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ColorTone Polishing Compounds

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The final step for a beautiful finish. Available in shop-size containers, or in 4-ounce bottles for smaller jobs.

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ColorTone Polishing Compounds
  Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
1202 Medium, 1.65 lb. jar Yes

1203 Fine 1.65 lb. jar Yes

1204 Swirl Remover, 16-oz. bottle Yes

1205 Set of 3 large sizes SAVE $4.00 Yes

1844 Coarse, 4-oz. bottle Yes

1845 Medium, 4-oz. bottle Yes

1846 Fine 4-oz. bottle Yes

1847 Swirl Remover, 4-oz. bottle Yes

1848 Set of 4 small sizes SAVE $4.00 Yes

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A customer described it best: ColorTone® polishing compounds make the magic happen! Used by hand with a soft cloth or with foam rotary polishing pads, they transform a fine-sanded new finish into a dazzling high-gloss surface you can be proud of. ColorTone compounds remove fine sanding scratches on instrument finishes and plastic pickguards, with no silicone residue to hamper future refinishing.

If you're final-sanding a new finish with 600 to 800-grit papers, begin the polishing sequence with Coarse compound. If final sanding is done with 1200-grit, start with Medium compound. Fine compound follows Medium when a super-high gloss is desired.

Swirl Remover applied with a foam rotary pad removes buffing marks and extremely fine sanding scratches on fresh finishes. It can also be used by hand to bring out a higher lustre on new or aged finishes.

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ColorTone Polishing Compounds
ColorTone Polishing Compounds
5 out of 5 stars
Based on 75 ratings Write a Review
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5 9-08-2011
Great product!

Bought all the grits in a set together with the foam polishing pads. Must say they work like a charm, takes a bit of getting used to, but the result is undeniably superb, gives a professional finished look.

Artios Music  Belgium Read my reviews (4)
5 9-07-2011
Best Polishing Compound that money can buy

With this compounds you can't get any better. Giving professional results with litlle effort.
I finish my wet sanding at P1000 and start polishing with the coarse compound. It's a sure success recipe and you'll forget to see any scratches leaved behind.

Diego Vila  Spain Read my reviews (3)
5 9-02-2011
New Polishing Compounds

The new liquid compounds are great. Especially the 4oz bottle whereas the jar compound hardens and is hard to work with. Haven't tried the swirl remover yet, but will.

MED  Delray, FL Read my reviews (37)
5 8-30-2011

I used the medium, fine, and swirl remover with Stewmac's foam buffing pads. First I sanded everything with 2000 grit sandpaper before starting with medium grit compound. My final result looks just as good as a new piano finish. I love it. To be honest, I'm not sure if I could tell any difference in my finish between stopping at fine and then using swirl remover. So if you did not use the swirl remover, you might be perfectly happy. Regardless, I am confident that my finish is now as smooth as can be.

DanielK  California Read my reviews (8)
5 8-04-2011
great stuff !!!!!!

I used it for my project guitar I have just completed. Started with the medium, then the fine , the the swirl remover . Shines like New Money !!!!!

Manny Pavone  Newtown, CT Read my reviews (16)
1 7-29-2011
Not as good as expected...

Up until now everything I've purchased at StewMac has been excellent. This product fell short. I wet sanded up to 1500 grit and started in with the medium compound (using the foam drill attachments.) It was easy to see I needed to use the coarse liquid since there were still some scratches being left behind. I've been over one body twice with coarse\med\fine and there are still scratches. Going forward I'll plan on wet sanding to 2000 grit and look for something else for the final rub out. Either I expect too much or this product simply isn't as good as it should be.

tb  Portland OR Read my reviews (50)
5 7-22-2011

J'ai essayer ce produit pour la première fois et je doit dire que ces un excellent produit et j'ai obtenu un excellent résultat.

Daniel G. Luthier  Canada, Qébec Read my reviews (9)
5 7-11-2011

I sanded the guitar after clear coat with 600 then 1200 (wetsand) and then buffed the body with the course and fine compound on an old cotton rag. These are awesome, and really help you get the gloss. I'm sure it would have came out better with a foam pad, and buying the medium. These are defiantly a keeper for whenever I want something shinier then satin.

Julius  Canada Read my reviews (20)
Customer supplied image for review
4 7-10-2011
Good Product.

You can get a great finish with this. Works great with the drill buffers. A large buffer slings it to the floor.

Goodson Guitars  Odessa, Tx Read my reviews (18)
5 6-03-2011
Like Glass

Currently My thing is to take 20+ year old guitars which I always wanted as a kid during the 80’s (but never could afford) then rebuild and restore them to a dream like state. So I brought the entire set of Colortone Compounds to help me get there... I have found that traveling through the grits from 800 to 4000 paper (using a 1 inch by 2 inch pink pencil eraser as a sanding block) all I really need is the swirl remover to get a professional, super flat, mirrored glass finish on acrylic lacquer... Love this Swirl Remover.. An Excellent polishing compound, invaluable, and works perfectly from full finishing jobs to small re-finishing jobs. For the best results. I have found that it’s better to apply these compounds with a series of foam rotary pads sold here at Stewmac. I run them about 550rpm in a drill press for full finishing jobs; or in a cordless drill set at low rpm’s for smaller touch-up jobs. (remember to wash them out after use). But you can also apply the swirl remover with your towel covered pointin’ finger for buffing out very small problem areas. Gotta Say.. I find everything I need to get the job done right here at Stewmac... Next To build me a dream guitar from scratch – Wish Me Luck.

M.B.D.  Payson AZ
Customer supplied image for review
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