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Hipshot Tremsetter

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Tremolo stabilizer!
Returns a tremolo to an exact position every time.

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Hipshot Tremsetter

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For use with full-floating tremolos, the Hipshot™ Tremsetter automatically returns a tremolo to an exact position every time! The guitar will stay in tune better, and tuning is quicker and more accurate, because the bridge won't move due to changes in string tension. Other benefits include eliminating tremolo warble and open strings won't go flat during string bends.

Now you can palm-mute strings, play aggressive rhythm parts, string bends and double-stops, and the bridge and tuning will remain stable.

The Tremsetter works with most vintage-style and floating tremolos, including Fender, Floyd Rose®, Wilkinson and Ibanez.

Instructions are included.

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 Ratings and reviews
Hipshot Tremsetter
Hipshot Tremsetter
4 out of 5 stars
Based on 21 ratings Write a Review
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5 12-02-2011
Don't read the bad reviews

As a professional guitar technician I have installed dozens of these. They do exactly what they are supposed to, and are a lifesaver for any guitarist who wants a more stable, in tune tremolo system. The Installation MUST be done precisely and by a pro, as it is a very delicate procedure. I have not had one complaint from any of my clients, and sell more and more of these every year. All in all great product that works as advertised.

Steve Guitar Guy  Calgary, AB, Canada
5 11-15-2011
I can't use a Floyd without one

There are some reviewers who bag this item.Ignore them.They probably have not set it up properly.If you get annoyed having your Floyd Rose go out of tune when string bending,or want a stable floating trem,then this is for you.I have 3 of these and all work very well indeed.Easy to install and set up.Great peace of mind for gigging guitarist as it helps if you break a string mid song.I've used another similar unit a Rockinger? Black box.This is better.

TomL  Sydney,Australia Read my reviews (16)
3 10-06-2011
It's alright

It helps with tuning stability and you do notice it with string bends. But its not all its hyped up to be.

Sam W  New Zealand Read my reviews (2)
2 9-07-2011
Don't waste your money

I installed this in my strat and it was just a complete waste of my time. Thinking I had done something wrong, I took it to the shop to have it set up. It never made much of a difference.

Brandon S.  Philadelphia, PA Read my reviews (6)
5 8-11-2011

As with anything, you have to know what you are doing when installing and using the Tremsetter. It does what it is supposed to do and works perfectly. So much so that Steve Vai uses them. That in itself was good enough for me to purchase and try. Won't have another floating trem without one of these.

Shon  Colorado Springs, Colorado
1 5-31-2011

This was a very disappointing purchase. I installed this on a strat style guitar with a Wilkinson. Have wondered for ages if these were any good, but now I know I needn't have bothered.

It does help slightly with tuning stability, but at a HUGE trade off. I now find that the range of movement has a distinct "clunk" in feel as the trem-setter "engages" which is not pleasant and has taken the subtly out of any movement. I also had to drill a hole in the guitar body to fit this!!! Not worth it :-(

Dave (Union Guitars)  Australia Read my reviews (3)
5 4-14-2011
Works well

It added stability to the trem on my guitar. It is especially noticeable with string bends.

DagS  Norway Read my reviews (10)
1 11-22-2010
not worth $40

I tried this and quickly found that if you spend a couple of buck on new springs and adjust them properly, then you are better off. If you plan on Steve Vai'ing your bridge, then drop the money on a proper bridge made for dive-bombing. It is cheaply made and poorly designed. At best there are $3 worth of parts. It is not worth it

bossy meat creature  charleston, wv Read my reviews (6)
5 9-27-2010
Simply Great!

It's great, My tremolo word very nice. It's a Jackson JT-580 trem, and work like an original Floyd Rose. I recommend this item especially to tremolo lovers guys.

Angel Barrón  Mazatlán, México
5 8-02-2010
The answer to all tremolos

I used to think the only way to keep tuning stable was to have a floyd rose. I hated playing my strat because i had to tune it every 5 minutes and i preffered my Ibanez with the Z-trem. Eventually, I found about the tremsetter and decided to install it on my strat. Although Im not a fan of drilling holes into my guitars, I must say its quite the payoff. The tuning AND the intonation are now stable, and I can use the tremolo without being paranoid about going out of tune. While this device has its limitations, I would say it keeps my tuning 80% stable. I plan to add even more tuning stability to my strat by installing Planet Waves Trim-lok tuning keys, Graphtech nut and a Gotoh/Wilkinson Bridge.

Omar Jadan  Columbus, OH Read my reviews (8)
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