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White Plastic Binding

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ABS plastic bindings are used by Gibson, Martin, Taylor, Fender and many other manufacturers. The material adheres well to wood and to itself.

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White Plastic Binding
  Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
5774 .010" x .075" (.25mm x 1.90mm) Yes
4 or more $3.40  

5775 .020" x .075" (.51mm x 1.90mm) Yes
4 or more $3.46  

5776 .020" x .250" (.51mm x 6.35mm) Yes
4 or more $3.99  

5781 .040" x .250" (1.02mm x 6.35mm) Yes
4 or more $3.99  

5777 .060" x .250" (1.52mm x 6.35mm) Yes
4 or more $4.25  

5778 .060" x .375" (1.52mm x 9.52mm) Yes
4 or more $4.68  

5779 .090" x .250" (2.29mm x 6.35mm) Yes
4 or more $4.98  

5782 .090" x .565" (2.29mm x 14.35mm) Yes
4 or more $7.70  

Quantity prices apply to multiples of the same item number Selected currency  


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Our ABS plastic bindings are 65" long — a single piece will reach completely around a guitar body. These bindings are manufactured with smooth edges, not rough-sawn from sheets, for closer size tolerances.

#5782 extra-tall .565" binding is the right size for Les Paul® and similar guitar tops.

To laminate bindings, you can sandwich them using our Binding Laminator and acetone. Measure carefully before you rout the channels, and almost any combination can be installed.

In the example illustration,
A  is a white/black/white/black laminate of .010" strips,
B  combines .020" black and .040" white, and
C  uses .020" white and .020" black, installed sideways as edge trim.

For easy installation, we recommend Weld-On Cement.

Binding tape or rubber binding bands will hold the bindings in place while the glue dries.

Use a scraper blade to trim the glued bindings flush to the surrounding wood.

Learn from our free online article How to Install Bindings:
•  Rout channels
•  Binding joints
•  Shape binding for fingerboards
•  Bind the body and peghead
•  Finishing over binding

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 Ratings and reviews
White Plastic Binding
White Plastic Binding
4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 45 ratings Write a Review
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5 10-09-2011

I had to write to tell you all of the exceptional service from here.

Based in Oz, we have to wait some while for things to arrive but I had ordered a length of binding I needed to complete a project and after four weeks I was getting a little frustrated as the job was held up.

So I contacted StewMac to see what the problem might be.

Without hesitation they mailed me a replacement at no cost and asked me to let them know if the other arrived.

Within 24 hours the binding arived via DHL. A day or two later, the other piece finally turned up in the post.

On asking for an invoice to settle up I was told that there was nothing to pay.

The late arrival of the binding was probably the fault of a less than perfect postal service and not StewMac's. To have responded instantly and without payment is quite extraordinary service.

As far as I am concerned, in future they will have my custom for all things guitar, without further thought.

I know a length of binding is not exactly going to break the bank but
in this day and age, a lot of retailers and suppliers could take a large leaf out of StewMac's book on service.

Thankyou guys.

Junk Shop Guitars  Australia Read my reviews (2)
5 8-28-2011
Almost didn't make it...

I ordered 1 5779 to do the binding on an Explorer but found it to come up 1.9 inches short so I had to get another piece. The people at Stewmac sold me another but waived the shipping charge which was nice. I almost did not bind this guitar but now that I have I'm glad I did.

It really brings my airbrush painted nitro artwork to life and was relatively easy to install using their binding tape, their binding router bit and bearing, some Weld-On #16, my router and router table and a little patience. I seamed the binding at the rear center of the guitar and you can't really notice the seam. Still more to go with this one but it's coming along nicely!

Billy Stephens  Fountain Valley, CA. Read my reviews (16)
Customer supplied image for review
1 8-06-2011
Total waste of time and money...

I ordered your #5779 binding to use for the front face of an Explorer and I find that even before I start, it comes up short!! I can't believe that I'm going to get socked for more very expensive shipping charges and costs for just about 2 inches of this stuff. It also stinks that now I would have to lap or butt joint the binding somewhere to get it completely around the outline. Why can't you let the customer specify the length? what's so magical about 65 inches anyway? I'm left with little choice here but to scrap the binding plan and find some other less suitable solution... I'm really glad that I have not routed the binding channel yet.

Sorry guys but this product offering while technically very good, falls short in some very critical places as to make it practically unusable. For me, on this project, this has been a total waste of time and money.

Billy Stephens  Fountain Valley, CA. Read my reviews (16)
5 7-31-2011
Full nib binding on acoustic guitar fretboard

Very easy to work with. Used the .375" white binding to do a Gibson style 'full nib' binding job on my acoustic guitar fretboard (Macassar ebony with Gold EVO frets). Even where the cement didnt quite bind, i just dropped a few drops of CA super glue in and it came out perfect!

JasonM  Slidell, La Read my reviews (5)
Customer supplied image for review
5 6-18-2011
Great binding

Excellent binding, reacts well to shaping with a heatgun and mixing the scrap with acetone will make an excellent glue for your work. I only wish SM made a multi-lam binding so I wouldn't have to buy it elsewhere.

TKOjams  Enfield,CT USA Read my reviews (2)
Customer supplied image for review
5 6-17-2011
Enjoyed working with it.

Ordered (3) to bind a neck and headstock on one guitar. Only needed two so used the extra piece to bind the body of another build. Easy to work with and scrapes down well, but difficult to bend the .090/.025 with your hands for tight turns.

agnusguitars  champaign, il Read my reviews (28)
Customer supplied image for review
5 6-08-2011

A realy good binding. Takes a
stain well when trying to match
an old binding color.

BluegrassLover  Lynchburg-VA. Read my reviews (10)
5 6-03-2011
I love your bindings. They come out amazing, and i'm new to this

i just started binding necks and doing block inlays, staining, decal, and poly finish, wetsand and buff. I just finished my second neck and it came out just as amazing as the first. Your bindings bend perfectly at the heel. When heated with hot water, without cracking or anything. Scraping them with just a razor is perfect, and making the side dots are so perfect.

I know this might sound FAKE or something because it is so positive and everything is so perfect, but it is not. I and a 33 year old guy, and i just started doing this because i couldn't afford Warmoth to install bindings for $100 dollars and blocks for another 90. Along with the basic neck for $170, and 8 weeks of waiting,and not finished without a decal for $370. I paid $6 dollars for these bindings, 1 dollar for the side dot stick, and did it all my self by watching youtube videos and reading google instructions. I wish i can post all my pics. I took pics of every step, but i'll do a before and after

Ronnie troche  New jersey
Customer supplied image for review
5 5-16-2011
Decent stuff

This binding seems to be pretty good quality, in terms of uniform thickness/height/etc, but I'd like it if Stewmac sold longer lengths. The guitar I'm building now requires a 65.5" binding, so these come up just short. I just ordered another piece this morning, but I've yet to find a way to melt this stuff (They say acetone works but it didn't for me, and it burns rather than melts even with a flameless heat source) so I'm just going to have to try to hide the seam at where the strap button is and hope no one notices.

DuctTapeNinja  Chicago Read my reviews (6)
5 5-13-2011
.565 White Plastic Binding

Product worked great. Required the usual level after install but looks great. Really sets off the top & bottom edge of my guitar. Used Weldon #16.

JT  California Read my reviews (2)
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