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Binding Router Bearings

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These custom bearings work with our Binding Router Bit for precise control of the depth of cut.

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Binding Router Bearings
  Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
1298-000 Flush-cut bearing Yes

1298-040 Bearing for .040" (1.02mm) binding Yes

1298-050 Bearing for .050" (1.27mm) binding Yes

1298-060 Bearing for .060" (1.52mm) binding Yes

1298-070 Bearing for .070" (1.78mm) binding Yes

1298-080 Bearing for .080" (2.03mm) binding Yes

1298-090 Bearing for .090" (2.29mm) binding Yes

1298-100 Bearing for .100" (2.54mm) binding Yes

1298-110 Bearing for .110" (2.79mm) binding Yes

1298-120 Bearing for .120" (3.05mm) binding Yes

1298-130 Bearing for .130" (3.30mm) binding Yes

1298-140 Bearing for .140" (3.56mm) binding Yes

1298-150 Bearing for .150" (3.81mm) binding Yes

1298-160 Bearing for .160" (4.06mm) binding Yes

1298-170 Bearing for .170" (4.32mm) binding Yes

1298-180 Bearing for .180" (4.57mm) binding Yes

1298-190 Bearing for .190" (4.83mm) binding Yes

1298-200 Bearing for .200" (5.08mm) binding Yes

1298-210 Bearing for .210" (5.33mm) binding Yes

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They're available in 19 different sizes (.010"/.25mm increments), so you'll be able to rout precise ledges for practically any binding combinations.

#1298-000 Flush bearing is for trimming glued bindings, and newly assembled guitar tops and backs.

Choose the bearings you need for specific jobs, or see our money-saving Binding Router Bit Set.

Tip: All our bearings are now sized for exact cutting depth. Remember to allow for swelling of wood fibers from gluing, as well as for the thickness of the glue itself. Glued plastic binding will swell considerably as it absorbs the glue solvents. Wood bindings glued with wood glues that contain water will swell also. To minimize final scraping and sanding, we recommend installing a short length of binding on routed scrap wood first, to test the fit.

Find the right size bearing for your binding:
Measure the bearing diameter with a dial caliper and use
this chart to find the size ledge your bearing will cut.

Bearing diameter    Size of ledge cut   
.925" (23.50mm) Flush
.840" (21.34mm) .040" (1.02mm)
.820" (20.83mm) .050" (1.27mm)
.800" (20.32mm) .060" (1.52mm)
.780" (19.81mm) .070" (1.78mm)
.760" (19.30mm) .080" (2.03mm)
.740" (18.80mm) .090" (2.29mm)
.720" (18.29mm) .100" (2.54mm)
.700" (17.78mm) .110" (2.79mm)
.680" (17.27mm) .120" (3.05mm)
.660" (16.76mm) .130" (3.30mm)
.640" (16.26mm) .140" (3.56mm)
.620" (15.75mm) .150" (3.81mm)
.600" (15.24mm) .160" (4.06mm)
.580" (14.73mm) .170" (4.32mm)
.560" (14.22mm) .180" (4.57mm)
.540" (13.72mm) .190" (4.83mm)
.520" (13.21mm) .200" (5.08mm)
.500" (12.70mm) .210" (5.33mm)

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 Ratings and reviews
Binding Router Bearings
Binding Router Bearings
4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 19 ratings Write a Review
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5 3-07-2014
Less stress

Great tool to achieve perfect binding channels.

tkclassicalguitars  England
5 7-17-2013
Binding Router Bearings

An absolute must have in order to achieve professional looking results on a binding project. The difference in size of each one in the set is marginal, to the naked eye, so you'll want to keep them clearly marked. The quality is excellent and they make an easy task of routing a guitar body for binding. I highly recommend Stew Mac router bearings!

Spot's Dad  Kentucky Read my reviews (11)
5 6-10-2013
Very good

Excellent product by an excellent seller

AlessandroT  Verona Read my reviews (3)
5 1-25-2013
This is a must...

What can I say, they are a necessity. Good product - then again it's just a bearing, what can go wrong with it.

Lupinus  Montréal, Canada Read my reviews (5)
4 10-10-2012

Covers most of the sizes I need. But there is a gap in the bearing sizes to route the purfling for a herringbone or similar top edge detail. There needs to be a couple more to allow 090 binding with herringbone or binding beside the herringbone or widths to use other styles of purfling. The smallest one is ok for 060 with herringbone bold. The next available is the tiny bearing for electric cavity routing. I need something in between.

Steve Hinde  New Hartford, IA Read my reviews (3)
Customer supplied image for review
5 6-27-2012
Great and easy to work with.

I am a beginner luthier working on my first guitar. with these tools from stewmac, routing binding channels has become one of the easiest things I've done. thought it would have been more difficult. Thanks SM

Nick Gedra  Stillwater, OK Read my reviews (5)
5 6-18-2012
Definitely on a roll

These bearings do the job nicely. Precise cut and smooth action.

Little Crow  Atlanta, GA Read my reviews (29)
5 5-31-2012
Great fit

Using these and the binding in the catalog are a perfect match.

Adams Guitars  Wisconsin Read my reviews (20)
4 4-01-2012
Binding Router Bearings

worked just fine for me! very good bearings

Martín  Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina Read my reviews (78)
5 12-02-2011
Binding Router Bearings

The bearings performed as expected. No rubbing or marring the guitar surface. Stu-Mac tools set a high standard.

New River Guitars  Todd, NC Read my reviews (3)
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