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Locking Roller Bridge

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Low-friction grooved saddles roll freely with a tremolo so your strings always return to pitch. Adjustable for precise intonation.

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Locking Roller Bridge
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5276 Chrome Yes
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5276-G Gold Yes
3 or more $29.95  

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2"14"2-29/32"M8 x 1.25

This unique post-mounted brass bridge has low-friction grooved roller saddles for smooth string return, plus advanced features for improved intonation stability. The holes for the bridge posts are elongated to allow overall intonation adjustment, and allen screws lock the bridge to the posts. The reversible roller saddles are individually adjustable for precise string intonation, and also lock to the bridge with allen screws. Allen wrench and thumbwheel mounting posts with bushings are included.

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About bridge & tailpiece measurements

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Saddle radius determines the arc formed by all the individual saddle heights, and is similar to the measurement of a fretboard.

Stud/post spacing is the distance between the centers of the mounting posts of a bridge or 'stop' tailpiece.

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Locking Roller Bridge
Locking Roller Bridge
4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 39 ratings Write a Review
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5 4-08-2011
I'll use this bridge again

I installed this bridge on my Heritage 575 w/ Bigsby after three unsuccessful efforts with different bridge setups. (tune-o-matics, tune-o-matic with rollers) What finally worked was a StewMac ebony archtop guitar bridge base with this locking roller bridge. Tone is a good as before and the rattles and buzzing have disappeared.

Cheam Peake  Chilliwack Canada
2 3-31-2011
Cheaply made...

I used this with a Bigsby on a custom guitar, finish was pretty good if not excellent, but the screws threatened to strip out, the allen wrench provided didn't hold up to turning them, I got out a hardened steel wrench to finish the setup and intonation, and you can turn the saddles around, there are holes on the other side, but some of them were very hard to screw in, others easy. This has to be made in China, its cheap which could be fine for some, but its really not worth the money.

The only hardware that's worth paying for is precision made stuff. The metal used to make bridges hardly costs that much, its the engineering and quality assembly that are worth paying for. I think they should dump this one TBO, hopefully someone will make a similar but high quality one, the feel when I rested my hand on it was nice and smooth, oh well...

DAB Custom Guitars  Pa Read my reviews (9)
Customer supplied image for review
5 3-03-2011
Great Bridge for MANY reasons!

I use this bridge on all my custom builds with string through the body construction, not just with vibrato systems! I like to build with a 14 degree radius, which is already built into the bridge without having to cut the saddles on a standard 12" radius TOM. The design of the saddles, being open at the ends, also allows you to mount your string ferrules closer to the bridge without the string resting on the back of the bridge (something that always bothered me with a "nashville" and a string through setup).

Also, the dual setscrew locking design allows for a greater range of intonation offset. This bridge makes a great upgrade for an Eppiphone guitar with a 14 degree radius and at a lower cost than other "locking" bridges. Whenever a customer with an Eppi starts talking about a bridge upgrade, I show them one of these on one of my customs. Its my secrete weapon!

H.E.L. Guitars  Mifflintown, PA
Customer supplied image for review
5 1-27-2011
great bridge

I bought a dbz guitar and could never get it intonated right. I bought this bridge and the intonation is dead on, and the tone increased dramatically. I would definitely buy another. Highly recommended.

mike brown  pa
5 1-17-2011
Roller Bridge Worked a Treat on an Epiphone Casino

I purchased the roller bridge hoping to improve tuning on my Bigsby equipped Casino. Well it did the trick, after a small amount of file work to adjust the width of the post holes only about 1/32" it fitted on and clamped up snugly with the Allen screws. Intonation is improved over the original bridge which could not be adjusted to correct the G string. Being so solid, it sounds great.
Tuning stability has definitely improved.

Pete Davis  Brisbane, Australia Read my reviews (4)
Customer supplied image for review
5 12-05-2010
Excellent Upgrade

I put this bridge on my Firebird V along with the Bigsby B5 Tremelo and it works great, but even more, it sounds fantastic! The fact that each roller locks as well as the bridge itself makes for an extremely stable unit, intonation is spot on and helps the Firebird really ring like a bell!

Voodoo Dex  Salina, KS Read my reviews (3)
5 11-03-2010
Works great, looks great

I purchased the silver - and it looks great. Also functions great, I installed this in conjunction with a bigsby b7 on my les paul, and to be honest i'm not having any tuning issues outside the norm.

Excellent buy and easy to install.

CurtisB  Austin, Tx, USA Read my reviews (3)
4 8-08-2010
Feels good

This bridge fits perfect with the Fender neck compound radius. It feels good to the heel of my hand. Looks good too but can buzz a bit. I can hear it in the piezo I installed in this semi acoustic.

Tom Matthey  Tucson Read my reviews (4)
Customer supplied image for review
5 5-29-2010
Great Roller Bridge! My guitars (Alexander James Guitars) are now always available with this bridge.

I have never had a string break on 6 of the guitars I have equipped with this bridge. I think this is mainly due to the bridge. The finish and construction of these bridges are great. All of my Alexander James guitars feature these bridges now.

Alexander James Guitars  Canada Read my reviews (6)
Customer supplied image for review
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