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GHS Acoustic Soundhole Microphone

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The natural sound of your instrument... only louder.

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GHS Acoustic Soundhole Microphone
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This popular miniature low impedance mic is mounted on a flexible gooseneck, with an integral 1/4" endpin jack.

The microphone is suspended inside the guitar, without contacting the soundboard or altering the instrument's acoustics.

Overall length is 17" allowing the mic to be positioned for best sound. Instructions and battery included.

Special shielded cable has 1/4" to 3-pin XLR connectors and is 15 feet long.

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 Ratings and reviews
GHS Acoustic Soundhole Microphone
GHS Acoustic Soundhole Microphone
4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 22 ratings Write a Review
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3 3-14-2014
Glad I read the reviews!

I already bought this unit and installed it in my Cordoba classical. I still haven't perfectly placed the mic and I was concerned about the battery issue too. The sound hole is just too small for me to be able to get my arm in there like I could on my Fender when I put the LR Baggs M1A in. But, after reading Toby2001's idea about putting a remote battery holder in closer to the sound hole I think I'll give that a try. Once I do that I'll have more ambition to find the sweet spot for the mic.

Dan25  Upstate NY Read my reviews (2)
5 2-19-2014
Excellent Amplified Acoustic Guitar Sound

In searching for pickups to install in my guitar, I looked at several options before a friend of mine suggested I look into an internal condenser mic instead of a traditional pickup. A quick search led me to this internal-mount mic from GHS. The price was right (much less expensive than the pickups I was looking at) so I pulled the trigger, and I’m very glad I did. Installation was fairly easy: just drill the butt end of your guitar to accommodate a 1/4″ jack like you would any other pickup system and fit the unit. I did move the battery holder forward from where it came as for easier access (I can now access it without removing the entire unit) but other than that installation was straightforward once the depth of the endpin rear nut is set. From there you do have to play around with the positioning of the mic to get the best sound. Be patient with this, as a little patience and perseverance will be rewarded. I found in my guitar (a Martin OM-1) the best position was on the treble side of the soundhole with the active part of the mic (denoted by a white dot) pointed right at the treble strings as the sound was rather boomy otherwise. For dreadnoughts and/or other large bodied guitars you might even need to position it below the soundhole to mitigate the boom. For brighter guitars such as a smaller bodied Taylor a more neutral position behind the strings might be better, but given the nature of an internal mic (which will catch the bass off the reverb inside the guitar body) I don’t think it would ever need to be placed on the bass side, and I think it goes without saying that one should expect the best results with the active part of the mic facing the strings. Yes, it does take some time to get it dialed in but once you do the sound is fantastic and is, in my opinion, a fairly good representation of the guitar unplugged. It’s not as good as an expensive condenser mic stuck in front of the guitar (and there will never be a substitute for this for recording), but awfully close and much better than any pickup I've ever heard. It actually sounds like an acoustic guitar and not an electric guitar like most soundhole pickups and it has absolutely none of the quack that you’d expect from an undersaddle pickup. Output is more than sufficient for solo and/or open mic type performances without feedback; for band or high-volume situations I will run the guitar through a preamp and drop in a soundhole cover in order to be able to crank up the volume without worrying about feedback. I was worried that putting something inside the guitar would change the unplugged sound but this fear turned out to be unwarranted. I noticed no tonal change from my guitar unplugged. Just make sure you have floating and not resting on any of the braces or on the back of the guitar as this might affect tone. All in all, I’m pleased with the unit. It does what I need it to and it sounds great doing it. Probably the best plugged in tone I've ever heard from an acoustic guitar and the price was an added bonus. For my guitar and I, this was precisely what the doctor ordered. I’m more than pleased with the results.

Lynn B.  Abilene, TX
Customer supplied image for review
5 1-29-2014
Update on first impressions

Since my first review of the mic, I have found that by re-positioning the mic I can get rid of the boomy resonance and don't need external eq. In my dreadnought sized guitar, the mic is now close against the lower bout. Also volume is more than adequate. I have been able to take my Levin and plug it in at folk clubs and it sounds great.

Eric Sharp  England Read my reviews (3)
5 12-06-2013
Natural sounding mic

My Levin guitar doesn't have a conventional bridge saddle, so I have been looking at alternative pickups for some time. The GHS mic was recommended to me for being reasonably priced, easy to fit and with natural sound. It is easy to fit if you know how to drill the end hole, which I had done before. The sound is good, and captures the character of the guitar. I have two reservations. The output level into my acoustic amp is lower than other pickups, which I suspect is impedence related. I don't want to feed it into the low impedence XLR socket, because that is where my vocal mic goes. The other issue is that there is a resonance peak (in my guitar about 420Hz) probably inevitable with an internal mic. My acoustic amp filters that out nicely. To solve these minor issues for folk club or open mic sessions, I will carry an eq/preamp pedal. Overall I am well pleased. I don't think other pickups would have captured the distinctive sound of the guitar as well.

