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Alpha Blend Pots

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Our unique linear-taper pots control the signal mix from two pickups or sources, panning from one source to another, with both signals full at the center detent.

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Alpha Blend Pots
Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
4137 250K-ohm Yes
6 or more $4.43  
12 or more $3.88  

4138 500K-ohm Yes
6 or more $4.43  
12 or more $3.88  

Quantity prices apply to multiples of the same item number Selected currency  


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250K vs. 500K
Generally, 500K-ohm pots are used with humbuckers and 250Ks are used with single-coil pickups. You can use any value you like, but a 250K will give a slightly warmer tone than a 500K pot. The 250K pot bleeds off (attenuates) some of the high frequencies to ground.

Shaft diameter 6mm split shaft, coarse knurling
Thread M7 x 0.75
Threaded portion 3/8" (9.52mm)
Required mounting hole diameter    9/32" (7.14mm)
Flat washer and two mounting nuts included

To see the knobs available for these pots, click here.

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 Ratings and reviews
Alpha Blend Pots
Alpha Blend Pots
4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 26 ratings Write a Review
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3 11-12-2011
good price,need more wiring examples

Still working on it.

Chuck B.  Miami, FL Read my reviews (6)
4 10-10-2011
yes but no

great potentiometer, effectively completed my PRS inspired electric guitar. its difficult to wire though because the terminals are all very huddled together and that got very frustrating after a little but oh well

james147  New York Read my reviews (21)
5 8-13-2011

Smooth operation and nicely built.

Midnight Lord  Ottawa Read my reviews (18)
5 8-12-2011
just what I needed

This blender pot gave me exactly what I wanted in the bass I built custom pickups messing with two volume knobs when getting the blend of neck and bridge pickups just alnico 2 neck and alnico 5 bridge gives just the right amount of character for that slap sound when blended right...makes an entry level bass so like a big boy, while giving more normal sounding mixes for either pickup alone as well.

Eastgrove pickups  St. Louis, Mo Read my reviews (35)
Customer supplied image for review
5 8-10-2011
awesome blend pots

I used two of these on one guitar with 3 pickups. The front blend pot controls the mix of the neck and middle pickups and the back blend pot controls the mix of whatever you chose from the first blend pot and the bridge pickup. This is way better than having a standard 5 way selector switch.

Not only can you choose exactly which pickup(s) you want to use, you can add just a touch of another pickup to the sound. For instance, if I am playing high gain distortion parts, I typically use mainly the bridge pickup for the clarity and I will add just a touch of the neck pickup to fatten it up and give it a little more bass.

I much prefer this method over having volume pots for every pickup. There is a difference in the audio sweep than a standard volume pot though. It makes sharper moves from channel to channel at the center from the divot and then becomes more subtle toward the ends of the travel of the pot. It is more like a curve than a more linear sounding volume pot. At first I didn't like it but once I go used to the feel of it I wasn't so disturbed by it.

After playing my guitar I even have a couple friends that are modding their guitars with blend pots and getting rid of the pickup selector switches. Switches are faster, but if you are a real tone junkie you will prefer having blend pots.

They didn't have a wiring diagram that came with them but I found one here on Stew Mac. It was kind of a pain wiring 2 of these in one guitar but I didn't have any problems with it and it worked properly after following Stew Mac's directions.

Seth  Indiana Read my reviews (7)
4 7-06-2011
Blend Pots

Tried 500k and did not like the tone so I went to 250k. It made the tone of my guitar slightly darker but brighter strings put me right where I want to be. My Telecaster is now the most versatile guitar I have ever owned. Only negative- Had to use import spec knob due to smaller shaft size

Gardo  Pa
5 7-05-2011
Blend Pots

Resurrecting a 63 Melody Maker for the forth time in its lifetime. This time instead of the LP lay out,I went with master vol,master tone and a blend pot.Works great and cleans things up.

Thank You SM
Steven Koerner

Steven K  Columbia, Maryland Read my reviews (20)
Customer supplied image for review
4 5-04-2011
Nice pot

like to wire this pot as a two volume, two pickup bleed to mono jack. If you have a wiring diagram link please post it below. Thanks.

Liquidguitars  Ojai Ca. Read my reviews (10)
4 4-03-2011
Good piece!

These pots are good quality and resist to time!!!

Blazzio  Brazil Read my reviews (11)
3 12-23-2010
Good idea but be aware

I am writing this review as a way to supply you with additional information regarding bled pots in general. That is why I have rated this item with only three stars, to get your attention. As far as blend pots go these are good quality at the right price. Now, here is the BE AWARE part....

These blend pots work as described as long as you are an electrical engineer, otherwise you need to talk with StewMac's tech department first. What I am talking about is that there are electrical consequences to installing blend pots in general.

First, the tone of your guitar will change and you may need to change your volume and tone pots to recover your original tone characteristics. That is if you can calculate the correct electrical formula that will determine the required value of the replacement volume and tone pots.

Second, if the DC resistance value (k ohms) of your pickups is different the center detent position will have less volume than to just either side of the detent position. So.... as you are smoothly blending from the one pickup to the other there will be a very unpleasant drop in volume at the center detent position which is suppose to be full on for both pickups.

After building four guitars with blend pots I have come to the conclusion that the small advantage blend pots offer is no where near the difficulties encountered with their use. Now you have been informed, proceed with caution.

Ken  Boise, Idaho Read my reviews (7)
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