow hair-splitting accuracy. I feel so much more in control of all the variables when using this tool.

My school had a couple of jigs that were based on this one but without the dials... more or less just a work platform with supports under the neck. I had considered making my own, but after watching Dan's videos I decided to get the full blown version and learn to use it... I am glad that I did.

As also mentioned, the jig makes a most impressive visual for customers in my shop. They assume (correctly) that I must know what I am doing to have a tool like the neck jig in use.

Dogwood Guitars  Kansas City, MO Read my reviews (26)
Customer supplied image for review
5 3-26-2011
I wish I'd had this for years!

The Neck Jig is an outstanding tool. I had no idea, fingerboard leveling could be this easy.
With the Neck Jig and Dan's "Basic Fretwork" DVD I learned how to do professional fingerboard leveling in no time. It's so easy, it's real fun to do.

MoorMusic  Switzerland Read my reviews (44)
5 2-02-2011
Great time saving tool

I would highly recommend to build a body block (bolt-on neck body surrogate) as explained in the detailed instructions, this make the work simpler and permits secure your real bodies (see attached picture)

Fabien  Canada Read my reviews (5)
Customer supplied image for review
5 1-07-2011
So Many Reasons to Buy One

Okay the bad first: the lock on the strap for tensioning the headstock won't hold without creeping. Easy fix, I use a very small screw C-clamp above the insufficient plastic lock to hold strap. But it better be a light one or it's weight will effect caliper readings. And yes, the concept behind the caliper mounts are difficult to deal with at first set-up and could possibly be better thought out. But hasn't been a problem since.

Now The Good Is: I don't care about the bad. It works! Buy one if you can! Making adjustments under simulated string tension only makes sense and I can set-up to specs that were totally un-obtainable previously. Not to mention the fact that when someone comes into your shop and sees this thing they think you 'must' be the holy grail of guitar technicians (or the Marquis de Sade - grin).

JLondon  Owensboro, KY Read my reviews (14)
5 11-06-2010
So easy an amateur can do it....

I don't have any luthier training or experience. I just have a lot of guitars and paying $200 bucks a piece to plek them was not something I wanted to do. Now I don't have to. I did purchase Mr. Erlewine's video on fretting and how to use the vise and jig, and it helped tremendously. It does have a learning curve, which should be expected with something that does something this complex.

Taking the time to understand how to use everything will reward you with an excellent playing guitar. I can level frets and set up great action on a guitar in under an hour, plus it is a fun way to make $200 an hour. I also use it to help friends and others at my church who could not afford to plek their guitars.

Thanks to Mr. Erlewine and StewMac for bringing quality products and great instruction to help guitar players care for their instruments.

Chuck Chambers  Watkinsville, GA Read my reviews (4)
4 11-06-2010
Erlewine Neck Jig

Extremely useful and fairly well designed. I don't care too much for the Dial Indicator mounts. They need to be designed a little better. Tedious to adjust and the bent studs are awkward. I would suggest a more precision method, similar to the support studs/pushrods.

WikkedEggGuitars  Sterling, CO Read my reviews (10)
5 9-12-2010
The most precise fret/fingerboard leveling ever !

I'm always surprised how much low I can set up the strings action when using the neck jig. It takes time to make good fret/fingerboard leveling with this tool (practice on cheap guitar of unaware clients), but when you got it, it really is worth it ! Thanks to Mr Erlewine.

Daniel Lambert  St-Romuald, Qc Read my reviews (4)
5 9-06-2010
Without a doubt the most essential piece of kit in my workshop

We do a lot of fretwork and it is something that we are very particular about and have a good reputation for. I was one of the first to have the neck jig back in 1999 and it gets used most days. I find it essential to getting the results that I need to get. It does take a bit of getting used to, but I find that now I have it set up just right I rarely need to alter the height of the dials at all. I did order more threaded insets and now have extra holes to accommodate all sorts of other shaped guitars too. I recommend getting a spirit level too and lay it on the strings to get guitars nice and level - makes for easier setup and fret leveling too. The neck jig is a simple piece of kit that just works well once you've spent enough time getting used to it (much like getting used to driving a new car). Worth investing in the other essential items such as the full length fret levelers and radius beam. If there were more than 5 stars available I give it 10!

Jonathan @ Feline Guitars  Croydon, Surrey, UK Read my reviews (5)
3 8-14-2010
Well it's okay....

I've had one a few months now. As a platform from which to work on guitars and necks it's excellent. However the dials are such a hassle I've taken them off. Firstly raising and lowering them requires mole grips which damages the threads, secondly the dial plungers rest against the curved back of the guitar neck but have flat brass tips so if the neck, dial, dial plunger or dial mount moves even a fraction the dials readings are affected. I have watched the DVD and am not convinced that adjusting a guitar in the vertical playing position makes any meaningful difference than working on it flat. If there IS a difference (and Dan obviously thinks there is) then it certainly isn't worth the hassle (and risk) of shackle-strapping the guitar to a plank and flipping it over 90 degrees.
In hindsight I could have made one of these myself.

Slicepack  UK Read my reviews (12)
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