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TrueChannel Binding Router Jig

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Cut perfectly squared binding ledges on any instrument—including archtops. Our TrueChannel jig turns your laminate router into a floating cutter.

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TrueChannel Binding Router Jig

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  Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
5993 Complete TrueChannel Binding Router Jig
  • Router carriage
  • Support post
  • Support blocks, set of 4
  • Plywood cradle

1-3 days

5994 Complete TrueChannel Binding Router Jig plus Binding Bits
  • Router carriage
  • Support post
  • Body support blocks, set of 4
  • Plywood cradle
  • #1298 Binding Router Bit Set

1-3 days

5991 TrueChannel Jig (no plywood cradle)
  • Router carriage
  • Support post
  • Body support blocks, set of 4

1-3 days

5992 TrueChannel Jig (no plywood cradle) with #1298 router bit set
  • Router carriage
  • Support post
  • Body support blocks, set of 4
  • #1298 Binding Router Bit Set

1-3 days

5650 Router mounting template Yes

5990 Router carriage only Yes

5656 Body support blocks, set of 4 No
5657 Guitar plywood cradle Yes

5647 NEW! Mandolin plywood cradle Yes

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A standard router base tilts on an archtop instrument; the bindings won't fit right. The TrueChannel turns your laminate router into a floating cutter. As you move the body of the instrument into the cutter, your router glides vertically to follow the body's top edge. Bindings fit correctly—you won't have to scrape them too thin.

Improved! Close-tolerance V-groove ball-bearing rollers and a beefier support post make the TrueChannel the smoothest, steadiest, most accurate binding routing jig available.

SAVE when you buy the router bit set with your TrueChannel jig!

The Complete TrueChannel jig includes
  • Rock-steady aluminum router support post with carriage
  • 4 body support blocks that adjust for body shapes and heights
  • A shaped plywood guitar body cradle, and assembly instructions

SAVE when you order the jig with our #1298 Binding Router Bit Set. Designed especially for luthiers, the set features a super-sharp carbide-tipped bit with 1/4" arbor, and custom bearings for cutting the most common binding widths.

The TrueChannel fits the popular Bosch Colt Router.

Get the router mounting template to easily adapt the TrueChannel to common laminate trimmers (instructions included).

Save production time when you get additional parts:
  • With additional router carriages, you can have any number of routers installed and ready to rout the binding channels you use frequently.
  • Setup for multiple body shapes with additional body support blocks and plywood cradles.

Our thanks to luthier Tom Ribbecke, who inspired this jig.

"Which binding tools should I choose?"
"Which binding tools should I choose?"
"Which binding tools should I choose?" Read more

In this issue:
Erick Coleman answers a frequent question from customers: Which tools to use for routing channels for instrument bindings?

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 Ratings and reviews
TrueChannel Binding Router Jig
TrueChannel Binding Router Jig
5 out of 5 stars
Based on 31 ratings Write a Review
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5 10-13-2011

Decided to replace my router for the TrueChannel setup, and took Stew-Mac at their word that the Bosch Colt would go right in. Spot on brother, as I have the older setup and the carriage mounting plate didn't fit, and the adapter didn't work because the mounting holes of the Colt were outside the old carriage plate. Not to worry, though - Stew-Mac sent me a new carriage which fits perfectly. Thanks, folks. Dan McCrimmon, Isle of Skye Guitars

Dan McCrimmon  Colorado Read my reviews (3)
5 10-13-2011
Good tool

Outstanding tool. Removed all my binding hassles. After several guitars, the adjustment screws for height have become loose enough that occasionally one will vibrate out of adjustment while routing. Like to see that fixed. Dan McCrimmon, Isle of Skye Guitars

Dan McCrimmon  Colorado Read my reviews (3)
5 9-01-2011
Time-saving ...

We are very excited about how easy it really is to use this tool. Should not have waited so long with this investment. Can only say that our production time is significantly lower. Can really be recommended! Best regards, Pierre Boserup Dubré
Guitar Services ApS, Dubré-Guitars, Copenhagen, Denmark

Pierre..  Denmark
4 6-27-2011
Brilliant Idea - Saved My Butt

I'm working on a first guitar and was truly terrified of the stage where I'd have to cut the binding and purfling channels. Not that I'd recommend shelling out for this jig just for one guitar - I wouldn't - but as I plan to make this a lifelong pursuit, I'm super happy that I bought this jig. Even for an uninitiated, un-handy noob like me, this jig made the process virtually painless and my binding and purfling channels were perfect. I'd never have been able to do that without this jig. I give it four stars rather than five as, although it is a truly brilliant idea, there is a little room for improvement. For one thing, I'd love to have wheels on the underside of the guitar carriage for smoother movement. Waxing and/or finishing the carriage's underside and plywood workboard is a little cumbersome. Also, I have the Bosch router suggested for this jig and I like it, but I agree the combo is less than ideal - the positioning of the Bosch's power cord in conjunction with this jig really would become a nuisance if working on an electric, mandolin, etc. Setting the depth of cut is actually something of a task as the base will shift slightly when locking/unlocking, so you really have to be careful to do a practice run on scrap and adjust/readjust/readjust. Last, there has got to be an easier way to attach alternate routers - I also own a DeWalt, but having to actually make an alternate base is a seriously cumbersome PITA. In spite of all this, I would absolutely buy it again. It has made my binding life one heck of a lot easier, and will continue to do so.

Total Noob  New York, NY Read my reviews (4)
5 2-23-2011
Stress free binding ledges.

Have just used the TrueChannel Binding Routing Jig for the first time. Great results far less stress the the previous method I was using, and more importantly better more accurate channels.

Malcolm Griffiths, Sheaf Guitars  Sheffield UK
5 1-04-2011
It works

The last guitar I built I routed by hand. The results were adequate. I just used this routing jig on my next guitar and the results were great. The only warning I have is that the router bit has to fit up inside the mouth of the jig and the bit I had was too big so I eventually had to buy the Stewart McDonald one.

Rex Shurtleff  Pagosa Springs, CO Read my reviews (3)
5 11-06-2010
Avoid the ripples.....

This jig is much easier to use than the ones that fit the dremel. Very easy to set up and cuts a smooth channel using the StewMac router bit. I tried it with other bits and they had some tear-out. I've had none with the SM bit. I would like to recommend the addition of a counter weight to help make the router "float" and the use of different guides to use on carved top guitars that would raise the base high enough to clear the body,tight curves in the cutaway areas, and where the carved portion meets the neck.

Chuck Chambers  Watkinsville, GA Read my reviews (4)
5 11-03-2010
Works well

Very pleased. My binding channels came out perfect.

desmatic  Wales, United Kingdom Read my reviews (11)
5 8-13-2010
No Sweat!

Using a Laminate trimmer with a tilt base to do my guitar bindings was a nerve shattering event and my bindings were never perfectly square, but my very first set of bindings with the Truechannel Binding Jig came out perfect. I could not imagine trying to do bindings without it again.

Eric Cornett  Vilas NC 28692 Read my reviews (4)
5 7-21-2010
TrueChannel Binding router Jig- Great tool!!

After years of using a dremel motor and routing jig I decided to give the TrueChannel router jig a try. Now I wish I had purchased it long ago. It literally saves hours of time. No more readjusting and shimming a router base to get the perfect cut. I just used it for the first time and have perfect channels after just a few minutes. Set up is easy and instructions excellent. I would highly recommend this tool to anyone. Even if you build 10 guitars a year the cost savings is incredible in terms of time.

Jack Holcomb  Atlanta, Ga Read my reviews (4)
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