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How To Make Your Electric Guitar Play Great!

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By Dan Erlewine
Updated 2nd edition comes with DVD full of setup and wiring tips! Get your autographed copy only at StewMac!

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How To Make Your Electric Guitar Play Great!
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Basic Setup Kit
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Dan Erlewine's Maintenance & Setup for Electric Guitars and Basses
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You'll find no better book for doing your own setup and maintenance than this trusted guide from the world's best-known guitar repairman.

Dan Erlewine packed this second edition with more photo-illustrated tips for guitarists and technicians. He shares expert setup and adjustment techniques, with valuable trade secrets along the way.

Contents in brief
  • Evaluating a guitar, from headstock to tailpiece
  • Using the right tools (pop-out radius gauges are included free in the book)
  • Troubleshooting your setup
  • Personalizing the action and intonation
  • Professional players’ setup specs.
  • New: Guitar wiring and pickup replacement
  • New: DVD with setups for Strat,® Les Paul,® Floyd Rose® and bass, plus tips for wiring and truss rod adjustment. 48 minutes.

134 pages, softcover.

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How To Make Your Electric Guitar Play Great!
How To Make Your Electric Guitar Play Great!
5 out of 5 stars
Based on 38 ratings Write a Review
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5 1-22-2014
Just my opinion

Serious, honest and the product is always what they promised you.Thanks from Spain

Beppe  Spain Read my reviews (2)
5 1-03-2014
A must before buying Your first REAL guitar

Excellent, easy to follow reading. All the important aspects of evaluation and setup of a guitar are covered - for most (if not all) of the guitar design variations. The essence of decades of professional experience are given to the readers - that's priceless! Great hints on how to substitute expensive tools with homemade ones. I wish, I have bought this book much earlier. A big thank you to Mr. Erlewine!

Bence Tóth  Leányvár, Hungary
5 10-24-2013
great information

comprehensive, easy to follow and at a good price. A must have for anyone who maintains their guitar

rob paszek  glastonbury,ct
3 8-12-2013
Good, but could be better

This book has a lot of great information in it but be warned: If your looking for problem solving tips there aren't really any. If you want to learn how your guitar functions and how to adjust the working parts with a few tips thrown in, there is plenty to be had. If you're looking for "If you have fret buzz after setting the action correctly, check this" sorts of tips, there are none to be found. Dan has a wealth of information to share on general setups and understanding the parts of the guitar there just isn't enough "meat" here to make this a worthy purchase if you're looking to troubleshoot common problems with playability. A complete section on solving common setup issues would be a welcome addition!

StratGuru  Kansas City, MO
4 7-31-2013
very informative on the history of the electric guitar

Iam a novic on setting up guitars and it help no end Thank you Dan

Raymond hatton  new zealand
5 7-15-2013
Saved my 1975 Strat

I have a Strat that I bought new in 1975. I was always trying to get it to play and sound better with little luck. Dan's book opened up my eyes and pointed out that the nut was probably questionable. When I removed the nut I found out that it was broken. I replaced the nut with TUSQ and put on some new Stringsaver saddles. What a difference! Thanks Dan for giving me the confidence to take on this project.

Brian B.  Hampton, VA Read my reviews (2)
Customer supplied image for review
5 6-28-2013
How to make your Electric Guitar Play Great.

Well written and understandable. This book helped to crystallize my own thoughts as to how to do a nice playable setup. I think for those of us who live just to the right of Mars, relatively speaking, this book is almost as good as sitting down with Dan looking over your shoulder, showing the way. Regards, Bill Kane. New Zealand

Tewirimu  New Zealand Read my reviews (2)
5 6-28-2013
A palatial book of its kind

Words are unnecessary! Simply the best book of the best master repairman. Dear Dan, I really thank you for this legendary book.

George Isidorou (Luthier)  Greece Read my reviews (4)
5 6-23-2013
A must-have for guitarists at any level..!

The combination of the book's text and the DVD is so informative that it makes me wish i had it years - no, DECADES - ago - I might still have some guitars I really liked, but got rid of because I couldn't get them to play the way I needed them to. Don't let this happen to you - get the book now..!

versatone  Washington DC Read my reviews (5)
5 6-16-2013
Great For the DIY-Challanged..Like Me!

The book is a must especially if you are as severely DIY-challanged as I am. No shame in it. With this book and the Set-Up Kit you are ready to do your own set-ups. Only other tools you need are the tools that came with your guitar/bass and a good Truss Rod wrench (get the proper size for your axe) and a Fret Rocker for checking for high frets. The book and DVD take you through all the steps. Also, has chapters on wiring and some other subjects as well.

SlopeRocker  NYC Read my reviews (3)
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