Eric Sharp  England Read my reviews (3)
Customer supplied image for review
5 11-22-2013
Great Bang for the Buck

Came across this here on StewMacs site and a friend whom I perform occasionally with as an acoustic duo was in need of a way to amplify his relatively inexpensive guitar. I had already dressed his frets and installed a bone nut and made him a compensated bone saddle for the guitar which made the instrument very playable so we thought after reading the reviews on this item "why not give it a try?" It took a bit of trial and error to find the sweet spot and to achieve a reasonable volume without feedback we followed the manufacturers suggestion and installed a soundhole cover. The only negatives I have regarding this unit is as others have stated the battery location which is easily remedied with a wiring mod. Also the fact that you cannot power this device with phantom power. I did have to notch out a bit of midrange with a parametric eq to achieve ultimate sound but this certainly did the job. I am so impressed with this unit that I am replacing the under saddle transducers in both my Martin steel string and my Taylor nylon string in favor of this unit. It achieves a very true acoustic sound and tone without the dreaded piezo quack associated with the under saddle transducers. Highly recommended.

Lex Luthier  Flint, MI U.S.A.
5 9-01-2013
Great sound

I've long believed that an acoustic instrument should sound like an acoustic instrument, and that pickups made them sound like electric instruments, and usually not very good electric instruments at that. I was always of the opinion that if you wanted to plug in, get yourself a solid-body electric guitar! So when my wife and I had the opportunity to build a guitar and cuatro in an artisan guitar shop in Costa Rica, we had to decide what to do about amplification when we were to perform at our son's wedding this summer. Our decision, based on recommendations on this site, was to install GHS Acoustic Soundhole mikes in both instruments. Installation was easy (you will need an endpin jack reamer). At the wedding, we plugged our instruments in small 15 watt guitar amps without the use of pre-amps. They sounded great, with no feedback problems. Five stars for the GHS Acoustic Soundhole Microphone!

J Glick  Portland, OR
Customer supplied image for review
5 5-03-2013
Pleasanty Surprised

Looking for an alternative to the standard acoustic pickup, I bought this. Since the alteration to the guitar is essentially the same as other pickups, what did I have to lose? I installed it, did a little research and experimenting on placement, and I love this thing! True acoustic sound with no feedback. For the price you will not find a better solution!

GLovey  Canandaigua, NY Read my reviews (2)
5 3-17-2013
Altogether A Very Good Choice

For many years I have used this internal mic to give me versatility and authentic sound in my old Gibson long-neck banjo. I tried other devices but none really sounded like a banjo. A big plus was that I've never had a hassle with a sound man. No matter what kind of direct or snake or input he offered me it worked right the first time. Even with a plain old guitar chord. I have installed this model in many of my own instruments and for friends and students. Remember, it's a mic, so expect to use normal good sense to avoid feedback. It's not a humbucker. Having said that the sensitivity is fine so feedback has never been a problem.

Steve Kelsey  Fayetteville, AR
5 6-28-2012
GHS Acoustic Soundhole Mic

This is an excellent pickup, I have it on a 12 stringed Susuki and it is by far the best sound I have had from any pickup on this guitar over many years. Great value and well worth the wait.

PaulG  Ireland
5 3-28-2012
GHS Soundhole Mic outstanding...

A good friend purchased a Voyage Air guitar for gigs that require air travel. She needed electronics installed for the stage and came to me for help (I had done a guitar for her previously). With the folding neck and loss of string tension, pickup options for this guitar were limited. We finally settled on the GHS Acoustic Soundhole mic and I agreed to install it for her.

One drawback to this unit is that the battery location requires the device be removed to change the battery, so I decided to relocate the holder to the the guitar side near the soundhole. The battery holder that comes with it is so stiff, inserting the battery is very difficult, so I substituted a holder with a spring that holds securely, but is easier to reinstall the battery.

The installation was not difficult, even with relocating the battery holder. The sound produced was outstanding, very pure. When my friend got her guitar home, she said this inexpensive travel guitar might even sound better amplified than her Taylor with factory electronics. She is very pleased with the results, and since she has to play it on stage, her opinion is more important than mine.

As with any microphone pickup, feedback is a concern, and a soundhole cover seems a good idea. She's using a makeshift one until she can find one to fit the non-standard size hole on her guitar.

However, I'm impressed enough that I plan to order one of these from Stew-Mac for a guitar I plan to make in a couple months (from a kit).

Note that there are apparently two models of the GHS Soundhole Mic and this is the internal mount version. This model seems to be somewhat rare these days and I found Stew-Mac to be the best of the few sources I could find for it.

An Old Picker  Melbourne, FL
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