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Plate Mate

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Quick fix for a worn bridge plate! Guards against the eventual wear of ball-end strings on the bridge plate holes beneath the soundboard.

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Plate Mate
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3633 2-1/8" string spread Yes

3637 2-3/16" string spread Yes

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The Plate Mate helps prevent costly bridge plate replacement. This simple .032" brass plate is held in place by the strings and the supplied adhesive backing. Players have also noted enhanced tone and improved tuning stability after installation.

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Plate Mate
Plate Mate
4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 15 ratings Write a Review
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5 3-17-2014
Emergency Quickfix on a Bridgeplate

Had 1 pin hole in bridge plate that had tore out. This platemate saved me and my customer lots of time (for me) and money (for customer). I explained this would work until which time they wanted to have the bridge plate changed out. Very, very little sound difference if any, so they might play on and forget the plate change for some time. A great life saver when you have to have it today.

guitarwoodrat  Cumberland Gap, Tn Read my reviews (18)
5 9-01-2013
Easy to install

Very easy to install. Just follow the instructions. I didn't notice a great difference in the tone, maybe a small improvement and definitely not detrimental but the tuning stability did improve. I don't know why acoustics don't come with these already fitted. Better than chewing out the bridge plate and costing lots of dollars down the track.

Kevin Breeze  Tura Beach NSW Australia Read my reviews (10)
Customer supplied image for review
5 6-07-2013
Gibson 3/4

Installed this on an old, 1964 Gibson 3/4 acoustic....kind of like a student sized along with the over sized bridge pins. Had to Dremel a scoop in each edge to clear the little nuts the guitar had to hold bridge. Otherwise, it was an easy install and the owner says it sounds better than it ever has now.

mr fixit  Hawaii Read my reviews (3)
5 5-30-2013

Really easy to put in, but not sure if it improve the tone quality all the much, could be my old ears. But a great way to get extra miles between bridge change. Thanks Guys, Michael

Smith  Modesto,Ca. Read my reviews (5)
5 2-04-2013
Plate Mate

Love it! Dead simple to fix on... just got to stick the plate via the soundhole to get to the underneath of the bridge with the high & low E bridge pin inserted as a guide. Now the D28's volume & spectrum is slightly boosted and enhanced. Order the plate in accordance to your string spacing and there you go...

Groovy  Singapore Read my reviews (2)
3 1-02-2013
Plate Mate Review

Cheap, easy and fast fix for a worn bridge plate, tunning stability is great, sound is not improved to my ears, sounds much more 'metallic/brassy" with less bass, more trebly, with a lot of overtones on open notes. Good temporary fix to my D-35.

Alejandro Romero  Argentina Read my reviews (2)
3 12-26-2012
Plate Mate review

Good cheap fix for a chewed up bridge plate, It do the job, stability is great. Sound is not improved in my case, less bass response, and it adds a lot of "brassy/metallic" high end to my ear. Same issue using a piezo pickup. Tested on a Martin D-35.

Alejandro Romero  Argentina Read my reviews (2)
4 6-13-2012
Pricey but good kit.

I bought a plate mate for my Martin 000CXE that sufffered with bridge ache. The little piece of brass plate is costly but it made a great difference to string anchoring and even improved sustain. Best of all,I soldered a ground wire to it to connect the strings to the power jack and got rid of that &#$ buzz.

Gra  Read my reviews (3)
5 5-08-2012
another benefit

I use plate mate as a grounding device
to reduce noise, in a acoustic guitar
pu system, when you touch the strings.
just connect plate mate to ground on
the switchjack endpin.

soundcare jli  Odense Denmark
4 3-09-2012
Cheap repair

Good for the cheap repair on the cheap guitar.

Kirk W.  Punxsutawney, PA Read my reviews (11)
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