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Railhammer Hyper Vintage Pickup

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Fat tone. No mush. Railhammer takes the humbucker to a new level of performance with their unique combination of rails and poles.

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Railhammer Hyper Vintage Pickup

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  Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
5480 Bridge pickup with black cover Yes

5481 Neck pickup with black cover Yes

5485 Bridge pickup with chrome cover Yes

5486 Neck pickup with chrome cover Yes

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Tight lows and fat highs—perfect tonal balance without compromise!
Railhammer's Hyper Vintage bridge pickup is warm, open and lightly compressed. Perfect for blues and classic rock. The neck pickup won't turn to mush when you dig in, even with chords. Great for blues, classic rock, old school metal and punk.

8.5K ohms 7.5K ohms
Alnico 5 magnet Alnico 5 magnet
42 gauge coil wire 42 gauge coil wire

There's no mistaking the look of a Railhammer humbucker, or the great sound!
They're the result of a personal tone quest by guitar industry veteran Joe Naylor, founder of Reverend Guitars. Joe was tired of hearing mushy distortion from neck-position humbuckers.

His solution: narrow-sensing height-tapered rails for the wound strings, to reduce note smearing, and oversize 6mm polepieces for the plain strings, to increase note thickness and sustain. "I thought if I can keep the clarity of rails on the wound strings, but build in the fat tone of large round poles for the plain strings, it'd be perfect." And he did it, without volume drop-out anywhere on the pickup!

Railhammer humbuckers have universal string spacing that works for practically any guitar, thanks to the oversize polepieces and long rails. They fit any guitar with standard size humbuckers. The non-adjustable poles, vacuum wax-potted coils and 6-screw baseplate (standard humbuckers have 4) reduce internal vibration to prevent unwanted feedback.

Railhammers are available in Hyper Vintage, Chisel and Anvil models.

Includes height screws and springs. 500K pots and .022 microfarad tone cap are recommended.

Versatile 4-conductor hookup wire with ground allows custom coil-splitting, phase reversal and series/parallel wiring.

Wire color codes:
Black = hot
Green = ground
Braid = ground
White = red: Solder together and tape off

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 Ratings and reviews
Railhammer Hyper Vintage Pickup
Railhammer Hyper Vintage Pickup
5 out of 5 stars
Based on 4 ratings Write a Review
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5 7-16-2013

My guitar tech told me about these pickups and how with the rail side eliminates the loud boominess you get when playing chords with the low E string up around the 7th fret and up wards and how the bigger circle magnetics helped to keep the higher notes thicker and fuller sounding. I checked out the videos online and checked out Railhammer's website. I was really impressed with what I saw and heard. And that’s coming from a dedicated “I only use high-end pickups" man. I ordered a set of the Vintage Railhammers as I play worship and praise to a hard rock kind of style and didn’t think I needed the metal Railhammers. My guitar tech was very excited when I called to have him install them as he’d been dying to hear them himself. They were easy to install I was told and they sound incredible!! I’m playing an Epiphone Sheraton II ES-335 and these pickups ROCK in the bridge position. These may be “Vintage” but they scream when you want to wail out a lead and no “boomie” bottom end when playing chords higher up the neck. I haven’t played a B chord for over 25 years up on the 7th fret because of the boominess you always get. The balance between all the strings is truly amazing. The neck pick up is great for that thick jazzy / Boston sounding leads and playing chords is also clear and not muddy sounding again no boominess. When playing both pickups you get a beautiful balance of a thick almost a bell sound quality. I love this position when playing clean with chorus or without even a little bit of grit in this position it sounds great. I highly recommend these pickups and will be picking up a set of the new chrome one’s very soon. Sorry other pickup manufacturers, you’ve lost my business to a way better pickup. Way to think out of the box, Railhammers.

Brian Odermatt  Surrey, BC Canada
Customer supplied image for review
5 1-02-2013
Best I Have Ever Used

Excellent quality, very precisely made. Sound characteristics as advertised. Only criticism is a better spring mounting technique would save lots of headaches.

The Lefty Luthier  Spring Branch, Texas Read my reviews (40)
5 10-22-2012
Love the sound

I wanted to replace the stock pickups in my strat (H/S/H) as they sounded "just ok." After a lot of reading and research, I purchased the HV's for the neck and bridge. I had a professional put them in, as I wanted the set up done and I didn't want to mess up my guitar. The adjusted the middle pickup to work with the HV's. Very happy that I did this and look forward to making a lot of music with these pickups.

J K Jones  Los Angeles, CA Read my reviews (6)
Customer supplied image for review
5 9-10-2012
Un-muddy your Les Paul...

I have a mid-90s Les Paul Studio and have been looking for some time to improve upon the sound of the stock pickups and electronics. They're not bad, as such, but I definitely felt that my guitar could sound more defined. In particular, the stock neck pickup was only ever good for soloing when used with an overdriven amp - way too mushy for chord work. I was considering various humbucker options when I came across the advert for the Railhammer pups, watched a couple of reviews on YouTube, and decided that this is what I was looking for.

Full disclosure: I purchased and installed new CTS 500K pots for both volume and tone controls at the same time that I installed a pair of Railhammers. I am by no means an expert with a soldering iron but the job was easy to complete.

The difference was immediate and for the better! The neck pickup is now usable on its own for overdriven chord work and riffing, while remaining nice and fat-sounding. The bridge pickup has plenty of bite still, but I got the clarity I was looking for without sacrificing the character of the guitar. Very happy with the purchase.

Matt W  Boston
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