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Pickup Spring Tubing

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Just like on vintage Fenders, this rubber tubing avoids microphonic feedback and rattles that metal pickup springs can cause.

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Pickup Spring Tubing
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5070 Pickup Spring Tubing Yes

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Pickup Spring Tubing
Pickup Spring Tubing
4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 18 ratings Write a Review
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5 3-20-2014
Tube Spring Boogie

I use this tubing along with the two different metal springs S-M sells when I need to deal differently with space restrictions under my pickguards. This stuff has the added advantage of not making any noise, mechanical or harmonic, when installed.

Bob Rainey  Fernandina Beach, FL Read my reviews (9)
5 9-19-2013
Better than springs

Especially on older pickups. They haelp eliminate that annoying hum.

CDC  Austin, TX Read my reviews (11)
4 6-06-2013
101 other uses

I found that this product is also great to use as a stop on drill bits. Can be cut to the required length and slid onto small diameter bits, leaving the desired cutting portion exposed. Beats having pieces of tape flapping around and around.

PMinstruments  Australia
4 4-17-2013
just what I needed

worked great!

Wil Tyree  USA Read my reviews (2)
5 1-19-2013
Get out the grease!

Make sure you grease the inside and both ends to make adjusting your pickups easier and be accurate with your lengths as it doesn't compress like a single coil spring. Is ideal for humbuckers as holds them nice and steady. Cheap too! Also holds your screws in place ready for pickups.

Jerome Sutton, Guitar Doctor NL  Hengelo (O), Netherlands Read my reviews (6)
5 1-03-2013
Good product

I was in the middle of my strat re-nut and just happened to notice the pickup tubing had that nasty old rubber discoloration. Cheap enough to just "add to the order" and I didn't have any problems with fitment.

Ahab  Camby, IN Read my reviews (4)
5 9-15-2012
Trem springs silencer

This tubing has the exact diameter to get into the springs of my Ibanez edge trem. Works like a charm. In fact this thing has made the springs quieter than a real noiseless springs set that i have,(I think it gives a very little acoustic boost too)

Loren  Spain Read my reviews (2)
5 6-05-2012

Instead of petroleum jelly, I used bar soap to lube the threads before slipping the tubing over, and that worked well. I used the Tele bridge screws for my Dimarzio Virtual Vintage/Area pickups (they have tall bobbins because of the stacked design). This solved my pickup wobble problems.

SweetSpotGuitar  Phoenix, AZ Read my reviews (2)
5 7-12-2011
Get a grip guys....c'mon....

The tubing is not too tight, its supposed to be tight, just put a little vaseline on your screw and it'll slide right in. Tubing that is too loose compresses very poorly and you may get pickups that flop around, eh?

SDPickups  Northwest Read my reviews (3)
1 7-07-2011
Pickup Spring Tubing

Inside diameter too small for both my Stratocaster and Telecaster pickup screws. Completely useless.

bluesky636  USA
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