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Compensated Bridge Saddles for Tele

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A set that retains the vintage look and tone, but helps improve traditional 3-saddle Tele guitar bridge intonation.

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Compensated Bridge Saddles for Tele
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Each saddle is angled for better string length compensation.

Vintage-style polished unplated brass, with chrome height screws, springs and intonation screws. Similar to the saddles installed on the Danny Gatton signature series Tele guitar.

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Compensated Bridge Saddles for Tele
Compensated Bridge Saddles for Tele
4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 37 ratings Write a Review
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5 2-29-2012
Just compensation

I looked at several compensated saddles and bought a couple to try. These were the only ones that got it right. I quickly got these saddles intonated as well as any six-saddle bridge, yes they were that close on my Tele. Other saddles were over-compensated or were too long so they interfered with each other on the bridge plate. The round Stew-Mac saddles also retain the classic look as opposed to the wedge-cut style.

Forrest  Seattle, WA
4 1-12-2012
Bang for the buck!

The fit and finish are good, no complaints. The intonation was very close. I was able to get 4 strings perfect and 2 pretty close (hence 4 stars). I have not used other manufactures much more expensive saddles on a tele so no comparison. If you are switching from steel to brass be prepared for a darker tone.

guitarsneffects  Coeur d'Alene, ID
5 10-22-2011
Nice Upgrade For Telecaster

I bought these for a Squier CV Tele and they fit just fine (they are 21.2mm wide & 8mm thick). You will need to move the screws around to the other side for the D/G string so that the angle is correct but that's no big deal. Getting the intonation set is a bit trickier than with 6 saddles, I wouldn't say the intonation from these is 100% (maybe 98%/99%)but it is ALOT better than standard straight saddles no question. I would definately recommend these, i've never been dissapointed with any stewmac product in terms of quality. Stewmac, it would be good if you could include the measurements on the website for these saddles, I'm really surprised that you haven't. All in all a good upgrade!

Leo Thomas  UK Read my reviews (4)
Customer supplied image for review
5 9-27-2011
Great saddles

These allowed me to achieve perfect intonation on a tele. I noticed an increase in punch and sustain as well.

carlton wilkinson  victoria, tx Read my reviews (27)
5 8-17-2011
Very easy - Sounds great!

Pretty easy to install -- I just loosened the strings -- took the old ones out - and popped these in! Make sure to reverse the screw on the middle saddle to get the intonation right. Also, make note of the approximate position of your previous saddles as a guide. After installation, intonation seems dead on -- and the vintage look of my 52 RI is retained!

SteveCartwrigh  San Jose, CA Read my reviews (3)
5 8-03-2011
Massive Toneful Bell-like!

My Tele came with uncompensated brass saddles. The replacement (compensated) saddles are much more massive. Not only have they improved the intonation of my guitar to near perfection (at the 12th fret), I've also noticed an added bell-like chime that wasn't there before.

Be warned that the springs are very long, so threading the intonation screws is a bit tricky. It would probably be best to remove the bridge so the body of the guitar isn't in the way... but who am I kidding. I didn't even remove the strings.

Hoopermazing  Michigan, U.S. of A
Customer supplied image for review
3 7-30-2011
Be advised

These saddles do improve intonation but there are a couple of things that should be made clear.

Most importantly, the saddles are not ground flat on the underside like vintage saddles. On my '52 tele I could not get the action low enough on the high E because the underside of the barrel bottomed out on the ashtray bridge. This could be a good thing if they work on your particular guitar because they can be flipped over when they get excessively worn from the strings. Of course, they'd all have to be rotated to keep the intonation correct.

It should also be noted that compared to Fender vintage saddles, the screws are smaller (the intonation screws have a phillips head) and the springs are lighter so they don't have quite the same look.

Dylan  Canada
4 6-18-2011
Definitely helped

This was $15.00 well spent. It took my guitar from almost unplayable, due to poor intonation, to a joy to play. The brass preserves the vintage look of my 69' Tele. There's no noticeable tone improvement, but there is no loss of tone either. Very pleased!

JJuk  Fullerton, CA Read my reviews (25)
5 6-09-2011
No muss, no fuss

These are well-made no frills saddles. They adjust and intonate much like the old saddles from the '50's with a slight compensation. Much like the saddles from the 50's they aren't perfect. Even with the 'compensation' they won't intonate perfectly, however, if you know what you're doing with these little guys, they can and do work quite well by 'averaging' out the intonation. The instructions that come with these saddles arent' the best, and I would advise that if you have never adjusted saddles like this before that you read Dan Erlwine's book for proper set up. You can also opt to do a little research on your own from various internet sites that can advise you. All that being said, once these are installed and tuned up right, they are tone monsters. Mounted to a quality bridge or tailpiece these saddles sustain, sustain, sustain! I've installed many of these for customers as well as on my own telecasters and they really are great. (The price isn't bad either!)

Ranzerox66  Alamogordo, NM
5 5-31-2011
excellent and simple upgrade

These saddles are a big improvement from my stock mexican 50's tele. I did the install and set up myself - quick and easy. The intonation is near perfect and they look great. I can't say I noticed any big difference in tone or sustain, but the guitar is more playable and balanced.

teletom  USA
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