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Emerson Paper-In-Oil Caps

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Period-correct specs, warm tone. Genuine handmade tone caps, hand-picked by our friend Mitch Ingram at Emerson Custom Guitars and Electronics.

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Emerson Paper-In-Oil Caps
Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
1279 .047uF (red)
Non-RoHS compliant, cannot ship to EU countries

1280 .022uF (yellow)
Non-RoHS compliant, cannot ship to EU countries

1276 NEW! .015uF (green)
Non-RoHS compliant, cannot ship to EU countries

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New old stock paper-in-oil caps from the former Soviet Union are prized by aficionados for their period-correct specs and subtle warm tone quality. Sold individually.

Capacitors are energy-storage devices that filter the high frequencies. A cap lets the tone control roll off the treble response, progressively warming the tone. The higher the value, the more bass output from the tone control at its "zero" setting.

A cap wired to a potentiometer creates a standard tone control, as explained in this article:
How a tone control works

Value Common use
.047uF - 200V Single-coil guitars, many basses
.022uF - 200V Humbucker tone
.015uF - 200V With neck position humbucker for the Clapton "woman tone"

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 Ratings and reviews
Emerson Paper-In-Oil Caps
Emerson Paper-In-Oil Caps
5 out of 5 stars
Based on 21 ratings Write a Review
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5 4-13-2014
Hands Down The Best !

I have used every cap on the market in the last 30 years including true Bumblebees and these are by far the BEST!! Very rich warm tone I will be ordering more for each of my guitars.

Tracy G  Indianapolis,IN Read my reviews (4)
Customer supplied image for review
5 4-01-2014
My personal favorite

I love these caps. Tone, tone, tone, tone and did I mention tone? They work great with vintage output as well as modern high output pickups. With these caps your instrument tone control won't have a sweet "spot". It'll have about 20!

Pacific North Coast Guitars  Washington USA Read my reviews (39)
5 3-03-2014

I'm sitting here practicing and I had to stop just to give my review of these caps. At first I didn't notice a big difference but as I'm breaking them in, I am blown away by the tones I am getting. I took a Chinese 335 knock off (with a great neck and body) and swapped all of the electronics out and put in these caps along with new pups, pots, switches, jack, wiring, bridge, tailpiece and nut. All parts from StewMac. What a difference. Best sounding electric I've owned by FAR. I got their less expensive version pups but they don't sound like it. With these caps my dog looks at me when he hears the freakin growl. Get these, break them in and see for yourself. Thanks StewMac.

Marc E..  Boston Read my reviews (2)
5 1-03-2014

Once you try them, I think I wouldn't use anything else, superb product.

Joe304  Read my reviews (3)
5 1-02-2014
Excellent Capacitor.

I suggest it all kind of players which who uses single coil pickups.It eliminates harsh sound. But price a little high.

Seref Gökhan Pekkaya  Turkey Read my reviews (3)
5 12-13-2013

In my LP custom shop R9 with the addition of Joe Bonamassa pickups these caps are the icing on the cake...way to go StewMac

Buddy  villa rica, georgia Read my reviews (12)
Customer supplied image for review
5 12-13-2013
Tonal heaven achieved

I added the .022 Emerson paper in oil caps with cts pots and set of newly installed Parson street PAF,s. My Les Paul sings highs and lows as smooth as can be. Worth every dollar for this upgrade. I will be ordering more of these for install in a few other projects.

teemotio  Winnipeg,Mb Read my reviews (3)
5 11-22-2013
That Elusive Sound

I have an Ibanez Artcore that just didn't sound right - harsh, no definition, slightly muddy tone, very little articulation. So, when I couldn't stand it anymore, I dropped a pair of TV Jones Classics into it, and finished the refit with a pair of these caps. I also shielded the pots with the copper tape, available here. Talk about a night and day difference! Astounding! Now, as you roll back the tone controls, the sound gets creamy and smooth, no harshness, no mud! Yes, the pickups made a big difference, but these caps match up exremely well. Expensive, but worth it. Throw away your modern disc caps, put these in, you won't regret it.

Jim A.  Illinois Read my reviews (3)
5 8-24-2013

The mid frequencies really smooth up. Sounds sweet. But it's an expensive stuff just to get the sound right. What can we do rather than buy it nayway? =D Great stuff.

BrunoLobão  Brazil - Rio de Janeiro Read my reviews (15)
4 6-03-2013
Just Great Tone

These are just great caps. Smooth and creamy all the way down without getting muffled and bottoming out. I'd put them right up there with original Sprague or high-end repros. I'd give them five stars, but I might need more and don't want you guys to buy them all.

T Zero  Dallas
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